God of Fishing - Chapter 955 - God of War, Cao Qiu

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Chapter 955: God of War, Cao Qiu

Casting a Divine Healing Technique on himself, Han Fei had basically recovered. Little Fatty was not strong enough and had already lost two tentacles, so Han Fei didn’t let him attack again.

Han Fei made up his mind. It seemed that he would have to use the Yin-Yang Divine Eyes.

Buzz~ Buzz~

Cao Qiu’s momentum was soaring, and in just a short while, his body had grown much taller, and his once chubby figure had lost weight now.

Han Fei didn’t adapt to this Cao Qiu at all. Was Cao Qiu, who was no longer fat, still Cao Qiu?


Cao Qiu slowly opened his eyes that were shining with a strange and frantic gleam. A kind of fanaticism that Han Fei once saw in Chen Aochen’s eyes appeared in Cao Qiu’s eyes.

However, in addition to this, there was also a kind of indifference similar to Cao Jiaren in Cao Qiu’s eyes.

Cao Qiu looked at Han Fei and said after a long pause, “I haven’t forgotten my past. I don’t want to fight this battle. But… I can’t admit defeat. I will wait for you to fully recover.”

As he spoke, Cao Qiu stretched out and a giant hand made of spiritual energy grabbed Sun Mu. As the big hand squeezed hard, Sun Mu’s body was crushed.

Cao Qiu said indifferently, “Sun Mu was killed by me. It has nothing to do with you.”

Then Cao Qiu glanced at Cao Tian and the latter nodded. “Although it will bring us a little trouble, it won’t be a big problem.”

Han Fei frowned. Cao Qiu has really changed! What the hell is the bloodline of the God of War?

Next to Han Fei, Chu Linyuan said in a voice transmission, Very strong. Little Junior brother, if you have any trump cards, use them. Anyway, you have the Thug Academy behind you.

Wang Dashuai nodded. “Little Junior Brother, beat him.”

After half an hour, Han Fei returned to the battlefield.

After fighting so many battles in a row, he had already digested more than half of the boosting effect brought by the Spirit Awakening Fluid. His pure strength had reached above 8 million kilograms. If he became an advanced Hidden Fisher, his strength should be able to reach the power of one wave.

With the Devil Change and the invincible fighting intent, even if Cao Qiu had the bloodline of the God of War, so what?

The five legendary creatures didn’t speak at this moment.

Judging from the power displayed by Han Fei and Cao Qiu at this moment, their strength was comparable to that of legendary creatures. This was going to be a close battle.

Although Han Fei used all his strength in the fight against Sun Mu just now, it was not a tough battle. The two were far apart in realm and combat experience.

At this moment, Han Fei jumped up and appeared in midair.

Cao Qiu flew up at the same time and flexed his neck. “Rationally, I don’t like this feeling. This bloodline of the God of War seems to affect my mood and will. Over time, I may become a new God of War. But it’ll be difficult.”

Han Fei smiled and said, “You don’t look like a ball at all now. Come on! Show me how terrifying this so-called bloodline of the God of War is.”

“Devil Change!”

A gleam of golden light appeared on Han Fei’s body, and his eyes gradually became cold.

He took out some mint leaves, put them in his mouth, and looked at Cao Qiu. “Let’s fight with all our strength!”

Cao Qiu nodded and took off his battle suit. His sturdy muscles bulged, and a certain power seemed to be entering his body from the air

“God of War, possess.”

Swish… Swish…

The two rushed towards each other instantly.

Boom, Boom, Boom!

Golden light and red flames filled half of the sky. The terrifying waves formed a storm, crushing towards the ground. The rocks were broken and all the vegetation was damaged.

At first, the two attacked tentatively. After dozens of punches, Cao Qiu was set flying a kilometer.

But Han Fei didn’t have any joy. He could feel Cao Qiu’s attacks were a bit jerky because he hadn’t fully controlled the power of the bloodline of the God of War. Han Fei had now become his whetstone.

Since he must win, he should use all his means now.

He sent out the Void Lines, while his figure shot out, and the invincible fist mark flew across in the sky like a flash of light.

Cao Qiu stomped, which produced a sonic boom, and a red shadow of a giant appeared behind him.


At this moment, the Void Lines buckled towards Cao Qiu. Cao Qiu frowned, and the shadow behind him trembled. Han Fei was stunned to discover that the Void Lines couldn’t move any further and couldn’t attach to Cao Qiu’s soul at all.

Cao Qiu said, his eyes cold, “Just now, I felt a crisis. You seem to have the means to attack souls. However, in the face of the real will of the God of War, it didn’t work.”

Han Fei grinned. “Then let me see if your energy is endless…”


Ten seconds!

Thirty seconds!

One hundred seconds!

A mountain top was shattered by the two of them.

Judging from the situation, Cao Qiu, although had unlocked the bloodline of the God of War within him, was still a bit weaker than Han Fei in terms of strength. Those hills were basically smashed by his body that was thrown out by Han Fei.

The aftershock of their fighting shocked the onlookers. The physique of these two people was too strong. Even Wang Dashuai couldn’t help but exclaim in his heart that Cao Qiu’s power displayed was already comparable to that of Cao Tian.

Han Fei panted and stuffed many spiritual fruits into his mouth.

Han Fei said hoarsely, “With the bloodline of the God of War, you can keep absorbing energy from the air!”

Han Fei frowned. When he first met Cao Tian, he thought that Cao Tian had a reserve of energy, so that he could keep launching attacks.

And Cao Tian didn’t have a special bloodline, so he must have just practiced some special combat skills. Otherwise, if he had endless energy, Wang Dashuai would have lost early on.

But now it seemed that was not the case. The bloodline of the God of War could actually absorb energy from the air, which was unimaginably strong!

Although the 108 Desolate God Body could also absorb spiritual energy and energy from the air, it wasn’t as strong as the bloodline of the God of War.

At this moment, Cao Tian clenched his fists with a solemn look. Although Cao Qiu had the bloodline of the God of War, there was still a gap between him and Han Fei in terms of strength.

Han Fei’s power had become much stronger than the last time he saw him in the swamp.


Suddenly, a weird black and white light burst out of Han Fei’s eyes. The Phantom Glass Wings spread, and the Agility of Wind was activated.


Han Fei left a fire mark in the air, which was sparks from his body rubbing against the air.

“God Body, Devil Fist.”

“Sacrificing Punch.”


The flames blooming from the sky illuminated the night. Even people thousands of kilometers away could feel the slight tremor that came from the air.

The fruit given by Chu Linyuan was already stuffed into Han Fei’s mouth, and Han Fei’s body was filled with energy again.

Snowmourne was drawn, and white light flashed across the sky. It seemed to chop at something and make a bang.

When Han Fei took a closer look, a giant a hundred feet tall blocked the slash with his hands and shoulders. However, due to the power of this sword, the light on the giant’s body became dimmed.

“Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel.”

At this moment, Han Fei turned into a Tai Chi Yin-Yang diagram only 20 meters large, which shot towards the phantom of the God of War.

And Cao Qiu, standing behind the giant, pressed his hands in the air, and resisted his attack by burning his blood.

The energy gathered frantically in the air.

However, in such a short time, how much energy could be collected to block an attack of this intensity?

Therefore, the giant was obliterated little by little and transformed into nothingness.

Chu Lingyuan exclaimed, “Each blow of his is comparable to the last slash of Sun Mu!”

Wang Dashuai said firmly, “Little Junior Brother can win.”

Cao Tian said lightly, “Qiuqiu still needs time to fully control the bloodline of the God of War. In a moment, Han Fei will be no match for him.”

Punishing Saber suddenly smiled and said, “Not necessarily. Although that little fatty didn’t seem to use any secret treasure, the seal on his body is an ultra-quality Divine weapon. Besides, the bracelet in his hand is the true source of the phantom of the God of War. This means that he is now using at least two ultra-quality Divine weapons.”

Water Luster said coldly, “I am afraid it will take more than three years for the little fatty to fully adapt to this power. He should have unlocked his seal three years earlier.”

Cao Tian shook his head. “If it were done earlier, two seals could have been unlocked at most, which would be meaningless.”

Chu Linyuan said, “Heh! I guess being able to ingest energy frantically from the air is the greatest advantage of the bloodline of the God of War.”

That being said, he still exclaimed in his heart, The pockets of the big clans are really rich! With this power alone, Cao Qiu will be able to sweep his enemies.

Whether it was him, Wang Dashuai, or Cao Tian, they were no match for Cao Qiu.

However, the premise was if Cao Qiu could completely master this power.

Obviously, he hadn’t now.


The giant phantom exploded, and the Draw Technique was also shattered. The Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel was still spinning, rolling towards Cao Qiu.

The latter’s face was pale. If they fought a protracted battle, Han Fei would definitely lose.

But Han Fei obviously wanted to fight a quick battle, so he had to burn his blood to resist him.

At this moment, a pair of giant hands that seemed to stretch out from ancient times appeared in front of him, trying to shred the Tai Chi Yin-Yang diagram.

However, it was not that easy.


The big pair of hands shattered inch by inch.

Earth Nine suddenly said, “There is a trace of Heaven Dao in that diagram. The little fatty can’t hold on anymore.”

Cao Tian frowned. A trace of Heaven Dao? Does Han Fei even have that!?

Tree Spirit said, “Those hands won’t be able to tear the diagram apart.”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The huge hands were cracking inch by inch, and Cao Qiu was drenched in blood with his seven orifices bleeding and his muscles bursting open. If it weren’t for the energy absorbed from the air, he might have been killed.

Cao Tian’s eyelids twitched. “We admit defeat.”

However, Cao Qiu shouted, “The God of War never admits defeat. I’ll fight to my last drop of blood.”

Cao Tian’s heart trembled. Yes, the current Cao Qiu is not like the previous one.

He looked at the five legendary creatures. “Please help us. We surrender.”

However, none of the five legendary creatures agreed to his request. Earth Nine said indifferently, “In the battle for luck, either he admits defeat, loses, or dies: no one else can intervene.”

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