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Chapter 342 - “Soar to the Sky”

Chapter 342: “Soar to the Sky”

Wei Shanwen was quite young. He had just turned thirty years old. It was said that he learned acting. He looked handsome and gentle.

However, he joined the Directing Program for his postgraduate studies directly after he graduated and never acted in a film.

He did not direct many films and only had five or six films, but each film was popular and well-known.

After seeing Yun Xiangxiang, Wei Shanwen didn’t greet her first, but he seriously looked at Yun Xiangxiang.

His gaze was very gentle. He did not evaluate and was not picky, “She’s more suitable than I thought.”

“Save your breath. It’s not up to you to decide. My actor does not lack films now.” He Wei was not polite to Wei Shanwen.

After greeting Yun Xiangxiang and Song Meng to sit down, Wei Shanwen took the initiative to ask, “What kind of tea do you want to drink? Rose tea?’

Song Meng knew the propriety. This occasion was mainly for Yun Xiangxiang, and she did not dare to speak rashly.

“I’ll just drink Pu’er [1].” Yun Xiangxiang saw Wei Shanwen had already made a pot of Pu’er next to him.

Wei Shanwen poured a cup for the three of them personally, sat down, and said to Yun Xiangxiang, “Well I, I trust He Wei must have mentioned to you as well. I am here to sincerely invite you to be the leading female role in my new film.”

Wei Shanwen handed the script he prepared to Yun Xiangxiang after he finished speaking, “I know that you only look at the characters and script when you accept a film. I admire this practice of yours, and I hope this can impress you.”

Yun Xiangxiang skipped the pleasantry since Wei Shanwen was so direct. She smiled, took the script, and started looking through it seriously.

This was a script outline and not a complete script. Most likely, the complete version was not released yet.

The film’s name was “Flying to the Sky’. The name sounded like an imperial custom film.

It was a modern film instead, and it was an alternate story of the ugly duckling becoming a white swan.

This was also a film that had the female lead as the main character. The female lead had an interesting name – Shen Congxin.

Shen Congxin was a girl whose parents had died. She stayed under her relative’s care until she was eighteen and was about to graduate from high school.

Because of her rough life experience, she had been bullied since she was a child. She was not afraid, but she knew that no one would support her even if she tried to fight back.

Her aunty and uncle were getting unwilling to raise her, so she was very obedient and avoided trouble whenever she could.

She waited day by day for graduation so she could earn money and break free from the cage.

But she still encountered bullying incidents repeatedly in the short period of time, and the teacher would only gloss things over during the last days.

She had to endure her aunty’s scolding and her uncle’s evil gaze that looked wrong when she got home.

All of this made her on the verge of collapsing. She dreamed that she would be the top dog one day and trample them underneath her feet.

Even she did not expect that her dream would come true so quickly.

On this day, she was once again surrounded by her classmates, who bullied her. Just when she knew that she would be bullied again inevitably and was trying to figure out how to minimize the harm she would suffer, a few luxury cars parked beside them.

One by one, tall and black bodyguards like those in the film came out and pushed the stunned bullies away. They walked in front of her respectfully, bowed, and used honorifics to ask her to follow them.

Shen Congxin was escorted to a luxurious villa that could not be seen entirely at a glance.

A dignified old man told her that she was his granddaughter and that he had a mentally ill daughter who had gone missing.

He found out that it was her mother and even took her to do a dna test to prove that she was his granddaughter.

She went from being bullied to being surrounded by people overnight. She felt like she was dreaming.

Her bedroom was big enough to hide and seek. The jewelry was not kept in a cabinet, but it was kept in a separate room exclusive for accessories.

She did not have a single cloakroom, but a whole floor, which was more luxurious than a high-end shopping mall.

In addition, she would be the only heir to this old man.

What she had to do now was to learn various etiquettes, and she would be introduced to everyone at the old man’s birthday banquet three months later.

What made her feel like a fantasy was that she had a fiancé. The man was handsome, rich, polite, and knowledgeable.

Shen Congxin sat in front of the mirror more than once and asked. Was this a dream she landed herself based on fiction novels?

Or was it that her long-term depression made her schizophrenic, and this was just her illusion?

No matter what, everything about her had changed. To prove that it was true, she immediately took revenge and got back everything.

Bully those who bullied her back then!

Then she started living the luxurious life as the daughter of a top wealthy family and learned etiquette every day.

There was no need to buy anything. The latest model and the best clothes fitted to her size would be delivered to her regardless of whether she wears it or not.

Her daily life was to splurge, enjoy, and to bond with the handsome fiancé.

She dressed up and amazed everyone, including her fiancé, during the birthday banquet three months later.

She was kidnapped at this birthday banquet, but no one paid for her ransom, and she was killed.

Everyone thought that Shen Congxin disappeared from the world. Still, a few years later, at the wedding of the former fiancé and the family’s real miss, Shen Congxin wore a beautiful dress and came with a distinguished man to specially congratulate them.

Seeing Shen Congxin, not only the bridegroom, but the bride’s grandfather and everyone who knew the truth back looked like they saw a ghost.

Yes, Shen Congxin was not a phoenix. She was a sparrow from the beginning to the end.

It was just someone rich who wanted to eliminate the hidden dangers around him and was reluctant for his granddaughter to take the risk, so he chose Shen Congxin, whose background can make a big fuss.

She was just an irrelevant chess piece destined to die in the hands of the rich.

She woke up after a few days of dreaming. She learned to observe from an early age to protect herself and found all kinds of contradictions.

She could escape if she wanted to back then, but she didn’t. She realized that this was her only chance to soar to the sky and change her life.

Of course, she was not so naive to want to replace the real granddaughter. She used an innocent tone and requested to study. She spent three months and invited countless good teachers.

She assimilated all the knowledge like a sponge and said that she could not shame the family, but it was all for herself.

While constantly enriching herself, she secretly investigated the purpose of why they found her.

That copy of DNA proved that the real miss did exist, so under what circumstances did they need to substitute her?

Of course, they needed a shield. She extracted different information from different places and pieced together the truth.

She even added fuel to the flames even when she was kidnapped. She gambled with her life. If she lost, she would die; if she won, she would escape.

In the end, with her wit and calmness, she succeeded in soaring to the sky and transformed herself into a phoenix.

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