Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian - Chapter 1813 - At that time, you must have cherished your girlfriend

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Chapter 1813: At that time, you must have cherished your girlfriend

Fortunately, at that moment, the thick soup was served.

Looking at the steaming hot chicken and mushroom soup, Xu Baohan suddenly said, “Actually, for a western restaurant in Xia City, this should be considered a relatively cheap place. An Lan, it’s not easy for you to find a western restaurant with a decent environment and affordable prices. You are amazing.”

The more he interacted with her, the more he realized how valuable she was.

On the surface, she seemed to love money, but she had a way with it and never took advantage of others.

There are some women who take advantage of the fact that the men were treating, and would bring them to expensive restaurants. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but An Lan’s choice of restaurant was a very considerate one.

An Lan was a little embarrassed when he exposed her.

Xu Baohan was really too observant.

Under his sharp gaze, he seemed to be able to pick out all the little details.

“Looks like I don’t know Chief Judge Xu well enough.” An Lan is also very smart, and she quickly realized something. “Chief Judge Xu must have been to many western restaurants with your ex-girlfriend in the past.”

After asking that question, she felt a little uncomfortable.

But she also understands that everyone has a past.

Neither of them were an innocent young man or woman.

Xu Baohan frowned when he heard that, as though he remembered an unpleasant past.

“It is ok if you don’t want to talk about it,” An Lan said calmly. she had heard about him being abandoned by his fiancée. For a man, that must have been a very embarrassing past, and he must have loved that woman very much.

Western food was served one after another. It was Xu Baohan’s steak and An Lan’s foie gras.

An Lan cut open the foie gras skillfully. She had studied abroad for many years, so she was familiar with western dining. She noticed that Xu Baohan, who likes to eat in Chinese restaurants, was a little unfamiliar with fork and knives at first, but he quickly familiarised himself. However, An Lan felt that it was more suitable for him to retrieve his memories.

After swallowing the steak, Xu Baohan suddenly looked up with a straight and deep look in his eyes. “I used to patronize western restaurants when I was dating.”

“… I can see that.” An Lan nodded, the foie gras in her mouth tasted strange. “I’m sure Chief Judge Xu really cherished your girlfriend back then.”

“Ex-girlfriend,” Xu Baohan corrected her calmly, but with a hint of sadness in his eyes. “You must have heard that I was the one who was abandoned.”

An Lan’s lips curled up in embarrassment. “That… should have been a sad past.”

“Since I’ve decided to chase you, it’s only right that I am honest about my past.” Xu Baohan put down his fork and knife, and wore a helpless smile on his face, “Sometimes, being a judge has its own helplessness. Others may feel that the judge is in control of everything in court, including the outcome of a case. My ex-girlfriend’s father’s company was once involved in a financial dispute and needed my help, but I refused.”

An Lan was stunned, and at that moment, she suddenly felt a little sympathetic. “So your girlfriend must have had a grudge against you…”

“Not really, but there must have been some estrangement.”

Xu Baohan frowned. “Subsequently, I don’t know how their family settled the case. Even though my ex-girlfriend and I didn’t break up, and her father’s company wasn’t affected, but because of that incident, she did not feel very comfortable,

“She always thought that I did not cherish her family and her. She thought that I was too heartless, and her parents went from liking me to opposing me. They even stopped mentioning the wedding date that was originally set. They also tried to sow discord between my ex-girlfriend and me behind my backs. Furthermore, something happened to my family after that. They felt that I was heartless and unreliable, so… I was dumped just like that.”

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