I Am Overlord - Chapter 340: The Mad Lightning Emperor

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Chapter 340: The Mad Lightning Emperor

Young Lightning King was a proud genius of his generation who had reached third-stage Skysoar Realm before 30 years old. His talent, coupled with Lightning Emperor’s backing, destined him to a bright future. It was such a genius that Jin Wo had nearly killed with a slam to the ground.

Both Xia Liuhui and Wang Zhenchuan feared for Xiang Shaoyun. Although the Cloud Margin Pavilion had declined after the recent incident, it was still an organization with Emperors. Since Xiang Shaoyun had brought a Demon Emperor here to commit murder, it was very likely that the Cloud Margin Pavilion would not spare him.

But they knew they wouldn’t be of much help, so they did as told and brought Zi Changhe back into the estate. Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun was walking toward Young Lightning King.

Chen Zilong couldn’t help but ask, “You are not going to create havoc here in the Cloud Margin Pavilion, right?”

Xiang Shaoyun replied, “I don’t have the time for that, but I am definitely getting some payback.”

Chen Zilong did not understand what Xiang Shaoyun meant. He assumed that Xiang Shaoyun was trying to get payback for Zi Changhe, and did not say anything else. After all, Xiang Shaoyun’s subordinates were all extremely powerful. If he wanted, he could easily flatten the Cloud Margin Pavilion.

Xiang Shaoyun arrived before the hole that had been made with Young Lightning King’s body. Inside, Young Lightning King was lying amid a puddle of blood. He was gravely injured but still breathing.

It was obvious Jin Wo had held back his attack. He could have easily killed 10 Young Lightning Kings if he had wanted.

Looking at the indignation and pain on Young Lightning King’s face, Xiang Shaoyun said, “Looks like you have forgotten everything you did at the Golden River Valley.”

Those words finally brought back some memories to Young Lightning King’s head.

“That…that person…was you!” Young Lightning King cried out in shock.

He still remembered that he had gone to the Golden River Valley with some other Kings to figure out its secret. Back then, they had found a cave with Xiang Shaoyun near it. They had used him as a scout and had tossed him into the cave. He had only survived the vicious gold energy through sheer luck.

“You remember now? Good, you won’t die without knowing the reason, then,” said Xiang Shaoyun indifferently.

He lifted his hand, preparing to end Young Lightning King’s life.

Young Lightning King’s pupils shrank as he shouted, “No, don’t kill me! My master is…the Lightning Emperor!”

“So what? I’ll still kill you,” said Xiang Shaoyun with disdain.

“What big words. Do you think nothing of me at all?” a voice suddenly rang out in the air.

Then, a figure streaked through the air and instantly appeared before Xiang Shaoyun. This person was none other than Lightning Emperor. Not long ago, he had been gravely injured soon after his breakthrough and had nearly died. If the Cloud Margin Pavilion had not contributed a large number of precious medicines to heal him, he wouldn’t have survived.

Despite surviving, a shadow had been planted in his heart. His foundations had been shaken, and it would be very hard for him to keep advancing in the future. Even so, an Emperor was still a top existence within the Cloud Margin City.

Lightning Emperor had come because he sensed Jin Wo’s aura, but when he arrived, what he saw was his dying disciple. The disrespect Xiang Shaoyun was showing him further increased his anger.

As the Lightning Emperor, he was actually looked down on by a kid that was not even at the Skysoar Realm. That was total disrespect. After the previous disgrace he had suffered, he had the feeling that everyone was looking at him with ridicule and sympathy, putting him in an odd mental state. Coupled with this disdain Xiang Shaoyun was showing him, it caused the shadow in his heart to grow, and his mental state worsened.

Xiang Shaoyun looked at the furious Lightning Emperor and said nonchalantly, “I was merely stating the truth.”

“Ahhh, a puny Transformation Realm cultivator dares to look down on me? I will rip you apart!” howled Lightning Emperor as he rushed Xiang Shaoyun. A boundless emperor aura surged out as he sent a lightning palm flying forward.

But before the palm could reach Xiang Shaoyun, Jin Wo intercepted it with a golden punch filled with vicious gold energy. The two attacks collided, creating a massive shockwave that rippled everywhere, causing the nearby mountains to shake.

Although Chen Zilong had moved out of the way long ago, the shockwave still sent him flying. As for Xiang Shaoyun, he was safe and sound behind Jin Wo.

“Human emperors sure are weak,” said Jin Wo with disdain, his stout figure standing in front of Xiang Shaoyun like an impenetrable bastion.

“Even an animal like you is looking down on me? I am the Lightning Emperor, and my might is unrivaled. Those who dare insult me will all die!” Lightning Emperor roared as if he had gone mad, his eyes turning bloodshot. After the roar, he started raining attacks down on Jin Wo.

Attacking with full power, he sent lightning energy everywhere, sending numerous lightning palms as big as mountains toward Jin Wo. The attacks appeared mighty, but in truth, their energy composition was in complete disarray. They were far weaker than the strength an Emperor should possess.

Jin Wo was a second-stage Demon Emperor, and supported by the vicious gold energy, his combat prowess was far beyond the Lightning Emperor who had gone mad. He punched and sent something that looked like both a snake and a crocodile shooting forward, destroying all of Lightning Emperor’s attacks before striking his chest.


Lightning Emperor was sent flying like a kite with a broken string. Blood sprayed everywhere, and he looked incredibly sorry. Just as Jin Wo was about to continue attacking, a few people with powerful auras flew over from several different directions.

“Who dares to create trouble at the Cloud Margin Pavilion!” shouted Yue Yuze.

Apart from Yue Yuze, Murong Qing, Du Xuanhao, and Hua Cheng appeared as well.

“Those who dare to insult me shall die! Die!” howled Lightning Emperor as he tried to continue attacking despite his horrible injuries.

“Lightning Emperor, calm down!” shouted Murong Qing.

He flew toward Lightning Emperor and pressed down with his aura, hoping to wake Lightning Emperor from his madness. Alas, Lightning Emperor had truly gone crazy, and he attacked Murong Qing. Evidently, he no longer knew who Murong Qing was.

“Damn it!” Murong Qing cursed as he dodged the attack and moved to Lightning Emperor’s back before subduing him.

“Those who dare insult me shall die! Die!” Lightning Emperor continued roaring unceasingly.

“Rest,” said Murong Qing with a sigh as he struck Lightning Emperor unconscious.

After dealing with Lightning Emperor, the Emperors finally focused on Jin Wo and Xiang Shaoyun.

“Shaoyun!” Hua Cheng cried out in surprise. She had not expected him to show up here at this time.

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