God of Fishing - Chapter 957 - Thirty-Six Heavenly Palaces

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Chapter 957: Thirty-Six Heavenly Palaces

Amid the void, a woman’s sigh was heard, which sounded very weird.

Han Fei bowed. “Senior.”

In the shadow, a pair of fuzzy eyes seemed to be watching Han Fei. It wasn’t until Han Fei felt a chill down his spine that the shadow said, “The one that should come will always come. Do you know what it means for you to take this opportunity now?”

Han Fei shook his head. “I do not know…”

The shadow said slowly, “This world is big. There is the sea in the sea and the sky beyond the sky. Countless years ago, the sea clan rose and the vast land was covered by the ocean. Some people ran away, some people held on, but the human race inevitably declined.”

Han Fei said, “I’ve heard about this, but the strong have built floating islands, with which give mankind some breathing and space for development. With the continuous birth of the strong, the strength of mankind is gradually recovering.”

The shadow asked, “Are you talking about the Thousand Star City?”

Han Fei’s face changed slightly. “Ah! Senior, do you know it?”

The shadow said casually, “It’s I who moved the Thousand Star City over. Of course, I know.”


Han Fei was stunned. The Thousand Star City was moved over by the one in front of him?

That’s just unimaginably strong!

Xue Shenqi should be able to move a mountain, but could he move the entire Scattered Stars Island?

Obviously, that was impossible!

However, the person in front of him said that she moved the Thousand Star City over, and she was only a woman, which literally shocked Han Fei.

The shadow said, “The remaining humans have fought with the sea demons for more than 9,000 years, and finally won back a large territory. Because the territory is so large, many human powers have divided it into Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds and ruled them separately.”

Han Fei was shocked. “Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds?”

The shadow smiled faintly. “They can also be called the Thirty-Six Palaces, or Thirty-Six Heavenly Palaces. The Thousand Star City is in the Ninth Heavenly Palace, which is called Yin-Yang World. Later on, the strong masters took floating stones as the base, moved the mountains in the sea over, laid down a large floating array, and thus created the Thousand Star City we know today.”

Han Fei swallowed. Wow, so the entire territory where he was currently located was within the scope of this Ninth Heavenly Palace?

And there were as many as 36 such heavenly palaces.

And besides the 36 heavenly palaces, there were still many ancient strong masters who were hiding in places unknown…

The Ninth Heavenly Palace alone was so big. The level-three fishery alone extended at least a million kilometers!

As for the Unknown Place, it had to be at least millions of kilometers in area.

Moreover, the fisheries and the Unknown Place were separated.

Han Fei’s mind was muddled. The world he knew was so big!

The distance between the earth and the moon was only 386,000 kilometers. How vast the territory of the Ninth Heavenly Palace was!

The shadow seemed to know what Han Fei was thinking, and said lightly, “The Ninth Heavenly Palace has a territory of 8 million kilometers.”

Han Fei gasped in shock. The Ninth Heavenly Palace alone is 8 million kilometers in area!? Then what about the Thirty-Six Heavenly Palaces added up… If a person ran at the speed of light, it would take him 8 minutes to run across them!

Han Fei immediately said, “Are the Thirty-Six Heavenly Palaces within the Infinite Ocean?”

The shadow said, “The Infinite Ocean is actually in the same area as the Thirty-Six Heavenly Palaces. In the beginning, they weren’t in the same area, but due to endless warfare and some accidents, some of the Heavenly Palaces declined. The palace owners moved the Heavenly Palaces away to protect their people… They had to be moved to a relatively deserted place for humans to live in peace. Of course, moving the Heavenly Palaces was also dangerous. It involved some secrets, which I can’t tell you now.”

Han Fei couldn’t help thinking, How strong must a person be to move a Heavenly Palace? And such strong masters also died?

Han Fei said, “So, the Ninth Heavenly Palace was moved to a deserted land?”

The shadow said, “It’s not just the Ninth Heavenly Palace. There was more than one Heavenly Palace moved away. The one next to our Yin-Yang World is the Water-Wood World, and they were in a similar situation to us.”

Han Fei’s eyelids trembled. There is another Heavenly Palace next to us?

Han Fei asked, “Senior, will there be war between the Thirty-Six Heavenly Palaces?”

The shadow said, “Occasionally, but not often.”

Han Fei took a breath and said, “Senior, what exactly does this opportunity you mentioned represent?”

Looking at this drop of blood, Han Fei inevitably felt a little nervous. They were talking about Heavenly Palaces, but he hadn’t even been to the Thousand Star City.

The shadow was silent for a while and slowly said, “You only need to know that there are two drops of blood. You’ll become the new lord of the Yin-Yang World when you get both drops.”

Han Fei’s face changed. The Yin-Yang Palace Lord?

Why does this name sound so weird? Lord of the Ninth Palace sounds much better…

No, why does it have to be ‘Palace Lord’! Isn’t Heavenly Lord better? Yes, the Ninth Heavenly Lord. This sounds awesome.

Han Fei immediately asked, “Where is the second drop?”

The shadow sighed. “In the foundation of the earth’s core of the Heavenly Palace.”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched. I don’t even know where the Heavenly Palace is… Is the Heavenly Palace on the top of the Thousand Star City? Old Ren may know something about it! Or I can also ask the Thug Academy or Old Han.

However, it was already so difficult to get the first drop. The second drop might be even more difficult to get!

Han Fei asked awkwardly, “So, is this blood dangerous?”

The shadow suddenly asked, “Do you know the Steps into the Sea?”

Han Fei nodded.

Sure, I got the Art of Invincibility right there and almost released a monster.

The shadow said, “The Steps into the Sea have four purposes. The first is to exchange materials with other Heavenly Palaces. The second is to use the power collected by the steps to maintain the array of the Heavenly Palace. The third is to trade with God, but the probability is very low. The fourth is to feed the puppets, which are corpses sealed under the Steps into the Sea. The corpse puppets are harvested every 100 years and will be brought back to the Heavenly Palace to seize their will and let them guard the palace.”


Han Fei swallowed. Fortunately, God didn’t trade with you. Otherwise, my Demon Purification Pot would have no vines.

However, this information was top secret.

The so-called sacrifice was to exchange things with the Steps into the Sea under the jurisdiction of other Heavenly Palaces? No wonder people always get some rubbish!

So, it was actually two or more people on different Steps into the Sea trading with each other.

In a nutshell, it was just rubbish for rubbish.

In the end, everyone got rubbish anyway. You would think you got something good, but it was actually garbage that others didn’t want.

As for the spiritual energy of the sacrifice, it could actually stabilize the array of the Heavenly Palace?

The Steps into the Sea seemed to be messed up by him and its trading function seemed to have something wrong. He didn’t know if it had been restored or not…

Han Fei quickly said, “Senior, if there is a problem with the Steps into the Sea, and nothing can be exchanged through sacrifice, will the Heavenly Palace be unable to be maintained? Will it fall?”

Han Fei was a little guilty. What if the Heavenly Palace fell into the sea because of his fault?

Then what could he do to make up for it?

What if the Heavenly Palace had fallen into the sea when he became the Ninth Heavenly Lord?

The shadow shook her head. “No. The Heavenly Palace has an autonomous array, and won’t fall because of this. However, this will make the spiritual energy above the Heavenly Palace thinner.”

Han Fei was quite relieved to hear this.

If the Heavenly Palace was on top of the Thousand Star City and fell, he would lose his home even if he did become the Ninth Heavenly Lord.

Then he thought, The puppets suppressed under the Steps into the Sea must be collected once in a hundred years. But how long have they not been collected?

Han Fei couldn’t help looking at the shadow. “What will happen if the puppets are not collected?”

The shadow was silent for a moment. “The longer it takes, the fiercer they become and will eventually become hard to control.”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched. No! Do I have to solve these fierce puppets when I take over the Heavenly Palace?

But the shadow said, “What you should care about is not the puppets, but that there are many puppets in the Heavenly Palace. And in the foundation of the Heavenly Palace, there are more powerful puppets, and even the weakest among them are Explorers.”

Han Fei: “…”

Even the weakest are Explorers? Then how am I supposed to get the other drop of blood?

Come on, how am I supposed to beat these powerful puppets?

The shadow glanced at Han Fei. “You are too weak to go there for now. This drop of the source water will do a little good to you. If you master this drop of source water, you will also master the Sea Quelling Painting.”

Han Fei was surprised. “Isn’t this blood?”

The shadow did not answer but sighed. “In the future, once you become the new palace lord, you will need to take care of many things. You will find out by then.”

Han Fei asked, “Why me? Someone has obtained this painting before, right?”

Han Fei felt that the shadow seemed to be looking at him deeply, but she didn’t speak, which was a bit creepy.

The shadow began to fade.

Han Fei hurriedly said, “Senior, are you still alive? What tokens do I have to get to take charge of the Heavenly Palace… Hey, hey…”

In Han Fei’s cry, the shadow disappeared.

In this void, once again, only Han Fei was left.

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