Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2547 - More Action (1)  

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Chapter 2547: More Action (1)

Standing next to the four White Lion Elephants, Mu Qianqian looked as frail as a straw.

The dead White Lion Elephant’s blood had splashed everywhere. The smell agitated the four beasts, and they lost control.

When Mu Qianqian arrived, they attacked her without hesitation.

“Ahhh —”

Mu Qianqian shouted in agony.

She wanted to flee but was surrounded, and she wasn’t capable enough to defeat them either.

She was flustered and didn’t know what to do.

Chaoge took the chance to start knocking the beasts on the head with her Fire Dragon Rod.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

She killed all five White Lion Elephants in the end.

Mu Qianqian was so frightened that her face was ghastly pale. Her clothes were disheveled, and she kept waving her hands around like a crazy person.

“Hey! Stop!” Chaoge patted her on the shoulder.

Only then did Mu Qianqian calm down. She looked at Chaoge in bewilderment and was dumbfounded when she saw the dead White Lion Elephants around them.

“Did you do this?” She glared at Chaoge.

Chaoge raised her chin. “Now you know how good I am.”

Mu Qianqian only yelled at her. “You stole my White Lion Elephants! You’re so disgusting! That’s cheating!”

Chaoge was perplexed.

She had saved Mu Qianqian, but the girl was accusing her of cheating.

“You’re unbelievable!” Chaoge started walking away from her.

Mu Qianqian ran after her. “Their attention was on me, which was why you could kill them all at once. You don’t get to claim all the rewards. You should give me at least two, no, three crystal cores! I’m better than you!”

Chaoge rolled her eyes at Mu Qianqian. “Talking to you is an insult to my intelligence.”

Mu Qianqian was going to chase Chaoge, but was stopped by Sun Jingyu’s stern look.

Recalling their plan, Mu Qianqian calmed down and snorted at Chaoge, who had turned her back on her.

I’ll live with your arrogance for now because you’ll be dead soon!

Mu Qianqian went to Sun Jingyu’s side and looked forward to what would happen next.

“We have ten crystal cores already!” Zi Ling took Chaoge’s hands in excitement. “We’ll be ranked in the top 150 teams at least.”

Chaoge asked, “Can we rank that high?”

Zi Ling said, “Yes, it’s relatively easy to be ranked between 100 and 200. It’ll get more and more difficult to move up the rankings after that.”

Mu Qianqian smirked. “I’ll report you for cheating!”

Chaoge found her claim idiotic. She told Feng Wu, “No matter what happens to her later, I won’t help her. Xiao Wu, you should do the same.”

Feng Wu nodded.

Why had she been cultivating since she arrived? It wasn’t just for show. She had noticed that the forest had the purest spiritual essence.

Since the White Lion Elephants had all gathered in this area, it meant that the spiritual essence was the densest here.

That was why they had chosen to live in this spot.

Feng Wu could feel her cultivation level rising as she sat there.

Her capability had reached Level 9 of the Spiritual Lord stage.

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