Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy - Chapter 634 - Undercurrents Surging, Sixth Master Goes Against Young Master Xu (1)  

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Chapter 634: Undercurrents Surging, Sixth Master Goes Against Young Master Xu (1)

Duan Linbai was scared out of his wits. “Third Fu, is your family alright? Why did you arrange for these two families to sit at the same table?”

Back then, Jing Hanchuan had smashed someone’s head. This family had gathered a hundred people and went to his house. They originally minded their own business, but now, they hated each other. Wasn’t this deliberately causing trouble?

“There’s only one person from the Xu family. He’s a half-grown child. Should we arrange a separate table for him? Do you think it’s appropriate?” Fu Chen said matter-of-factly.

“You’re impressive. You’re right!” Thankfully, only one person from the Xu family came today.

Duan Linbai was sitting beside his parents.

The old professor from the medical school who had treated Duan Linbai’s eyes was also at their table. He was an old acquaintance of Old Master Fu, so he naturally came to support them. He was originally sitting somewhere else, but because it was difficult to decline the Duan family’s hospitality, he sat together with them, and they chatted enthusiastically.

“… When I brought Linbai to your place previously, I saw a beautiful young lady who gave us medicine. I’ve never thanked her properly.” Mrs. Duan had a deep impression of Xu Jiamu…

When she smiled, her eyes curved, and her voice was gentle.

Because when she went to the Duan residence to deliver medicine later, she directly rode on her son. It was difficult for her to forget even if she wanted to.

“Are you talking about Jiamu? She’s preparing her PhD dissertation. This child is too hardworking.” At the mention of his favorite student, the old professor was very gratified.

“PhD…” The Duan parents looked at each other, seemingly thinking about something.

Their son had artistic talent, but his brain…

If he found someone with high academic qualifications in the future, wouldn’t he be able to make up for it?

“Hehe, Mom, have some water!” Duan Linbai had jumpy thoughts, but he wasn’t stupid. He knew exactly what his mother was thinking.

“Do you still remember the female PhD student you met at the medical school?” Mrs. Duan was concerned.

“No!” How could Duan Linbai forget that damn woman who had beaten him up twice?

He still wanted to settle the score with her. He knew Xu Jiamu’s whereabouts very well. She worked part-time, wrote papers, and conducted experiments. She usually returned to her dormitory at one to two at night and went to the laboratory at six in the morning. When she was busy, she didn’t even have time to eat three meals.

He was too embarrassed to find trouble with this hardworking student.

Duan Linbai could only sigh. My heart is still too soft!

This woman is working so hard. Isn’t she afraid that she’ll lose her hair after becoming a doctor? If she stays up so late, she’ll get bald in her middle age.

“You’re so young. Why isn’t your memory as good as mine?” Mrs. Duan looked disgruntled.

Then his biological father added fuel to the fire. “I told you long ago that he needs to nourish his brain. Let’s buy him six walnuts later.”

Duan Linbai almost vomited blood.

If his parents really joined forces, it would really be a double kill and make him die thoroughly.

“Baibai, let me tell you. I’ve already helped you take a closer look. The most sought-after unmarried girls attending the wedding today are Fu Sinian’s cousin and Old Master Qiao’s granddaughter.”

Duan Linbai almost vomited blood. “Mom, these two are too young.”

“What’s wrong with being young? The main thing is whether you like her or not.”

“I don’t like either of them.” Duan Linbai took a sip of tea to calm himself down.

“Aren’t you and Song Fengwan quite close? There’s still pure friendship between a man and a woman?”

Duan Linbai stopped responding to his mother and glanced at Jing Hanchuan, who was sitting not far away…


The four of them sat on the large round table like two forces in a confrontation.

Xu Yao came out alone today. He represented the Xu family, so his aura naturally wasn’t weak. But he didn’t expect the big shot of the Jing family to say that he had dripping snot back then, instantly ruining his performance.

How aggrieved!

After his father’s reminder, Jing Hanchuan remembered that when the Xu family went to their house back then, Xu Yao was also there. At the time, everyone was young. His sister’s head had been smashed, and this brat had even bitten him…

When he arrived at their house, his eyes were swollen from crying, and he was covered in snot and tears. It was his dark history.

Jing Hanchuan suddenly remembered this brat’s appearance back then and couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Xu Yao was furious. If not for the Fu family, do you really think I wouldn’t dare to smash you with a brick?

A few days ago, he had specially gone to a construction site to pick up a few bricks. When he returned home, he had even wrapped them in newspapers. He had just been waiting for today to come and wipe away the past shame. But in the end, his sister had stopped him.

She insisted that he would be discovered and thought that he was deliberately causing trouble. She pestered him not to do anything impolite.

Xu Yao sat alone at the side, his aura a little weak. He lowered his head and kept sending messages to his sister.

[Big Sis, it’s an emergency. They’re f*cking bullying me!]

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