Heaven’s Devourer - Chapter 1489: Mystic Sun Emperors Pagoda

Chapter 1489: Mystic Sun Emperor's Pagoda

Wu Yu understood.

This was also a mini grand affair that Mystic Sun Immortal Emperor had organised. He put up 99 different great void immortal treasures at once, established the immortal designs and opened the challenge to the floor for anyone to decode the immortal designs. For each attempt, one would have to pay a certain fee first.

If they failed to decode, the Spirit Ascension Pills they paid would have been in vain.

To stop an overly strong immortal king like a 9-Heavens immortal king who had the ability to decode all the immortal designs, from causing a scene and decoding all the immortal designs, there was a limitation in cultivation realm for each immortal design. For example, Terminal Ruins Immortal King believed the immortal design for the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor’s Celestial Pillar would be set as 4-Heavens immortal king and below. A 5-Heavens immortal king wouldn’t be able to participate.

At the same time, it would suggest that the Mystic Sun Immortal Emperor believed most of the 4-Heavens immortal kings couldn’t decode this immortal design.

Since he was the one who established the limits, he definitely wouldn’t be disadvantaged. He should have a clear idea of the tier of immortal king required to decode a specify immortal design. Only those who were outstanding within the same tier could possibly get his great void immortal treasure with little money spent. For those who didn’t have a good gauge of their strength, their payment would be equivalent to going down the drain.

"Thank you, Terminal Ruins Immortal King."

Wu Yu was still an immortal lord. It’s natural that Terminal Ruins Immortal King would assume Wu Yu would find someone else.

"You can find a few more people and let the most confident one take the challenge to save some money," reminded Terminal Ruins Immortal King. After all, he was the one who introduced this potential avenue to Wu Yu.

"I understand."

After expressing his gratitude, Luo Pin and Wu Yu left the Great Void Weapon Armory.

"He said the Mystic Sun Emperor’s Pagoda is opened now. There’s a chance that the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor’s Celestial Pillar would be taken away at any moment. Do you want to go?" asked Luo Pin.

"Definitely, even if it’s just to experience the buzz around it. Let’s find out more details at that place before we decide again. After all, it might not be suitable for me too."

Now that Floating Dreams Sword and Floating Dreams Pagoda were eliminated by him and he had thrown away the rest, he would need a handy weapon. This was a pressing need and had to be resolved as soon as possible.


Wu Yu was prepared to set off. Luo Pin naturally wanted to form a blood bond with the Sea God’s Halberd of Eternal Night as soon as she could. Therefore, Wu Yu placed her in the Floating Dreams Pagoda to form the blood bond.

She’s a 5-realm immortal lord and could still roughly enjoy several times the time flow. On occasions, it could even reach several dozen times. As such, she could form the blood bond gradually and wouldn’t have to be in a rush.

As for Wu Yu, he entered the Well of Eternal Life and ascended towards the 6300th level of Heaven. Above 6000th level of Heaven, the stationed immortal would be an eternal immortal emperor.

There’re a total of 8,000 layers to the sky palaces which formed an oval outline. The higher he ascended, the smaller it would be. At the 8,000th level, only the Lingxiao Palace remained.

Above 6000th level of Heaven, they were at a rather high sky palace. Immortal kings could be seen everywhere. As the region wasn’t huge, a level of Heaven could probably fit just a few citiies.

Therefore, it was tedious for Wu Yu to ascend above 6000th level of Heaven as an immortal lord. He was capable of ascending more ferociously. However, in order not to draw attention to himself, he honestly ascended slowly at the pace of a 7-realm immortal lord. At the same time, he had to pretend he was struggling a little. If he had exhibited speed that was equivalent to an immortal king or even surpassing some immortal kings, it’s hard not for others to suspect him!

Currently, almost everywhere below the 7,000 level of Heaven was shrouded in an anxious atmosphere because of Chifeng Immortal Lord. He wouldn’t want himself to be pushed into the limelight because of a weapon.

Once he got the great void immortal treasure, he would distance himself from the sky palaces and go into seclusion.

As he moderated his speed, he spent two to three months in the Well of Eternal Life. Luo Pin used roughly a year to successfully form a blood bond with the Sea God’s Halberd of Eternal Night. This was frighteningly quick because if it weren’t for Wu Yu’s Imparting and the legacy of the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon, she would probably need several hundred years to accomplish the same.

She also spent time familiarizing the usage in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Her dress flew with the wind and each and every action was authoritative. It was especially so with the tough and blue diamond-like halberd in her hands which also added a majestic vibe to her. Ordinary immortals would likely think of submitting upon seeing as they would subconsciously feel the intimidation from an elite king of all immortal beasts.

However, the more dominant and honorable she was, the greater the desire Wu Yu felt to dominate her. Often, the saintly and honorable king of all beast would be weeping in Wu Yu’s embrace the next moment.

Now, her demeanor stood out from the crowd. She was even more charming than Mo Yuji and Qin Yunling. Wherever she went, she would become the focus of attention. Wu Yu could only use a face veil on her to dampen her attraction of the crowd. Her current beauty could only be described as titillating.

All these were because of Wu Yu. As her man, he naturally felt a strong sense of achievement. Luo Pin also knew this was all because of Wu Yu. Therefore, she had given her heart entirely to Wu Yu since a long time ago. Wu Yu was nothing when she first met him when they were in the mortal domain. Even then, she was impressed with him. Now, such feelings would only be stronger.

She would always smile whenever she could follow him around the world and seeing him hankering over her. To meet him in her lifetime, growing and helping each other was the true meaning of dao companion.

Together, they cultivated to become immortals. Now, they were trying to achieve eternal life together.

Both of them held hands and arrived on Mystic Sun Sky. The massive Mystic Sun Immortal City was just next to the Well of Eternal Life.

On Mystic Sun Sky, Mystic Sun Immortal Emperor was the equivalent to an emperor. Whenever he organized an event, the Mystic Sun Sky would be bustling with life.

Just as they stepped into Mystic Sun Immortal City, Wu Yu could see a large golden pagoda in the middle of the city instantly. It was glaring and anyone within the Mystic Sun Immortal City could see it as long as they lifted their heads.

"So dazzling? It’s definitely a trap to attract the cash cow over. Mystic Sun Immortal Emperor is really smart." Wu Yu sighed emotionally. This was too dazzling and anyone who saw it would be curious about it. After they were attracted to that place, they would be dazzled by the great void immortal treasure and readily hand their Spirit Ascension Pills over......

Over this period, Mystic Sun Immortal City was even more lively than the Golden Turbid Sea City and this was the reason.

When he arrived at the place, he started asking around. After opening for close to a year, how many of the 99 great void immortal treasures were left.

He asked an immortal lord and that immortal lord replied, "Probably just thirty-odd left. Most of them were snatched up by others at this point. However, I have to remind you brother. There are even more people paying Spirit Ascension Pills for nothing. We did a rough estimate on this. For one treasure that is worth 30,000, the fees would be 10,000 Spirit Ascension Pills. From that great void immortal treasure, the number of challenges would earn the Mystic Sun Emperor at least 300,000."

In other words, perhaps just one in ten people would succeed in the challenge.

"Do you think I’m someone who could afford to take up the challenge?" Wu Yu chuckled.

The other party answered, "It’s hard to tell. There were many immortal lords like you who came here not knowing much. After handling over their savings, they left the place feeling dejected."

"Is that Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor’s Celestial Pillar still around?" Wu Yu went straight to the point.

Just as he had expected, he knew Wu Yu was thinking of trying his luck. He had seen many people like Wu Yu. He said, "Don’t worry, it’s still around. However, that’s not an easy challenge. If you are thinking of relying on yourself, I’ll advise you against it. It’s better to spend your Spirit Ascension Pills in other areas. Forget it, I shall stop here. If I carry on and the immortal emperor hears it, I would probably be killed......"

He had seen too many silly cash cows rushing in......

"Don’t worry, I’m really here to enjoy the atmosphere......" The other party had kind intentions and therefore Wu Yu could only respond in this manner with a smile.

However, the other party wasn’t convinced. He had seen too many precedents and knew Wu Yu would definitely go challenge it.

"If you are really going to choose, choose one that is the easiest. In that case, you wouldn’t lose as much."

After bidding farewell to the "caring" immortal lord, Wu Yu and Luo Pin headed to the Mystic Sun Emperor’s Pagoda. This place was bustling with excitement. Each and every level had doors opened that anyone could enter freely.

Even if no one was challenging, many others were waiting to watch a show. For those level without a great void immortal treasure, there were basically no one.

Those that could be won were largely gone. Those remaining were the relatively harder few. As a result, these treasures were basically more precious. The reason why Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor’s Celestial Pillar was still around was also because of its value.

"The previous users of this great void immortal treasure were typically 7-Heavens immortal king or stronger. Asking a 4-Heavens immortal king to decode the immortal design would be an overreach."

Wu Yu had his eyes set on the 73rd level. This was also where the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor’s Celestial Pillar was. Those remaining great void immortal treasures were largely all above the 60th level.

Every level of the Mystic Sun Emperor’s Pagoda was spacious. The majority of the area were part of the immortal design. The Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor’s Celestial Pillar was right in the middle but the immortal designs took up substantial space around it. A large number of spectators were loitering around this region.

When Wu Yu arrived at this level, he found a number of people crowding around the immortal design. They were in pairs or trios, standing far apart. Some were immortal kings while others were immortal lords. The atmosphere was rather heavy and there wasn’t anyone challenging at this point.

When Wu Yu and Luo Pin, the two immortal lords arrived, it didn’t attract anyone’s attention.

Wu Yu took a quick glance and realized he couldn’t see anything for now since the immortal design wasn’t activated. Therefore, the place look spacious and the only thing that could draw one’s attention would be the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor’s Celestial Pillar.

This was probably done to emphasize the effects to attract people to challenge. When Wu Yu first saw the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor’s Celestial Pillar, he was fascinated! That was a giant golden pillar covered in engravings similar to dragon scales. It was just like a golden mystical dragon residing within, watching over the mortals and exuding dominance! On top of the massive golden pillar, there were dense networks of violent golden lightning blitzing in addition to the raging golden flames. These bolts of lightning were like miniscule dragons, waltzing across and making buzzing sounds. The sounds seemed to explode directly in the minds of those around, making their scalps go numb. However, the more incredible it was, the more intense the desires of others wanting to own it.

From his first glance, Wu Yu had decided he would choose the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor’s Celestial Pillar. Although it also had the powers of lightning, this was a great void immortal treasure that resembled the Ruyi Jingu Bang the most among all that he had seen thus far.

It was just that when he arrived, he instantly heard others speaking. "Over twenty had tried and more than 700,000 Spirit Ascension Pills spent. Yet, there are people still believing they could get it. How confident are they......"

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