Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 1744 - Face-slapping, Round 11 (3)

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Chapter 1744: Face-slapping, Round 11 (3)

Feng Wu was going to mock Sefiro. After all, the princess was like a proud rooster and had been showing off her power in front of Feng Wu.

However, before Feng Wu could say anything, she suddenly saw a peak a short distance away.


Flames were leaping toward the sky!

That was…

An eruption?!

Immediately, Feng Wu felt as if she had been struck by lightning!

She finally realized what she had forgotten.

The recovery of the spiritual essence!

Emperor Wu had brought them here for the recovery, which only happened once every three years.

It was said that it would only last for three days!

In those three days, if one stayed in the area of the recovery, they would make very rapid progress!

But at the same time, the opportunity also came with great danger!

Feng Wu then recalled what she had been told.

The place of the recovery was also the legendary land of the spirit source.

And that land would produce one seed of the spirit source!

If one obtained that seed, one would make tremendous progress in their capability!

At that moment, Feng Wu thought about Zuo Qingluan and all the people who had bullied and mistreated her.


If she could obtain that seed this time…


There was no “if.” She had to get it!

Just then, the ground shook violently and she almost lost her balance.

Something else then suddenly happened.

Mountain peaks started rising out of the ground like bamboo shoots!

They grew as she watched!

Meanwhile, something else was changing drastically as well.

Feng Wu watched as the ground started stretching out in all directions.

If the ground was like a closed fan before, it had just unfolded.

The mountain area was suddenly ten times what it used to be.

That was it!

Feng Wu had been wondering why a common mountain like this could become the land of the spirit source. She finally understood now!

But she also knew that it was all because of the spirit source formation. When the land of the spirit source disappeared after three days, this place would go back to normal.

And the event would take place again after three years.

“Hm —”

Sefiro cried out in terror.

Feng Wu followed her gaze and narrowed her eyes.

A short distance away, a mountain peak had collapsed, and a landslide was coming their way at a tremendous speed.

“Hm! Hm!”

Tears rolled down Sefiro’s cheeks.

She didn’t want to die!

She really didn’t!

She pleaded with her eyes, but she didn’t have a lot of hope.

Because if she were in Feng Wu’s place, she would never take Feng Wu with her in a critical moment like this.

However —

To her surprise, before the landslide reached them, Feng Wu picked her up and dashed off as fast as she could.

Whoosh —

Feng Wu had been injured, but after her three breakthroughs, her wounds were almost all healed.

The roaring landslide was at their heels and Feng Wu had to run as fast as she could.

Just then, a peak suddenly stood in her way.

Without thinking, Feng Wu tossed Sefiro onto it!


Sefiro screeched!

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