Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2546 - Take Action (4)  

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Chapter 2546: Take Action (4)


Chaoge said, “So, we can earn points, right?”

Zi Ling said, “Yes. We’ll earn the minimum points when we’re ranked higher than 200. Chaoge, you’re so amazing! My previous teams had to fight a whole day and still couldn’t kill five beasts!”

Chaoge was perplexed. “But it’s so easy!”

So easy? Mu Qianqian wanted to smack Chaoge on the head.

Killing five White Lion Elephants could never be easy. She would never be able to do it on her own!

“She’s just showing off!” Mu Qianqian thought resentfully.

Zi Ling idolized Chaoge. “Chaoge, you did all that on your own, so you must be as capable as Mu Qianqian is. I can wait to see our final result!”

Mu Qianqian glared at Zi Ling.

As capable as I am? Are you blind? I’m clearly much better!

“What? Do you have a second opinion?” Chaoge glanced at her.

Mu Qianqian smirked and wouldn’t reply.

Chaoge said, “Let’s have a competition, then. See which of us can hunt more White Lion Elephants.”

Mu Qianqian still wouldn’t answer.

Chaoge said, “You don’t have the guts to compete with me, but you won’t admit that I’m better than you. I’ve never met anyone so pretentious.”

Mu Qianqian stomped her foot in frustration. “You!”

Chaoge shook her head. “I what? Fight me, then. All you ever do is snort. Do you think you’re Zuo Qingluan?”

Mu Qianqian was infuriated.

She rolled up her sleeves. “Bring it on! You can’t intimidate me!”

Five White Lion Elephants were coming their way.

Chaoge glanced at Feng Wu. Somehow, she felt that someone was controlling the number of White Lion Elephants that could approach them. Could it be Xiao Wu?

Right now, Feng Wu was sitting on a rock with her eyes closed and her legs crossed. She was cultivating.

Mu Qianqian followed Chaoge’s gaze and saw Feng Wu on the rock. She smirked. “Why are you looking at her? Do you think she can help you with hunting the White Lion Elephants? She’s useless!”

Chaoge concluded that Mu Qianqian was an idiot.

Sun Jingyu felt the same way as Mu Qianqian and sneered at Feng Wu as well.

“We’re all here to hunt White Lion Elephants, but she’s been sitting there ever since she arrived! Who does she think she is? That’s just so arrogant!”

Sun Jingyu didn’t like Feng Wu at all.

If she knew how these White Lion Elephants were being controlled…

Chaoge charged at the White Lion Elephants before Mu Qianqian could make a move.

Mu Qianqian was scared.

Each of the White Lion Elephants was ten times bigger than she was. Normally, she couldn’t run away fast enough.

“Are you scared? What a coward! Let me teach you how to hunt!”

No, you won’t! Mu Qianqian was furious.

Agitated by Chaoge’s words, she grabbed her sword and charged out before Sun Jingyu could stop her.


Chaoge ran away from the pack after she killed the first White Lion Elephant.

Mu Qianqian just happened to run into the circle at that moment.

Immediately, four White Lion Elephants surrounded her.

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