Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine - Chapter 401 - Who Are You? (1)

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Chapter 401 – Who are You? (1)

The empress dowager looked sideways at him. “Do tell, what are you up to now?”

Mo Rongyi immediately patted himself on the shoulder. “Imperial Mother, I want to go hunting. Imperial Brother has already agreed to this last time. How about you do the same?”

Ye Zhen laughed aloud. “Your shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore?”

“It hasn’t hurt in a long time.” Mo Rongyi immediately said, “Let’s go hunting tomorrow.”

“All you ever think about is hunting.” The empress dowager shook her head. “Bring your guards. Although it’s in the hunting grounds, you can never be too careful.”

This meant she had agreed.

Mo Rongyi almost jumped up with joy. “Yes, Imperial Mother. I’ll prepare now to go hunting tomorrow.”

Ye Zhen didn’t have the chance to say anything as Mo Rongyi had already run far off.

Mo Rongzhan had sat to the side silently with a smile on his face. His gaze seemed to unconsciously roam across Ye Zhen’s face.

“Imperial Mother, then I will go to the Imperial Physicians’ Courtyard,” Ye Zhen quietly said to the empress dowager. If they were going hunting tomorrow, she still had to have someone retrieve her bow, crossbow, and arrows from the Lu Family.

She returned to the Imperial Physicians’ Courtyard to help boil medicine. A long time had passed since she began working. Just as she was about to rest, Imperial Physician Huang rushed in angrily.

Looking at the female physicians boiling medicine, she angrily demanded, “Who boiled Noble Lady Hu’s medicine?”

Ye Zhen was taken aback, raising her head to look at Imperial Physician Huang. “It was me.”

“You?” Imperial Physician Huang coldly looked at her, taking a porcelain bowl from Gao Xueping’s hand, who was standing behind her, and heavily placed it before Ye Zhen. “Was this the formula I prescribed? Noble Lady Hu only has a common cold. What medicine is this? Smell it for yourself.”

“Imperial Physician Huang, I picked the medicine according to the formula,” Ye Zhen said.

“What you mean to say is that I purposefully prescribed for you the wrong formula?” Imperial Physician Huang asked with a cold laugh.

Ye Zhen furrowed her brows at the other. “Imperial Physician Huang, how would I know if you did it on purpose or not? Take the formula out and we’ll know who is wrong.”

A cold smile hung at the corner of Imperial Physician Huang’s lips. “Where is the medicinal formula?”

Gao Xueing immediately said, “Teacher, it has already been sealed and stored.”

By the confident looks of this student-teacher pair, Ye Zhen knew they had come prepared.

On the matter of picking and boiling medicine, the female physicians and medicine boys of the Imperial Physicians’ Courtyard acted according to the medicinal formulas provided by the Imperial Physicians’ Courtyard and its imperial physicians. They were forbidden from changing the formulas on their own. If Ye Zhen were to be unaware of this fact, then she would have no reason to remain in the Imperial Physicians’ Courtyard.

An evil and pleased light flashed past Gao Xueping’s eyes. She couldn’t think of a reason Chief Gong could continue helping Lu Yaoyao today.

“What is everyone hiding?” Chief Gong walked over, and seeing Imperial Physician Huang and Ye Zhen facing each other, felt his head starting to ache again.

He really didn’t understand how to deal with this Imperial Physician Huang. How could she be so stubborn? Could she really gain anything by working against the princess?

“Chief Gong, there’s someone here that picked the wrong medicine on purpose, and almost killed Noble Lady Hu as a result,” Gao Xueping said immediately.

“I didn’t pick the wrong medicine.” Ye Zhen flatly denied

“Imperial Physician Huang, seeing as Yaoyao said that she didn’t pick the wrong medicine, then something must be wrong here,” Gong Tang said. He had been observing this princess these days. She treated all tasks seriously and was very open to learning. Her medical knowledge was her strongest suit. He believed that she definitely had not picked the wrong medicine.

Imperial Physician Huang stated expressionlessly, “Then was it I who prescribed the wrong formula? After so many years, never have I made one mistake. Why is it that when I meet Lu Yaoyao, I suddenly run into trouble?”

Gong Tang hesitated, then picked up the medicine and took a whiff of it, looking at Ye Zhen with surprise. “Did you boil this medicine?”

Ye Zhen took a whiff of it. This was a medicine that cured typhoid. Though there were some herbs that were similar, the measurements were different. If someone with a cold took this typhoid medicine, not only would there be consequences but their life would be in immediate danger.

“This is not the medicine I boiled,” Ye Zhen said. She knew from a single whiff what this medicine was aimed to cure. If it had been typhoid medicine, she would have noticed immediately.

Gao Xueping coldly laughed. “If this hasn’t been boiled by you, then was it boiled by someone else? You just said that this was the medicine you boiled for Noble Lady Hu.”

“I boiled cold medicine for Noble Lady Hu,” Ye Zhen emphatically said. She had thought that Imperial Physician Huang and her students would stop working against her after that day, but it seemed like they still hadn’t given up.

Imperial Physician Huang said to Gong Tang, “Chief Gong, it looks like we still need to see the medicinal formula.”

Gong Tang ordered someone to get the medicinal formula. But in all of the formulas of the day, there was no trace of Imperial Physician Huang’s.

“Looks like someone has gotten rid of the formula,” Gao Xueping exclaimed aloud.

Ye Zhen looked at them with a forced smile. It was clear that this student-teacher pair had come prepared.

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