Hellbound With You - Chapter 544 Burial grounds

Chapter 544 Burial grounds

The silence in the room pulsed with its own life as everyone waited for Zeke to move from his seat. But the man neither moved nor said anything but just sat there and eyed the guard before them.

It was obvious that the mighty looking guard stiffened up even without a single word from Zeke. He looked as though Ezekiel had just said something dreadfully harsh without giving him any consideration.

"Don't make your father come here Zeke, you can't let him and the queen see two silvered-haired witches in the crown prince's study." Alex said, glancing at the unmoving Zeke.

Finally, Zeke stood with a long, deep sigh – one that shows how long-suffering he was by going through with that summon from his King father.

"You can ask the prophetess if you have more to ask." He spoke without looking at any of them and silently headed towards the door. As soon as he reached the door that was already opened for him, the laidback, unbothered and almost taunting look on his face disappeared and that horrible blankness took its place.

Everyone watched his back until he disappeared from their view.

The old prophetess then entered and joined the group. But everyone didn't seem to have any more question left or they just don't want to ask anymore until Alicia spoke, facing the prophetess.

"I have a question." She asked and the old prophetess nodded at her, acknowledging the request.

"How did…" Alicia hesitated but continued anyway. "Did Dinah knew that Ezekiel is the crown prince of the vampires and that he's Alexander's very close ally since the beginning?"


"And yet, she agreed to take him to her side, just by Ezekiel making an army of hybrids for her?"

"No, Alicia. The prince bargained with her since the very first day they met. His Highness made her believe that his ultimate aim was to be the real king of the vampires."

Alicia narrowed her eyes and the prophetess continued explaining. "Everyone knew that Alexander had and will always be the real ruler in the vampire's eyes. Alexander is always that figure that the vampires feared, not the king nor the vampire royals. Dinah knew that as well, thus she took that bait and believed the prince's desire to become her ally. Dinah wanted to take control of Alexander and once that happens, Alexander will no longer be that almighty creature everyone feared because someone is now able to leash him."

A slight weary smile painted Alicia's lips. "Sly fox," she breathed.

"I understand that this battle was cruel because he used everyone as pawns so heartlessly. I know His Highness' method was never the most humane way. But he was always thinking about the best outcome. And if he had told you that he didn't know that Abigail would live again, please don't believe him. I was the one who tried to stop him many times from killing Abigail, knowing that Alexander's wrath would be much worse than the dragons. But he was very confident that she will not die. He was confident that the war will end exactly as how he predicted, and the world will not fall into chaos. I do not know for sure what is going on in his mind, but one thing I can assure you is that the prince's only interest is to keep the peace. You always know this right, Alexander?" The prophetess turned from Alicia and directed her gaze on Alexander. "And that's why you never questioned him. You knew all along and you allowed him to control you."

Alex simply tilted his head. "That's right. I didn't mind it that much because I knew he'd always win no matter what. And he wouldn't mess up because he knew I'd have come after him and claim his head if he loses."

"You still went after him, though. Almost killing him." Zeres raised a brow at him, emphasizing the word, almost.

"Oh well. I didn't mean to kill him. I just gave him a really good beating."


Alex's only response was to flash a shit-eating grin and that was the end of the conversation.

Later that night, everyone gathered at the top of a small hill near the Reign castle.

It was time for the funeral.

The wounded soldiers were present. Everyone was still weary and weak but they could at least stand without any more support.

Alicia and Zeres stayed behind in Zeke's study because they didn't want to their presence to cause a commotion during this mournful night.

Standing by the window and looking up the hill where everyone had gone to, Alicia had a far off look in her eyes. She wanted to be there and honor the men whom she fought alongside with, especially Riev. The thought of him made her heart heavy again.

"It's okay, we'll go there once everyone is gone," she heard Zeres' voice and she nodded.

Time passed and finally, Abigail and Alexander were back in the study with them.

After hearing from Abigail that the funeral had ended and that no one was at the burial grounds anymore, Alicia told them that she would go and pay her final respects. Of course, Zeres followed her, still wary and alert about this witch queen wandering in the midst of the vampires.

Abigail offered to accompany them but Alicia told her that it was unnecessary. She could see that Abigail was weary and having occasional dizzy spells. She was not a creature of the night like them, after all. And she hadn't rested since the battle. It was truly a relief that Abi was now an immortal, but she still functions similarly like the human that she was before turning immortal.

But since the two witches really needed a vampire to accompany them in case some vampire spot them, Alex asked one of the elite vampires that survived the battle to go along with them. It was not easy to explain the whys and hows these silver-haired witches were in the vicinity of the palace, so Alex could only ask for a vampire who already knew.

It didn't take the two witches much time to reach the top of the hill. The vampire that accompanied them stood far behind them, just watching.

Alicia and Zeres walked silently but as the graves appeared in their views, they halted.

Someone was still there, standing before a certain grave. His hands jammed deep into his pocket as he stared into space but seemed to be seeing nothing.

Alicia could immediately tell who it was, and thus, she and Zeres continued on.

The man obviously noticed them but he didn't look at them even until Alicia stood next to him, now looking at Riev's grave.

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