Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine - Chapter 400 - Not Comparable To Yaoyao

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Chapter 400 – Not Comparable to Yaoyao

Mo Rongzhan didn’t believe what Lu Wushuang said, but he hoped that Lu Lingzhi didn’t know about this. Otherwise, he might be losing one of his most trusted generals.

Lu Shide… Was he the one to hide Little Yaoyao?

Upon returning to the imperial study, Mo Rongzhan summoned Cai Jinggao of the Supervisory House. Like Shen Yi, Cai Jinggao was one of Mo Rongzhan’s most trusted confidants. The Supervisory House was the branch he used to keep an eye on all of the court officials. Shen Yi was not in the capital, so it was most fitting that he had Cai Jinggao investigate Lu Shide.

If Lu Shide had really captured Little Yaoyao, he might let the Lu Family off. But, from now on, they wouldn’t have anything to do with imperial favor.

Tonight, there were many people in the palace who weren’t able to sleep. And likewise, there were many with the same problem in the Lu Family.

Although the imperial edict dismissing Lu Wushuang had not yet been issued, the news Lu Lingzhi brought back had rendered everyone speechless.

As soon as the gui fei was dismissed, the Lu Family would probably become the laughingstock of the capital.

Half a year ago. Lu Wushuang had still been the emperor’s beloved consort. There was no one in the capital who didn’t envy this. How many people had hoped she would lose favor then? Who would have thought that… it would come so quickly.

“Shuang’er has only made one mistake, and the emperor is going to dismiss her?” Old Madam Lu asked Lu Lingzhi in a whisper. She couldn’t believe that, in a single night, the glorious Gui Fei had become a nun.

Lu Lingzhi was silent before saying, “His Majesty was almost poisoned as well.”

Old Madam Lu’s expression slightly changed. She grimaced and said, “Whatever, at least she’s still alive. I had never expected her to do anything for the Lu Family anyway. Now that she can no longer be Gui Fei, she will have time to reflect on herself.”

“Grandmother, don’t worry too much. When Shuang’er goes to Nianci Temple, I will have people take care of her,” Lu Lingzhi whispered.

“I shouldn’t have let her enter the inner palace in the first place. She is not fit—” Old Madam Lu shook her head and sighed. “She isn’t comparable to Yaoyao.”

Lu Lingzhi was shocked at those words. “Grandmother, you say this because….”

“Don’t think too much. I am just saying that Shuang’er is not as mature as Yaoyao.” Old Madam Lu sighed. “You are tired tonight as well. Go back and rest. Keep this matter from your mother.”

“Yes, Grandmother.” Lu Lingzhi lightly nodded.

He wasn’t worried about whether his mother would be triggered by this or not. He was most worried if the emperor was aware that Lu Wushuang wasn’t his savior. He would definitely have someone investigate what had truly happened.

What if the emperor knew that it had actually been Ye Zhen who had saved him?

Lu Lingzhi didn’t dare imagine the consequences. It was nothing for him, but he couldn’t implicate the entirety of the Lu Family. The only thing he could do now was to let the emperor expel his worries. But, how could he explain Shuang’er’s jade pendant?

He had thought that, with Ye Zhen’s death, the emperor would never know about this. But now it looked like… nothing was entirely safe, and he had still found out.

Ye Zhen woke up early in the morning. When she went to greet the empress dowager, Mo Rongzhan and Mo Rongyi were already in the palace.

The empress dowager called her to her side. “I heard you entered the palace last night. Silly child, did you think the emperor and I wouldn’t believe you?”

Ye Zhen didn’t know what to say, pressing her lips in a smile, and lowering her head in silence.

“Someone who will not even spare their own sister, will I actually listen to what she says?” the empress dowager said.

“Empress Dowager, I was wrong too. I shouldn’t have gone with Gui Fei Lu to Xianfei Xu’s, otherwise, she wouldn’t have had the chance to harm her,” Ye Zhen said quietly with guilt.

Mo Rongzhan quirked an eyebrow, looking at Ye Zhen. She had never quietly tried to please him before. Yesterday, she hadn’t said she was wrong either. It looked like this little girl was still highly suspicious of him. She wouldn’t try to please or act cute before him.

“How could I blame you? If it hadn’t been that Lu Wushuang wanted to use you, could you have agreed?” The Empress Dowager hummed. “We will not bring this matter up again. Emperor, when are you sending her to Nianci Temple?”

“Imperial Mother, I have already had people send her out of the palace.”

The empress dowager nodded and did not bring up Lu Wushuang again.

After breakfast, Ye Zhen took her leave to return to the Imperial Physicians’ Courtyard. Only then did the empress dowager remember she had heard of her getting bullied while there.

“I heard there are people bullying you at the Imperial Physicians’ Courtyard?” the empress dowager frowned and asked Ye Zhen.

Ye Zhen laughed and said, “Imperial Mother, who would dare bully me?”

“You cannot use your position as Princess in the Imperial Physicians’ Courtyard, I understand this. But if others think they can bully you because of this, or purposefully pick at you, then I will have to have a word on this matter.” The empress dowager coldly snorted.

“Imperial Mother, with me here, no one will dare bully Yaoyao.” Mo Rongyi immediately wiggled up to his mother’s side pleasingly. “I’ll take a walk over to the Imperial Physicians’ Courtyard in a while, and let those people bullying Yaoyao know who’s boss.”

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