Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend! - Chapter 887 - Girl, grow up quickly

Chapter 887: Girl, grow up quickly

After a long while, Hu Feng finally let go of Bai Zhi’s lips and pulled her head on his chest.

Bai Zhi could hear his heartbeat clearly. It was beating fast. His chest was as strong as she imagined. A faint smell of soap powder entered her nose.

He still doesn’t like to use incense as before. The smell on his body was still so pure and natural, which was exactly the kind of smell she likes.

Maybe because she likes him, so no matter what he likes, she also likes it.

Hu Feng sighed and said with a deep and magnetic voice in her ears: “Girl, grow up quickly.”

Bai Zhi chuckled, “No matter how much I want to grow up, I can’t grow up overnight, right?”

Hu Feng thought for a while: “You are 13 right now, you will be 14 in September. You can get married at the age of 14.”

Bai Zhi laughed: “Do you think your future wife is crazy? 14-years-old is not yet an adult. Everything can wait until I am 18!”

Hu Feng hugged her tighter: “Don’t even think about it. When you are 18, and I am 28.”

The two didn’t continue to talk and laughed, Bai Zhi went inside. Hu Feng naturally went in with her.

Dongfang Mu looked at his apprentice who came back with his granddaughter, his heart was happy, but he looked stern: “Hey, you kid, do you live here? You run here every day, are you not afraid of people talking gossip?”

Hu Feng smiled and said, “Whoever loves to gossip, will gossip. Whoever doesn’t care will not care. Anyway, I also don’t care.”

Dongfang Mu rolled his eyes, turned his head, and said to Bai Zhi: “Are you tired? Hurry up and take a rest. Dinner will be ready in a while.”

“I’m going to see my mother, you guys talk first.” After she said that she left. She didn’t dare to stay anymore. Hu Feng would definitely tell his grandpa about the Lantern Festival. According to his grandfather’s temperament, he would definitely not agree. If she stayed, she would be stared to death by her grandfather. It’s better to slip away as soon as possible and let Hu Feng go to deal with him.

Sure enough, Bai Zhi didn’t leave for a while, and Dongfang Mu’s roar came from the study room: “No, absolutely not.”

“No, I don’t agree.”

“Don’t even think about it. Neither you nor she is allowed to go out that day.”

“… …”

No one knows what Hu Feng did, but he made Dongfang Mu agreed.

It’s just during mealtime, Dongfang Mu didn’t have a good face. He looked as if someone owed him millions of dollars.


In the Lantern Festival

Tonight must be the brightest night of the year in the capital.

Beautiful and prosperous lanterns were hanging up in the streets, alleys, shops, and households.

Several markets in the capital were very lively. From the inner street up to the end of the street, all kinds of lanterns were hanging, and there was no gap.

Bai Zhi, who was wearing Princess Qianfang’s clothes and a drapery hat, was sitting in a wheelchair. There were two guards by her side, while Jin’er was pushing the wheelchair.

Since they decide to do a play, it’s better to play with a full set.

Since that Brother Lang came to the Chu Country, he must have contact with some people. And these people would not know the current situation of Princess Qianfang. If the healthy princess walks out, that Brother Lang may not necessarily believe it.

Jin’er was obviously a little nervous. Her eyes kept looking around. She was very familiar with Song Lang. As long as he appeared, she would definitely recognize him.

But there were too many people on this street, they are almost pushed away by people. No matter how sharp their eyes were, they can’t see all the people on the street.

Bai Zhi patted her hand and motioned her to bow her head.

Jin’er bowed her head: “What can I do for you, Miss?”

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