God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 431 - Perhaps You’re Afraid of Me?

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Chapter 431: Perhaps You’re Afraid of Me?

As he heard the sound ringing, Lin Xiu turned towards the direction where it was coming from.

Then, from the seats that belong to the first class of the Northern Campus, placed opposite them, he saw Yu Muchen along with four men who stood up and were walking towards the center of the stage.

“It’s starting.” Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes and he gripped onto the Dark Edge that was in his hands.

“En.” Zhang Ying and the rest of them nodded their heads. They grabbed onto their weapons tightly and each of them had a serious look on their faces.

At the same time, Lin Xiu and his gang walked towards the stage as well. When they reached the edge of the stage, they leaped and immediately landed on the stage that was at least 3 meters high.

The stage was broad and huge and the floor of it was made of a material similar to marble. In fact, it was a special material in which it is extremely hard and durable.

Otherwise, the stage would have been easily destroyed by the warriors as soon as they used their warrior skills.

He looked forward and saw Yu Mucheng as his gang, who got onto the stage at the same time.

Every single student in the stadium turned wild and crazy when they saw this happening.

“The match is about to start!”

This was a battle between the tenth class of the southern campus and the first class of the northern campus!

“Do you think that it would be possible for the tenth class to defeat the first class from the northern campus?” Some of the students at the audience seat started whispering to each other.

Since this was a match that has never happened throughout the history of the academy.

The tenth class of the Southern Campus was scary. Not only does one of them have the title of the no. 1 newcomer, they even won the matches held between all of the classes on their campus.

They have just defeated the first class of the southern campus which is why they are now fighting the first class of the northern campus.

“That’s impossible. There is a rank 7 warrior in the first class of the northern campus. The tenth class will definitely lose.” The man who spoke was looking at Mu Yuchen and he was saying it in s stern tone.

“Looks like we’re finally going head to head.” Mu Yuchen had his eyes on Lin Xiu as he smiled and talked to Lin Xiu.

He was holding onto a heaven-painted halberd and it had an exaggerated look to it. The entire weapon was made of a special metal material and it looked extremely sharp.

Following behind him were four other men who were each using a sword, knife, sledgehammer, and a stick.

“Eh? Ouyang Hang is not joining us?” Lin Xiu completely ignored Yu Muchen’s words and asked another question instead.

“He doesn’t have to.” Seeing how Lin Xiu had ignored him, Yu Muchen didn’t get angry. Instead, he continued smiling as he answered Lin Xiu’s question.

All of which seemed to be just as expected.

“Ouyang Hang! Why aren’t you on the stage? Are you afraid of me? Lin Xiu had ignored Mu Yuchen once again. Then he walked towards the opposite side, placed his hand on his mouth, and screamed towards Ouyang Hang who was far away.

Although he wasn’t going to fight today, Ouyang Hang was still present to watch Lin Xiu and Yu Muchen fight each other like cats and dogs.

The only thing that he didn’t expect was how Lin Xiu would openly scream at him.

The students from the Sacred Region Sanctuary all turned around and looked at Ouyang Hang as Lin Xiu was calling for him out loud.

Ouyang Hang opened his mouth wide in shock. He didn’t think that Lin Xiu would scream at him in this manner.

He could feel that everyone was staring at him. He wanted to dig a hole at that instant so that he could hide inside it.

“Oh right. Ouyang Hang, the no.1 person in the northern campus is not joining the match?”

“Isn’t he the monitor? Doesn’t he have to join them?”

“Maybe it’s because he has a phobia towards Lin Xiu since he got defeated pretty badly a while ago?”

“I think so. Poor guy.”


Ouyang Hang could clearly hear the whispers around him and he was so angry that his chest almost exploded in rage.

He quickly lowered his head and held both his hand together.


“Looks like he’s afraid.” Lin Xiu said helplessly while shrugging his shoulders.

Yu Muchen’s eyes were still locked onto Lin Xiu, looking at what he was doing but didn’t say a thing.

“That’s enough. The match is about to start. Both parties please return to your respective places.” The referee today was a muscular middle-aged man. He said to both the groups after taking a good look at those from the tenth class and then turned towards those from the first class of the northern campus.

Lin Xiu nodded his head ad went back to his position that was right opposite Yu Muchen.

“What’s wrong? Is there something on my face? Or maybe it’s because I look extra handsome today?” As he went back to his spot, he noticed Luo Yue who was staring at him.

“You’re disgusting.” Luo Yue looked at Lin Xiu and said in an emotionless tone.


“Match start!”

The referee couldn’t stand it anymore and announced the start of the match before leaving the stage.

As soon as it was announced, all of them from the first class dashed towards their opponent!

Xiu Xiu Xiu – –

There were multiple explosive sounds that happened at the same time.

It looks as if they already had a plan from the very beginning and were targeting Zhang Ying and the rest.

From their point of view, Zhang Ying and the rest didn’t have much combat strength. They were planning of getting rid of them before targetting both Lin Xiu and Luo Yue.

Lin Xiu was about to move with his Dark Edge when he noticed Mu Yuchen remained on his spot. It was only the four men behind him that were heading towards Zhang Ying!

“You better hold it together!!!” Zhang Ying’s eyes couldn’t even follow up with the speed at which his opponent was traveling at but he still warned the rest of them.

Just as he was screaming, he could feel a cold, sharp light that flashed before his eyes.

Clang – –

Zhang Ying’s response was quick. With both his hand on the sword, he was able to block the man who was attacking him.

“Wow, your responses are pretty quick.” The man who was swinging his sword was surprised as well but in the next moment, the sword in his arm started moving again.

Clang – –

Just as he was about to give another blow to Zhang Ying, there was a black figure that flashed across his eyes. Lin Xiu’s spear was right before him and it collided with his sword.

It was such a strong force that he took two steps back.

He’s so powerful!

The man with the sword widened his eyes and he was looking very surprised.

He was already a rank 6 warrior but he still felt that Lin Xiu was a dangerous person.

‘F*ck… Isn’t this dude a rank 5 warrior?’

“Luo Yue, it’s been a while.” Yu Muchen said to Luo Yue who was now opposite him.

Luo Yue remained stagnant in her position and was not moving at all, but there was a murderous look in her eyes.

“Well, you don’t have to look at me that way, do you?” Yu Mucheng couldn’t help but chuckle as he spoke to Luo Yue.

Xiu – –

Luo Yue didn’t give him the chance to say another word. Her body moved and she quickly ran towards him!

Her entire body suddenly turned into a white shadow!

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