Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 1745

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Chapter 1745: Face-slapping, Round 11 (4)

She had thought that she was going to die for sure, but while she was falling, Feng Wu climbed up from below the cliff, caught her, and tossed her up again.

Sefiro was speechless.

What a terrifying experience!

Sefiro had never been through something so frightening before.

Feng Wu had grabbed some small rocks off the ground earlier, so she quickly climbed up the cliff.

Meanwhile, the cliff also stopped the landslide, but more kept coming, and it was rising as Feng Wu watched.

Luckily, Feng Wu was faster. When she reached the top, the landslide had only risen halfway up the cliff.

Phew —

Feng Wu lay flat on her back and wiped away her cold sweat.

Meanwhile, she finally had time to look around. When she looked behind her, she saw that she was above a valley.

The cliff was at the bottom of a long, steep slope, which was why the landslide had been right behind them.

The landslide finally went around the cliff and went on rushing down the mountain.

Standing on top of the cliff, Feng Wu could sense the ground trembling at the momentum, and she knew that the change hadn’t finished yet and that the energy was still at work.

Because of the emerging land of the spirit source, the terrain went through a tremendous change. Hence, mountain peaks rose up like bamboo shoots, and some of them were only hundreds of meters apart.

Just then, Feng Wu cried out softly.

She seemed to notice a figure on the mountain peak nearby.

The figure lay there motionless, as if passed out.

Crack —

As the terrain changed, cracks covered the sides of that mountain peak.

It had to be that person’s most unlucky day. That mountain peak was going to collapse, and once that happened, that person would be carried away by the landslide.

A landslide was worse than a flood.

Feng Wu could get herself out of a flood, but with a landslide, once one was buried under mud and stones, it would be almost impossible to get out.

Just then, the person woke up and slowly got up.

Feng Wu let out a breath of relief. It seemed that that person would survive.

“Hey, you can come over he-”

Before she could finish, the person slowly rose to his feet and turned around.

When Feng Wu saw his black outfit and the number on his chest, she was stunned.


Feng Wu was dumbfounded!

Seven was also baffled by the sight of Feng Wu.

Immediately, there was a terrifying look in his eyes!

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

She had just run into her enemy.

Below, the landslide was still flowing ferociously. A few hundred meters away, Seven was staring at her with a murderous look in his eyes.

“Hey, don’t get any closer!” Feng Wu yelled at Seven.

But of course Seven wouldn’t listen to her. The mountain peak he was on was so cracked and shaky that it could collapse at any moment.

Feng Wu saw Seven take a step back.

He was going to use a run-up to reach her.

“Hm —”

Sefiro was thrilled to see Seven coming her way, and she whimpered in excitement.

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