Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 1606 - Mysterious Princess (1)

Chapter 1606: Mysterious Princess (1)

Mrs Zuo smiled wryly. “I heard their quarrel. It seems that Miss Feng Wu didn’t watch where she was going and knocked down a young lady called Lady Tung. Princess Sefiro asked Princess Feng Wu to apologize, but Princess Feng Wu is too proud and refused!”

“Lady Tung? She was knocked down?” Queen Thy frowned and rose to her feet.

Empress Dugu gave Queen Thy a wry smile. “It’s just a quarrel between kids. Let them be. We don’t need to get involved.”

However, Queen Thy, who was usually very easy-going, looked very grave today.

Clutching her handkerchief, she shook her head. “We found out yesterday that Lady Tung is pregnant.”


Everyone had strange looks on their faces when they heard this.

Feng Wu had knocked someone over, and it was true that it was too petty a matter to bicker about.

But things were different now. Lady Tung was pregnant, so if something happened to her, the consequences would be very severe…

“Moreover —”

Queen Thy said seriously, “Our master teacher has blessed this child already. There is a prophecy that if this child can be born, it will be such a blessing to this grassland and make us prosper.”

The master teacher was the spiritual leader of the entire Senal Grassland, and his words could have more weight than the chieftain’s.

Queen Thy couldn’t sit still anymore, and she rushed out of the tent.

Empress Dugu and Mrs Zuo looked at each other, overwhelmed by this piece of good news.

Fortune was indeed on their side this time!

Sefiro was already shouting anxiously when they all ran outside. “Lady Tung, Lady Tung, how are you doing? Please don’t frighten me, Lady Tung!”

“It hurts so much… my stomach…” Lady Tung clutched Sefiro’s hand. “Save me… Save my child…”

Feng Wu frowned slightly.

Because she could see that something was wrong with Lady Tung.

Sefiro stared at Feng Wu. “Lady Tung’s baby has received a prophecy from the master teacher himself! It’s going to be the sun of our grassland, and the light and hope of our people! If we lose this baby… Feng Wu, the people of the grassland will tear you to pieces!”

Immediately, everyone looked at Feng Wu with complicated feelings.

They wouldn’t feel this way if Sefiro was the only one who resented Feng Wu, but if all the people of the grassland hated Feng Wu, even the chieftain wouldn’t be able to save her.

There was no doubt that Feng Wu would be killed.

Feng Wu stepped out. “Let me see Lady Tung.”

There seemed to be something wrong with Lady Tung.

Sefiro pushed Feng Wu away and shouted, “Feng Wu, what do you want? Haven’t you harmed her enough? Do you want to kill her?”

Feng Wu smirked. “If you want her and her baby to live, you better hand her to me now. Otherwise, if she dies and people find out what happened, Sefiro, you’ll have to answer for it.”

“Huh!” Sefiro smirked. “Don’t try to blame it on me! If anything happens, it’s all your fault!”

Feng Wu nodded. “If it’s like you said and I should be blamed for everything that happens to Lady Tung, why should I kill her? Tell me, what grudge do I have against her?”

Sefiro said, “You… Hmph! How am I supposed to know? It’s all your fault!

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