I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 326 - Definitely More Handsome Than Daddy

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Chapter 326: Definitely More Handsome Than Daddy

“Same question here. My baby is so protective. I want to help too!”

“Me too!”

The comments suddenly changed into a large-scale charity fundraiser.

Later, when some people from the Golden Foundation came and handed the money to Rong Si and Song Wanqiu, the two of them were dumbfounded; they had no idea what was going on.


Su Shengjing did not get to rest for long. In the afternoon, Yang Fangping called him to tell him that the filming of the last episode of “Daddy, Let’s Go” would start within these two days and asked him to bring Su Jiu along.

The director said that he missed Little Jiu and wanted to see her.

Su Shengjing snorted. If he really liked the little packrat, then he shouldn’t have arranged for her to stay in the worst house!

The next day, Su Shengjing simply packed his luggage and left for the shooting venue with Su Jiu on the plane.

This time, the program team had chosen a village in the north. It was still late autumn in the south, yet already winter here in the north. As soon as the father and daughter got off the plane, the cold air greeted them. Su Shengjing immediately wrapped the little girl in his coat.

Fortunately, he had anticipated this and given the little girl a sweater beforehand. Otherwise, she would have been frozen solid by now.

The flight had been a little longer this time, and Su Jiu felt a little airsick. She lay in her father’s arms and allowed him to carry her for the trip.

The moment Su Shengjing stepped out of the airport, he saw the bus that the production team had chartered for them. He carried Su Jiu into the car. Seeing Han Xiao and his son sitting in the back seat, Su Shengjing greeted them.

Su Jiu lifted her head from his embrace and looked at Han Xiao and Han Siye. She softly said, “Hello, Uncle. Hello, Big Brother.”

Han Xiao really disliked his son. In contrast, the moment he saw Su Jiu, he showed his extreme fondness for her. Amiably smiling, he said, “Little Jiu, it has been a while since we last met. Uncle missed you so much. Did you miss me?”

“Yes!” The little girl vigorously nodded, her eyes fixed on his face.

Han Xiao was indeed the Movie King deserving of his huge fan base. He had a really handsome face, and it would be a waste if she did not look at him!

Seeing the little girl staring at Han Xiao, Su Shengjing felt indignant. Am I not comparable to Han Xiao? He thought that he was rather handsome right then. Why didn’t the little girl look at her father more often?

Han Siye kept staring at Su Jiu and impatiently asked, “What about me? Little Jiu, did you miss me?”

Su Jiu thought about it and shook her head. “No!”

Han Xiao burst into laughter, gloating at his son’s misfortune.

Han Siye was unhappy. “Why? You missed my father but not me?”

How could he accept this?

Han Siye was very unhappy. Could it be that Little Jiu didn’t miss me because I’m not as handsome as Daddy?

However, I have not grown up yet. When I grow up, I’ll definitely be more handsome than Daddy!

Su Jiu puffed up her cheeks and angrily said, “Because you always mess up my hair. You are not obedient!”

Han Siye was speechless.

Han Xiao gloated even more, glancing at him from the corner of his eyes. “See! That’s why I told you not to touch girls. You should be gentlemanly and polite. That’s how you make girls like you.”

“Hmph!” Han Siye snorted. He turned his face to the side and softly muttered, “I don’t care about the others.”

He liked to play with Little Jiu; that was why he was like this. If it were any other kid, he wouldn’t even spare them a glance.

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