Heaven’s Devourer - Chapter 1579: Apocalyptic Chaos Demon

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Chapter 1579: Apocalyptic Chaos Demon

The Darkstrife Beast was severely injured by the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast before and his wounds had not healed completely, but his temperament became more violent.

He snorted coldly when the Bloodsucking Scourge appeared and taunted him. Next, he was prepared to attack and kill the Bloodsucking Scourge. He had the impression that the Bloodsucking Scourge was always weak. He was only good at hiding and running away.

By appearing now, he was simply coming to die.

However, in a flash, the wicked grins on the three tortoise heads of the Darkstrife Beast immediately turned to terror.

Because when he wanted to kill the Bloodsucking Scourge, this Bloodsucking Scourge actually transformed into another familiar huge beast. This was the huge beast that had heavily injured him!


The Darkstrife Beast could not react in time. He had no means of defense with his heavy injuries and was easily dealt a heavy blow once again after Wu Yu in his Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast form used Immolate on him slightly.

This change in the situation stunned many demon kings in the Diabolical Dragon King’s camp.

Even the 10,000 Eyed Taotie did not expect Bloodsucking Scourge to reappear. Not only that, his subordinate actually turned into another beast and heavily injured the Darkstrife Beast. Now the Darkstrife Beast had suffered double blows and was basically useless in battle. If left to his fate, the Darkstrife Beast was doomed.

Spectral Fire Phoenix and Nightmare Ink Qilin was enraged seeing Darkstrife Beast injured. They wanted to breakthrough the immortal design to fight Wu Yu and save the Darkstrife Beast.

However, the 10,000 Eyed Taotie reacted first. Just as the two demon kings were about to move, 10,000 Eyed Taotie’s mystique immediately blocked their way.

The 10,000 Eyed Taotie now knew clearly that the Bloodsucking Scourge who appeared previously was not his subordinate, the original Bloodsucking Scourge. However, there was no doubt that they shared the same enemy. At least, at this moment, both of them should be here for the Diabolical Dragon King’s treasure.

Hence, his priority was to escape from this immortal design, and to do that, he had to work with this huge beast!

Based on the current situation inside the immortal design where the Diabolical Dragon King had the advantage in numbers, if he, the 10,000 Eyed Taotie, did not work with that huge beast, then both of them might get killed by the Diabolical Dragon King.

10,000 Eyed Taotie instantly understood the pros and cons. Hence, he reacted and helped Wu Yu by blocking the paths of Spectral Fire Phoenix and Nightmare Ink Qilin.

As for the Diabolical Dragon King, he would never give up on attacking the 10,000 Eyed Taotie just to fight Wu Yu. If he was distracted, the Spectral Fire Phoenix and Nightmare Ink Qilin’s lives would be in danger.

Hence, the Darkstrife Beast had to fight Wu Yu alone.

The battle result was basically set in stone. Besides, after Wu Yu had slightly immolated, his strength grew. With the support from the crusader heavenly rule, the power of the Somersault Cloud instantly exploded.

The Submerged Cloud Seal burst from within the Darkstrife Beast with indescribable power. Darkstrife Beast whose life was already hanging by the thread instantly perished. His three tortoise heads drooped lifelessly and the terrifying aura that belonged to a 7-heavens demon king immediately dispersed.

However, his physical body still bore vibrant energy. He was dead but not entirely wasted. The heavenly rule and mystique powers housed inside the corpse could still threaten some of the weaker demon kings.

If other 4-heavens demon kings or 5-heavens demon kings neared the corpse carelessly, they would die from the power radiating from this corpse.

However, such power was nothing to Wu Yu.

He had already slayed the Darkstrife Beast and was ready to devour him. As long as he devoured this Darkstrife Beast, he would receive his memories and find out more about the Diabolical Dragon King and Jiu Ying.

This was the key to his plan to saving Jiu Ying. Wu Yu had planned for this moment since a long time ago.


Now, Wu Yu used devour directly in front of the Diabolical Dragon King and 10,000 Eyed Taotie. He devoured the mountain-sized Darkstrife Beast corspe in one gulp and absorbed it into his body.

The mountain-sized Darkstrife Beast corpse quickly disappeared from the battlefield and at the same time, Wu Yu’s head became flooded with the Darkstrife Beast’s memories.

Of which, there was a small portion that was about the Diabolical Dragon King and Jiu Ying. However, this was a recent memory. Hence, the memory was clear. Now Wu Yu had full knowledge of what had happened!

While the Diabolical Dragon King and 10,000 Eyed Taotie were fighting viciously inside the Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer immortal design, Wu Yu took only some time to harness the memories that he required.

Besides, he had intended for the 10,000 Eyed Taotie to expend some of his energy during this fight. Hence, he did not turn to help the 10,000 Eyed Taotie immediately. Instead, he checked again the memories of the Darkstrife Beast for any memory related to Jiu Ying.

All the scenes unfolded like a painting in Wu Yu’s head... ...

The Underworld Dragon’s Den that the Diabolical Dragon King ruled was always filled with shadows, cloaked in a field of dark clouds.

One day, when the Darkstrife Beast was cultivating in his own demon palace, he suddenly received an order to gather from the Diabolical Dragon King. This was an urgent summon to gather all the demon kings in the Underworld Dragon’s Den.

When the Darkstrife Beast had rushed to the scene, most of the demon kings had already arrived. Then he saw the Diabolical Dragon King bringing out a demon immortal who appeared in the form of a young man. That young man was shrouded in mysterious sinister dark aura. However, his expression was blank. The Darkstrife Beast could not tell what realm this man was. The young man simply stood obediently behind the Diabolical Dragon King.

This was a memory that Wu Yu had previously received from the Green Fire Demon King and Kunpeng Demon King. This was the moment when the Diabolical Dragon King introduced Jiu Ying to the rest of the demon kings in the Underworld Dragon’s Den. He announced that Jiu Ying was his adopted son and from then onwards, any who saw Jiu Ying would have to treat him with the same amount of respect as they had with the Diabolical Dragon King.

In reality, since the announcement to now, Jiu Ying had never appeared alone. This was just the Diabolical Dragon King’s plan to give Jiu Ying a high status in preparation for the future!

After Jiu Ying’s introduction, the other demon kings were dispersed. This included all the 6-heavens demon kings and 5-heavens demon kings.

Next, Wu Yu saw memories that he had not seen before. The Diabolical Dragon King had separately summoned the three 7-heavens demon kings into the Diabolical Dragon Palace and gave them some important instructions.

After that, the Diabolical Dragon King had summoned them repeatedly for more than 10 times. These summons were all about Jiu Ying. The Diabolical Dragon King could not achieve his goal alone and required the help of these three 7-heavens demon kings.

"In the Demon Immortal Realm, there was once an eternal demon emperor called the Apocalyptic Demon Emperor! His true form is the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon and a remnant of his soul remained in the world after he died. He belonged to one of the most powerful bloodline of the Chaos Demons, while my adopted son came from the bloodline of Jiu Ying Demon Beast. These two bloodlines have the same origin!"

"This Jiu Ying had just ascended to the Demon Immortal Realm not long and was selected by the remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon’s soul. The remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon’s soul is basically very broken and incomplete. Even his memories have been completely lost, but his survival instinct still remains. He is attempting to come back from the dead by using Jiu Ying’s body, which I have brought back with me."

"The remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon’s soul is originally located in his true form’s head and is now hiding in Jiu Ying’s body inside his Sea of Knowledge. The remnant is occupying this body’s demon spirit. Once Jiu Ying’s original consciousness had been devoured successfully by this piece of the soul, the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon would be able to regenerate slowly and be reborn. Within Jiu Ying’s body, he would slowly digest his remaining true form’s head. Then one day, he would be able to recover his strength and regain the memories of his past."

This was one of the older conversations Wu Yu heard from the Darkstrife Beast’s memories.

During these conversations, the three 7-heavens demon kings were basically in a state of shock. Things about the eternal demon emperor seemed like a far-fetched dream to them, but now they were witnesses to the possible rebirth of an eternal demon emperor.

"The eternal demon emperor is so powerful that after he has been killed for such a long time, he can still exist. He even possess the means to select a body of the same origin and attempt to come back from the dead by using the selected body!"

"That’s only natural. Otherwise, why would we pursue the eternal demon emperor’s dao that fervently? As long as we get our hands on the eternal demon emperor, we will be entirely different from what we are now. The quality of our lives will definitely be upgraded substantially!"

"Haha, this Apocalyptic Chaos Demon would never have imagined that our great Diabolical Dragon King could discover his secret and bring this Jiu Ying’s body back. I would think our great king have already thought of a way to deal with Jiu Ying’s body? And the head left by the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon, if we can devour it......" The Darkstrife Beast was about to salivate.


At this moment, the Diabolical Dragon King snarled fiercely, and his nine dragon heads emitted a terrifying and domineering pressure. They all glared darkly at the Darkstrife Beast and warned: "Remember, the head of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon is not something that you can dream of touching! Of course, as long as you are obedient and aid me in achieving my plans, the last remaining part of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon’s head will belong to you guys."

The Diabolical Dragon King still needed help to deal with this matter, hence he told the three 7-heavens demon kings about it.

In addition, he also promised to give them part of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon‘s head after he achieved his goals.

Before that, the three 7-heavens demon kings would definitely not be able to find the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon’s head, and if they reveal any news about it to others, they were less likely to get a share of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon’s head.

Hence, the three 7-heavens demon kings continued to aid the Diabolical Dragon King in his plans and kept their mouths shut. No one leaked any news out.

In the Darkstrife Beast’s memories, the next step in the Diabolical Dragon King’s plans was to deal with Jiu Ying.

In Jiu Ying’s body, his demon spirit had already been occupied by the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon. This was equivalent to having his body controlled by the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon. Therefore, the first thing the Diabolical Dragon King wanted to target was the remnant of the Apocalyptic Chaos Demon’s soul that invaded Jiu Ying’s body.

To achieve this, the Diabolical Dragon King casted a Great Void immortal technique. This was his unique skill and could be used to deal with such situations. It also had an excellent effect.

That was the Ancient Demon Dragon Devourer technique!

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