God of Fishing - Chapter 956 - Fish the Star from the Water

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Chapter 956: Fish the Star from the Water


Cao Tian launched an attack at the Tai Chi Yin-Yang Diagram.

However, Wang Dashuai’s big blue door abruptly smashed at him and blocked his blow.

Wang Dashuai grinned. “You have no right to intervene in this battle.”

“Go away.”


Cao Tian’s face darkened and an attack comparable to the Sacrificing Punch was punched out.

However, at this time a golden-black mountain was blocking in front.

Earth Nine lashed his tail and shattered the terrifying fist mark.

Earth Nine said indifferently, “You chose the way yourself, so you can’t interfere.”

Cao Tian’s eyes were all red, and he roared, “Cao Qiu, admit defeat! Han Fei, stop!”

However, Han Fei couldn’t hear him at all. After fusing with Little Black, he could only narrowly hold out.

But he couldn’t give up now. At the moment, the only thing in his mind was to win!


The big hands exploded, and a bracelet floated in the air.


The lingering sound shook the earth.

At this time, the Infinity Water darted out.



Like a nuclear explosion, smoke and dust rushed up to a height of one thousand meters. The mountains were full of cracks and gullies appeared.

Cao Qiu was bombarded to the ground at a terrifying speed.

Cao Tian rushed over frantically amidst the cloud of smoke and the roar of the earth.

And in the sky, Han Fei disappeared as if he had never been here.

After a while, Cao Tian picked up the dying Cao Qiu from the ruins, his eyes soft. “Don’t worry. I’ll never make you risk your life again, I promise.”

A gap appeared on the bracelet, which Cao Tian held in his hand.

He kept stuffing pills into Cao Qiu’s mouth. Cao Qiu was still alive, which was the only reason Cao Tian hadn’t gone crazy.

Cao Tian looked at the sky and murmured, “Han Fei must have already gotten some unknown opportunities…”

On the floating island.

Han Fei appeared and then passed out.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Chao and Yang Xieju were shocked, and Yue Shier also looked solemn.

Ren Tianfei frowned. What kind of a powerful enemy did he encounter this time? Why is he so badly injured? The energy in Han Fei’s body has been exhausted, but his spiritual energy is recovering at a terrifying speed. Why?

“Little Junior Brother, Little Junior Brother.”

Jiang Chao looked solemn. “Don’t panic. Han Fei is still breathing.”

At this moment, Han Fei was drenched in blood. Although he defeated Cao Qiu, he was also severely injured.

Ren Tianfei said, “No hurry. His energy is exhausted. He is just too tired. Get a spirit gatherer to help him… Huh? His body is recovering on its own, and the speed is very fast.”

He continued, “OK, no need to find a spirit gatherer. He’s recovering on his own. He himself is a very strong spirit gatherer.”

Han Fei woke up when it was dawn as he felt the warmth of the sun.

Opening his eyes, Han Fei saw Jiang Chao, Yang Xie, Yue Shier, and others looking at him with concern.

Jiang Chao said with joy, “Han Fei, how do you feel?”

Yang Xie added, “Little Junior Brother, who injured you like this?”

Yue Shier thought, “The other party must have been stronger than me. Was it Cao Tian?”

Ren Tianfei said, “I’m not curious about this. What I am curious about is that not only can you recover from your injury, but also your spiritual energy and energy are quickly restored on their own. You’ve recovered 50% in your sleep!”

Han Fei moved his fingers and found that it hurt, so he threw himself a Divine Healing Technique.

After quite a while, Han Fei sighed. “Who can tell me what the bloodline of the God of War is?”

Ren Tianfei’s face changed drastically. “What did you say? The bloodline of the God of War?”

Jiang Chao also looked shocked, although not as shocked as Ren Tianfei.

Ren Tianfei said, “The bloodline of the God of War is very powerful, but I don’t know much about it. You can ask my original body when you meet it in the future!”

Han Fei nodded and didn’t say anything more.

Jiang Chao said, “In the ancient chronicles of the Thousand Star City, it’s said that there used to be a God of War who opened up the frontiers and opened the sea, who was extremely powerful and was comparable to the first president of our Thug Academy in strength.”

“Cough, cough…”

Han Fei rolled his eyes. Was the first president of our Thug Academy that strong? Wasn’t he said to be poisoned to death by a strong master and buried in the back of a mountain?

Ren Tianfei sneered. “You are back. It seems you have won.”

Han Fei nodded slightly. “I won.”

Yang Xie and Jiang Chao were very excited. Han Fei even beat the guy with the bloodline of the God of War!? His strength was simply unfathomable!

Han Fei looked at Ren Tianfei. “Old Ren, don’t you want to beat me when I’m weak?”

Ren Tianfei glanced at Han Fei with disdain and then sneered. “I gave in. You’re my disciple, aren’t you?”


Han Fei was relieved.

That was great. Although this Ren Tianfei was only powered by a drop of blood from the real Ren Tianfei, it wouldn’t be easy to defeat him!

Han Fei couldn’t help sighing. The first place Heavenly Talent from the Thousand Star City would be Cao Qiu from now on.

Thinking of Cao Qiu’s weird but powerful blood heritage, Han Fei was a bit envious of him.

He had been working hard step by step to become what he was today, collecting spiritual energy, energy fruit, and other resources little by little, but that b*stard could directly absorb endless energy from the air…

In the evening, Han Fei made a big meal, and after wolfing down the food, he finally recovered to his peak.

This made Han Fei marvel at the benefits of his level-7 spiritual heritage. With it, even his injuries recovered faster than others! Then what if he gained a level-8 or even level-9 spiritual heritage?

However, it seemed difficult to gain a level-9 spiritual heritage!

After all, he hadn’t figured out where to get the latter part of the True Spirit Fishing Art.

Anyway, he had to find a way to get the level-7 of the True Spirit Fishing Art from the Zhang Family. As for where was level-8? Well… He better practice level-7 first.

At night.

It was the fourth night. This time, Han Fei didn’t hesitate to find the place where the color-changing star was. Although the star couldn’t be seen, Han Fei was sure that it was right there. There should be only one way to get it, that was, to fish it from the water.

However, when he was about to fish for the star, something seemed to occur to him, and he came to Ren Tianfei. “Old Ren, why are you here? Did you know I would come here?”

Ren Tianfei shook his head. “I didn’t know.”

“Then why are you here?”

Ren Tianfei smiled and said, “Go find your chance. Don’t mind me.”

Seeing that Ren Tianfei didn’t want to answer at all, Han Fei was puzzled. The Sea Tokens were scattered by Ren Tianfei, and he had also found the star. It’s actually more like a trial for me, a very difficult trial.

Now that Ren Tianfei has found the star, he is already able to take the chance, but why doesn’t he take it?

There must be some secrets that Han Fei didn’t know.

Fine, when the time comes, I’ll ask Old Han. If I grab the painting, he will probably tell me something.

On the lake, Han Fei stuck his hand into the water.


In front of Han Fei’s eyes, the scenery suddenly changed. He still saw the surface of the water, but it seemed to be different.

Han Fei stepped on it and felt as if he was stepping on a mirror, but ripples spread out when he set his feet down. When Han Fei raised his head, he saw the sky was full of stars, and he seemed to be in the vast Milky Way.

Not far away, a little red spot was flickering.


“Is this the star?”

He seemed to be in the vast sea of stars and the depth of the universe, but Han Fei knew it was impossible because he could still breathe.

However, the stars looked like small dots hanging on a piece of black cloth, and Han Fei seemed to be able to reach them with his hand.

In this dream-like world, Han Fei walked dozens of steps forward, and he couldn’t help narrowing his eyes when he came three meters away from the red star.

“A drop of blood?”

Han Fei couldn’t help taking a deep breath. A star-like drop of blood! What kind of blood is this? Is this the opportunity?

Suddenly, Han Fei looked through the drop of blood.

He discovered that a familiar star position appeared in the black air that seemed to be so far away, but so near.

That was one of the 36 star position diagrams discovered by Han Fei. It was flickering at the moment but wasn’t conspicuous.

Han Fei hurriedly looked around, feeling his head spinning. Of the 36 star position diagrams, there were 35 and still one was missing?

Han Fei immediately looked at the drop of blood and his heart trembled. Is the last star position diagram here, this piece of space where I’m floating?

Han Fei swallowed and reached for the drop of blood. Just when he was about to touch it, there were ripples in the air, and a shadow appeared.

It looked like a human, to be exact, a woman but it seemed to be covered by a black curtain. Therefore, he could only see a shadow.

Han Fei frowned, retracted his hand, and faced the shadow frontally, which was very close to him.


In the air, a woman sighed, seeming a little sad and a little sentimental, which stunned Han Fei.

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