Heaven’s Devourer - Chapter 1670: Attack of the Heavenly Devils

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Chapter 1670: Attack of the Heavenly Devils

Wu Yu had disappeared from scene and entered the Heavenly Devil Battlefield. Many people outside were already prepared to forget him.

After all, a mere 9-heavens immortal king like Wu Yu had no way of surviving 10,000 years in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield. No matter how much talent they saw in Wu Yu, they did not think that he stood any chance of survival.

True Lord Erlang, Four Heavenly Kings, and the immortal emperors of the Mighty Miracle God tribe all sighed in relief.

Patriarch Bodhi smiled seeing their reaction: "Everyone, Wu Yu is now at the Heavenly Devil Battlefield. He cannot come out before 10,000 years have passed. I believe that everyone knows clearly how terrifying the Heavenly Devil Battlefield is. With this punishment, can we say that everyone will be writing off any grudges against Wu Yu?"

This time, it was the Four Heavenly Kings who exchanged looks with each other.

They had witnessed Wu Yu being sent into the Heavenly Devil Battlefield. Logically speaking, Wu Yu would not survive this punishment and it was inconsequential whether or not they write off any outstanding grudges. However, they still felt that something was amiss with this punishment.

What if, and only what if Wu Yu managed to survive the Heavenly Devil Battlefield yet they agreed to Patriarch Bodhi’s suggestion now. They would no longer be able to act against Wu Yu and take revenge for Mo Liyin. What should happen then?

Hence, Dhrtarastra and the three other heavenly kings looked reluctant to agree.

Dhrtarastra gave it some thought before saying in a deep voice: "Patriarch, even if he enters the Heavenly Devil Battlefield, we cannot simply forget our grudges. Patriarch Bodhi, please do not make things difficult for us."

Patriarch Bodhi was not angry. His smile did not falter. He only reminded them: "The Everlasting Battlefield will be opening in 10,000 years. Shouldn’t everyone be focusing on that instead?"

When Patriarch Bodhi said that, True Lord Erlang was the first to understand the implications and shot Dhrtarastra and his three heavenly kinds a look. He was obviously reminding them not to forget what was truly important.

The Everlasting Battlefield was a place where their descendants could enter after passing the Immortal Emperor Trials. Once they get the chance to enter the Everlasting Battlefield, they would have the opportunity to break through to the eternal immortal emperor realm. The Everlasting Battlefield would only open up once every 50,000 years, and each time only one person would be allowed in!

Once you missed this chance, you would not know what other opponents would take part and compete against you in the next Immortal Emperor Trials.

Now all Patriarch Bodhi was requesting was just to write off the grudges that they had against Wu Yu, given that Wu Yu had been sent to the Heavenly Devil Battlefield and had close to zero chance of surviving it.

So, it would not be a loss if they agreed to write off those grudges now. Even if Wu Yu managed to survive, they would have other ways to deal with him. Hence, there was no need for them to reject the Patriarch Bodhi’s request and make an enemy out of him.

True Lord Erlang and the Four Heavenly Kings were immortal emperors who had lived for a long time.

When True Lord Erlang glanced at the Four Heavenly Kings, they instantly understood what to do.

They nodded, and Dhrtarastra took the lead to agree: "That’s right. The Everlasting Battlefield is about to open. We will not pursue matters regarding Wu Yu anymore. After all, Patriarch’s punishment for him is serious enough."

The words "will not pursue" meant that on the surface, they would definitely write off the grudges they had against Wu Yu.

Even if Wu Yu emerged from the Heavenly Devil Battlefield after 10,000 years, they could not do any harm to him openly.

The things that Wu Yu had done to offend them in the past were relatively insignificant. With Patriarch Bodhi’s protection, they also did not dare to do anything to Wu Yu. However, this time Wu Yu had killed Mo Liyin, an immortal emperor. This was a serious matter, so the Four Heavenly Kings were angered and wanted to bring Wu Yu to justice.

However everyone knew how horrifying the Heavenly Devil Battlefield was. Hence, with this heavy price, Wu Yu’s crimes were considered as being paid for, and no one would pursue or mention it anymore.

Patriarch Bodhi also turned all the immortal emperors’ attention to the upcoming Everlasting Battlefield and Immortal Emperor Trials.

When Patriarch Bodhi saw that the Four Heavenly Kings had compromised, he nodded with satisfaction. He said to True Lord Erlang: "True Lord Erlang, I heard that your youngest son Yang Qiang is about to break through to the immortal emperor realm. I guess no one will be able to compete with him in the Immortal Emperor Trials 10,000 years later? At that time, the Everlasting Battlefield will open just for him."

Patriarch Bodhi’s comment made True Lord Erlang smile.

His name was Yang Jian and his son, Yang Qiang, was ready to break through to the immortal emperor realm. The opening of the Everlasting Battlefield was indeed a good opportunity. That was why he treated Patriarch Bodhi with so much respect. After all, Patriarch Bodhi was the one in control of the Everlasting Battlefield.

Patriarch Bodhi won the respect of many other immortal emperors as he was willing to take out the epochal immortal treasure Wheel of Taichi and offer the opportunity to enter the Everlasting Battlefield to others. After all, if it were them, the other immortal emperors would keep the treasure for themselves. How could they openly offer it to other people in the sky palaces to compete for it?

Therefore, even True Lord Erlang Yang Jian had great respect for Patriarch Bodhi.

True Lord Erlang Yang Jian was obviously pleased after hearing Patriarch Bodhi’s praise for his son Yang Qiang. He had great confidence in his son, but remained modest and said: "Patriarch thinks too highly of him. There are many descendants of the other immortal emperors in the same realm. They are quite capable and powerful too. For example, the son of Dong Hua Great Emperor Lord and the daughter of Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress are all very powerful. My good-for-nothing son, Yang Qiang, may not necessarily be their match."

"That’s right. I heard that the son of the God of the Three Seas Nezha will also take part in the Immortal Emperor Trials. It’s really a gathering of strong people."

Dhrtarastra added. His words made many immortal emperors present turn pale.

The God of the Three Seas Nezha was also a very powerful being in the sky palaces. His father Li Jing, the Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li, held a far more higher status than the Four Heavenly Kings in the sky palaces, and was comparable to True Lord Erlang.

The son of Nezha, that was, the grandson of Li Jing, must have received excellent training. If he wanted to take part in the Immortal Emperor Trials, there would be no chance for the descendants of other ordinary immortal emperors to win.

"Dong Hua Great Emperor Lord, Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress, Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li, True Lord Erlang......There are so many descendants of the top immortal emperors taking part in this Immortal Emperor Trials. It’s really not easy to emerge victorious."

Memory Star Immortal Emperor thought to himself. He frowned slightly and shook his head.

Anyway, it had nothing to do with him. At most, he would just have to be wary of another person in the sky palaces next time.

The winner of this Immortal Emperor Trials would get the chance to enter the Everlasting Battlefield. When he emerged from the Everlasting Battlefield, he would be a new immortal emperor. With their strong backing, he would definitely be an existence that no one could offend.

Therefore, Memory Star Immortal Emperor had to pay attention to who would ultimately emerge victorious in this Immortal Emperor Trials.

If one failed to become an immortal emperor, it would be embarassing.

In the sky palaces, once you become an immortal emperor, you would have gained a certain status. Others would really respect you. Otherwise, you could only rely on your ancestors in the family. Even if others were respectful to you on the surface, they would not say any good words behind your back.

True Lord Erlang Yang Jian’s expression darkened after the grandson of Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li was mentioned. Obviously, he knew how powerful the grandson of Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li was and he would definitely be a strong competitor for his son Yang Qiang.

However, in any case, there were still 10,000 years left to the Immortal Emperor Trials, so he still had enough time to prepare.

True Lord Erlang treasured his son highly. This Immortal Emperor Trials was an excellent opportunity for his son to become an immortal emperor and achieve immortality. If successful, they could live as father and son forever. In this way, his son Yang Qiang could truly become his right-hand man!

As for Wu Yu, he would not be aware of these dialogues about the Everlasting Battlefield and the descendants of the immortal emperors.

Because he was now in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield, a place in total darkness. It seemed as though he had arrived at an eternal void space, without any light, sound, or even direction!

Everything was in complete silence, as if time and space came to a still.

An inexpressible feeling of emptiness spreaded out in Wu Yu’s heart.

He tried to move in this void space, but no matter how he moved, he felt that he was in the same position. After trying for a long period of time, he was still at the same place, surrounded by nothing.

"So this is the Heavenly Devil Battlefield."

Wu Yu’s heart felt so empty. This space was filled with nothing, not even light or sound. He had never been to such an odd place before.

In fact, he could not even sense the passage of time in this space. Hence he had no idea how long he had been in here.

Wu Yu tried hard for some time to move and shift his position but failed. Suddenly, a heart tearing pain seared through his body. That was the severe pain from having one’s immortal spirit chewed on. Wu Yu’s heart and spirit shivered and his whole body started to shake.

His whole body was now covered in cold sweat. While the pain was just for a moment, it was that moment that forced his spirit to shiver uncontrollably. Something had bitten into his immortal spirit.

"Is that the heavenly devils?"

Wu Yu’s jaw clenched. He sensed his immortal spirit being chewed on by something. While that thing did not leave a trace behind, it caused an extreme pain to shoot through his immortal spirit. Such a pain when inflicted on his soul surpassed those inflicted upon his body and spirit!

Even Wu Yu had never endured such pain before. There was no way to prepare for the pain. All of a sudden, Wu Yu had sunk into a dark abyss of neverending pain.

Heavenly devils moved soundlessly and was a type of spirit of the universe which liked to chew on immortal spirits. Wu Yu had known this before entering the Heavenly Devil Battlefield.

However, he did not expect such extreme pain to come from having his immortal spirit chewed on. It was much more painful than any other torture that he had endured so far!

The pain from having his soul and spirit torn into was much worse than having his body sliced into 100,000 pieces.

At the beginning, the heavenly devils did not chew on him for too long or often. They gave Wu Yu time to recover and rest. However, as time passed, there seemed to be more and more heavenly devils gathered around him. The frequency of having to endure the pain of his immortal spirit being chewed on increased. In fact, the pain shot through Wu Yu continuously. There was heavenly devils biting into his immortal spirit at every minute, every second.

Wu Yu gritted his teeth while his body curled into a ball under the endless pain. However, that did not seem to relieve any of the pain. He was still trembling from the pain of the heavenly devils’ devouring.

Slowly, he remembered his Spirit Chaser Art. This move seemed effective against spirits of the universe.

Thinking about it, he immediately used the Spirit Chaser Art and blasted it towards his own immortal spirit.

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