Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband - Chapter 500 - An Attractive Man

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Chapter 500 An Attractive Man

The man who answered the phone smiled and said in a magnetic voice, “Yes, I miss you.”

“I’ve only been at work for an hour now and we won’t meet until a few hours later.”

“Under normal circumstances, it should be like this. But it does not rule out accidents.”

Xia Ning was shocked and heard a murmur at the end of her mobile phone. She asked, “Dear, where are you?”

“I’m in the supermarket.” Yi Yunrui answered honestly, “We’re running out of food in the refrigerator and I will make up some new ones.”

“… Why don’t you go with me? Do you dislike me?”

“Are you sure you want to come with me?”

“Huh?” Xia Ning thought, “What do you mean? We’re a couple. Why can’t we go to the supermarket together?”

“Dear, I am pickier than women now. You are pregnant. If you go shopping with me, you’ll be tired. Tell me what you like to eat and I will buy it back.”

Xia Ning was moved, “I still want to go with you, dear.”

“Well, fine.” Yi Yunrui put a pack of QQ candy into the shopping cart. “I’ll buy some first and come to go shopping again when you have free time.”

“Well!” Xia Ning was moved. “He is more thoughtful than me. He is too considerate.” thought Xia Ning.

“Is there a protest on your side?”

Xia Ning was absent-minded. “Isn’t Yi Yunrui in the supermarket? Why did he find out so quickly?” thought Xia Ning.

“Let me know when you leave the media building and I will pick you up.” His wife was pregnant. If the demonstrators were excited and surrounded her, it was extremely dangerous. “Don’t go downstairs casually. Stay safe.”

“Hmm.” She understood what her husband meant, “Dear, just go shopping. Don’t worry about me. I have a lot of things to do.”

Yi Yunrui put away his mobile phone and put several bags of nutritious food into the shopping cart. There was a faint smile on his face.

Many men didn’t like to go shopping with women because women were too picky. It was the fact, but somehow, he liked to see his wife running around before him and see her holding something and asking him if he liked it or not.

He enjoyed being by his wife’s side, no matter what she did.

He liked to satisfy her wishes and his wife’s smile made him satisfied.


Suddenly, a woman exclaimed and a bag of potato chips lay on the ground.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you blind?”

Clearly, this woman hit him first but the woman scolded him first.

Yi Yunrui frowned but he was still a gentleman and picked up the potato chips on the ground and handed them to the woman in front of him.

The woman reluctantly took the potato chip bag and wanted to turn around, but she suddenly stared and said, “Mr. Yi?”

Yi Yunrui froze when he saw that the woman knew himself.

The woman in front of Yi Yunrui was wearing a hat and sunglasses. It was obvious that she was deliberately hiding herself. People couldn’t see who she was.

The woman looked around, leaned over, and whispered, “Mr. Yi, I’m He Yuan. We met at the ball that night.”

“She is He Yuan!” thought Yi Yunrui.

Yi Yunrui nodded, “Hello.”

After saying that, he didn’t talk with this woman anymore. He just pushed the shopping cart and turned away.

He Yuan didn’t expect Yi Yunrui to leave so resolutely. She was stunned. And then she thought of her behavior just now and regretted it so much that she wanted to hit her mouth.

Mr. Yi was so handsome that people couldn’t move their eyes. He was much better than Huo Zhanpeng. Although he claimed to be unemployed that day, He Yuan liked him. Even if he really didn’t have a job, she still wanted to have an affair with such a handsome man.

“Mr. Yi, are you shopping for your wife?” He Yuan followed up and asked.

The guards hidden around immediately became alert when they realized the strange behavior of He Yuan. Yi Yunrui winked at them and told them not to make a fuss.

Since he came back from Beijing, the central government had sent many people to protect him. Yi Tianyang was not arrested finally and the case was not finished.

As there were too many shady scenes involved, he must be safe and sound.

In fact, this was not needed at all. He blew up an arsenal with only two people. If anything went wrong, he would be more sensitive.

“I am buying for us.” Yi Yunrui answered simply. As soon as the shopping cart stopped, he took a pack of sugar and put it in it.

There were general items for daily use in the shopping cart, but the proportion of snacks was the most. He Yuan was very jealous when she saw that.

“Why can’t I meet such a nice man?” thought He Yuan.

Looking at the clean and noble men around her, He Yuan had an idea.

“Wait for a second. Is Mr. Yi a matrilocal son in Xia Ning’s family? Or is he kept in custody?”

“For all ordinary men, how can he serve his wife so wholeheartedly?” thought He Yuan.

Even Huo Zhanpeng, who was attracted by her and fell in love with her, couldn’t do it!

Thinking of this, He Yuan tried to ask, “Mr. Yi, can you cook?”

Yi Yunrui smiled faintly, “Won’t you?”

He Yuan blinked. She really wouldn’t do it. But she couldn’t confirm it.

“Yes, of course, I can do it. If Mr. Yi can cook and I have this opportunity, I’d like to have a taste in your home. It’s just that I have a tough period with Mrs. Xia so I’m embarrassed to go.”

“And then let’s talk about it later.”

“Mr. Yi, I know I always have some misunderstandings with Mrs. Xia. But it’s all my fault as I am young and don’t know how to behave myself. You’re so nice. Can you help me persuade Mrs. Xia not to treat me as an enemy…?” Speaking of which, He Yuan sipped her mouth and looked delicate and pitiful.

Yi Yunrui was a little angry, “My wife never takes the initiative to make enemies with others. Miss He, it is inconvenient for you to come out now. Please go home as soon as possible.”

Actually, Yi Yunrui wanted to ask her to leave. But He Yuan regarded it as a concern for her so she was moved and thought Yi Yunrui had feelings for her. However, he just couldn’t express it because of his wife.

“The man is so good-looking that I don’t know how many women want to have affairs with him. Xia Ning is richer than me, but it doesn’t mean that she can belittle her husband.” thought He Yuan.

“Mr. Yi, do you want to go back to cook? Or do you have to go back to do housework?”

Yi Yunrui kept silent and continued to go shopping.

He talked too much to this woman.

Realizing that Yi Yunrui tried to escape deliberately, He Yuan felt sad. She mistakenly thought that Yi Yunrui had to do a lot of things every day.

Thinking of this, He Yuan took a note, wrote her mobile phone number, and handed it to Yi Yunrui, “Mr. Yi, this is my mobile phone number. You can call me at any time.”

Yi Yunrui didn’t look at the note handed by He Yuan and walked on.

He Yuan was embarrassed but she was sure of Yi Yunrui’s unbearable family status. She quickly put the note into the shopping cart and whispered, “This is my personal mobile phone and it won’t be turned off. Call me when you have time.”

After saying that, He Yuan turned and left.

When He Yuan left, Yi Yunrui took out the note, tore it into several sections, and threw it into the garbage can.

In the corner, a dark shadow held a fist in his hand and he was slightly angry.

“He Yuan, you s*n of a b*tch!”

He Yuan walked away a few steps and received a phone call, which was called by Huo Zhanpeng.

“When are you going to explain things to me?”

He Yuan just pressed the call button and she heard Huo Zhanpeng’s questioning voice.

He Yuan was in a panic.

She didn’t know which crazy person actually checked her details so clearly and put it on Weibo. Huo Zhanpeng had been asked whether the articles on Weibo were true or false. She wanted to deny it outright, but several men who had had relations with her before admitted it, which made her in a very passive situation now!

She took many means to get close to Huo Zhanpeng. She knew Huo Zhanpeng liked innocent girls, so she pretended to be like that. Unexpectedly, an article revealed her secrets.

“He Yuan! Tell me! Do you dare to tell me the truth? Did you really do those things?”

He Yuan gritted his teeth, held his hand tightly into a fist, and came up with an idea.

Taking a deep breath, He Yuan softly said, “Zhanpeng, if I say no, will you believe me?”

He Yuan’s delicate voice relieved Huo Zhanpeng’s raging anger in his heart. He was very angry, but when he heard He Yuan’s voice and the tone of her speech, he couldn’t be angry.

“Yuan, I also want to believe that those things are not true. But several of them had relations with you…” Having said that, Huo Zhanpeng came to an abrupt end. “How can such a simple girl go out to have dates with his lavish buddies!” thought Huo Zhanpeng.

He couldn’t have a clear mind.

Hearing that Huo Zhanpeng’s tone changed, He Yuan was happy and her tone was a little weaker, “At ten o’clock in the evening, in XX nightclub, I will explain it clearly to you.”

After that, He Yuan hung up her phone.

She knew Huo Zhanpeng’s character very well. As long as she played tricks and seduced him, he would be as obedient as a cat.

Now, half an hour before finishing work, Xia Ning looked at the protesters shouting downstairs and wondered if the gang would continue to shout until tomorrow morning.

Knight XV was stopped not far away. Yi Yunrui was a very punctual person and he wouldn’t call her until after work.

There were still fifteen minutes before finishing work and the protesters were still shouting. Xia Ning frowned slightly, thinking about whether to go out from the back door.

Five minutes before work, Xia Ning received a phone call from her husband, “Dear, come down.”

When Xia Ning just wanted to say something, she saw the police car had arrived. “It seems that the protesters and police have conflicts.” thought Xia Ning.

Police officers put up a fence and talked with the protesters.

Xia Ning picked up her bag. She knew that these were specially arranged by her husband. At this time, she could go out from the main entrance without being besieged by others.

Seeing her going downstairs, He Yuan’s fans immediately surged. And the police were stepping up efforts to stop them, as part of efforts not to let anyone approach her.

After getting on the car, Xia Ning took a deep breath, “They are really annoying. Are they not tired all day?”

“It won’t be like this from tomorrow.” Yi Yunrui said lightly but resolutely.

Xia Ning smiled and joked, “Dear, what delicious food did you buy today?”

Yi Yunrui just was about to talk when he was called by Shen Mo.

“Yi Tianyang’s affairs have been settled down. It is going to have a trial and he will be convicted in a few days.”

“Thank you, Special Assistant Shen.”

“You’re welcome.” Shen Mo hesitated and said, “Mr. Yi, we found another thing about your wife.”

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