God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 432 - Lin Xiu’s Horrifying Abilities

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Chapter 432: Lin Xiu’s Horrifying Abilities

Then, Luo Yue’s figure suddenly appeared right in front of Yu Muchen. There was a familiar, cold blade in her hands and they were heading towards Yu Muchen’s body!

Clang Clang Clang – –

However, Yu Muchen had anticipated it and he always kept a safe distance between him and Luo Yue. With the Heavenly Painted Hersberd in his hands, he started swinging them like mad as well.

The collision between them made a loud noise.

“This….. This is so cool!”

When some of the students saw the scene before their eyes, they were amazed.

This was all because Yu Muchen’s weapon looked extremely crazy and it definitely looked heavy.

But, Yu Muchen was still able to move swiftly with the Heavenly Painted Hersberd with his hands and as he tried to move his weapon, his entire body started dancing with it as well.

Luo Yue’s speed wasn’t getting any slower. As both of them were fighting, there were thousands of sparks that were flying everywhere, and all they could see remaining was their vague figures.

“So powerful.” Although this wasn’t something he’d like to admit, Ouyang Hang still anxiously grabbed his hands together as he watched them fight.

All the students around held their breaths as they continued watching the shocking scene in front of them.

Boom boom – –

At that moment, there was a soft moan that came from the back, and Jiang Li along with Li Ping were thrown off the stage!

“Lin Xiu, don’t save me!”

Just as Lin Xiu turned around, he saw three men from the first class of the northern campus heading towards Zhang Ying!

When he saw what was happening, Lin Xiu’s pupils narrowed in shock as well.

However, this time around, it was already impossible for Lin Xiu to save him.

This was because the man before him, who was holding onto his sharp sword and had excellent skills, was already attacking Lin Xiu.

“Did you think that we’re still rank 5 warriors?” The man with the sword mocked Lin Xiu as he continued to attack Lin Xiu.

“We are now rank 6 warriors!”

The man screamed out loud in pride. The sword in his hands gave out a bright blue glow that was completely covered with a strong aura.

Lin Xiu felt a stinging pain in both his arms because of the aura that was coming from the sword.

“Rank 6, huh?” Lin Xiu showed a peculiar smile on his face.

When the man with the sword heard Lin Xiu’s question, he was shocked and he suddenly had an uncomfortable feeling deep inside.

What did he mean?”

“Oh, excuse me. I am a rank 6 warrior as well.” Lin Xiu laughed. He twirled Dark Edge in the air before swinging it towards the direction of the other person!

As the other person subconsciously dodged the attack, he could hear Lin Xiu screaming, ” ‘Awe of the Phoenix’!!!!!”

When he heard Lin Xiu’s cry, the man quickly turned around and noticed a huge flaming bird that was coming towards him!

The temperature of the flaming bird was extremely high. The air surrounding them seemed to be distorted because of the appearance of the flaming bird!

As he noticed what was happening before him, his eyes were looking around subconsciously.


He grabbed onto the sword and then screamed out loud as he unleashed a pale blue, circular barrier all around him.

Kong Loong – –

When the flaming bird collided with him, it was completely blocked by his ‘Yuan’.

“This is useless! I can now complete the barrier with ‘Yuan’ now!” When the man with the sword saw how he was able to block the attack from the flaming birds that Lin Xiu had released, he was laughing at Lin Xiu.

But it wasn’t a second longer when he saw another flaming bird coming towards him!

What’s happening?! Why is there another one?!

Both of his eyes were now filled with fear.

Kong Loong – Kong Loong – –

At the audience seat as well as those who were alongside the edge of the stage, all of their eyes were filled with shock as they were focused on the fight that had just happened.

They could clearly see that there were more than ten flaming birds that were flying all around and were heading for their target – the man with the sword!

Although the man with the sword was now completely covered with his ‘Yuan’, the only thing that he could see now were the flaming birds as he was getting attacked continuously. His eyes were now filled with dark red flames, and there was nothing else that he could see.

Plus, he might have been able to stop them with the barrier around him but he could still feel the strong force every time the flaming birds crashed into him.

Kong Loong –

At the very next moment, as one of the flaming birds attacked him, the man with the sword could feel as if his entire body had been crushed by an oncoming train. He was completely thrown into the air.

Boom – –

While his body flew out of the stage, he landed on one of the walls behind him and because of the force, the entire wall seemed to have shaken.

“A rank 6 warrior….got defeated so easily?!” Ouyang Hang’s eyes widened in surprise.

They might not be the most powerful ones, but they were still rank 6 warriors! They were warriors who could complete the ‘Yuan’!

How was it that they got thrown off so easily?!

This was still something that was unacceptable for Ouyang Hang! Since when did Lin Xiu become so powerful?!

With how fast Lin Xiu was progressing, even if he was Ouyang Hang, he would no longer be able to fight Lin Xiu!

Ouyang Hang, who was now a rank 6 warrior as well, felt that Lin Xiu had become even more vincible.

Boom – –

Then, on the other side, Zhang Ying was thrown out of the stage!

“Zhang Ying, are you alright?!” Nan Zhengjun reacted quickly and caught Zhang Ying who was defeated.

Jiang Li and Li Ping who were previously defeated had been severely injured and both of them were sent off to be treated.

Although Zhang Ying was caught by Nan Zhengjun, his clothes were still completely soaked in fresh blood. It looked like he had been severely injured as well.

“Zheng Ying!” When Leilei saw Zhang Ying’s condition, the tears in her eyes started rolling down her face.

“I’m fine.” Zhang Ying felt intense pain all over his body but he was still smiling as he said to the rest of his classmates.

“Stop acting tough. We’ll send you to the treatment room.” Nan Zhengjun nodded his head and told Zhang Ying.

Soon, with Nan Zhengjun’s words, the medics that were around quickly sent Zhang Ying towards the treatment room so that he could be treated.

Nan Zhengjun turned towards the stage. The battle between Luo Yue and Yu Muchen was shocking but the one that surprised him the most was Lin Xiu.

Nan Zhengjun could clearly feel that Lin Xiu’s powers and abilities have been greatly elevated.

But, just a few days ago, Lin Xiu’s power wasn’t as great as it is today. What happened during these few days?

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