God of Fishing - Chapter 954 - Kill Him With Only Two Blows

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Chapter 954: Kill Him With Only Two Blows

When Han Fei appeared at the boundary of Earth Nine and made Granny Yin surrender, the five of them knew that Han Fei was taking others’ luck.

Why did he do that?

Of course, to take the painting!

However, they were confused why he didn’t do that on the island? Could he take others’ luck by defeating them outside the mist of Nine Sounds?

Of course, they also heard their conversation about Cao Qiu’s so-called bloodline of the God of War, which sounded really rare. Therefore, it was difficult for them to choose between Han Fei and Cao Qiu.

Therefore, letting the two of them fight to decide the winner was the best solution in their opinion.

As for Sun Mu?

They didn’t care about him at all.

They wanted Han Fei to solve him! The five of them wouldn’t intervene.

Water Luster said coldly, “Fight a quick battle, come on.”

Han Fei immediately looked at Sun Mu and found that his face was all green.

Sun Mu never expected things to turn out this way. In his view, as long as the seal within Cao Qiu was removed, three-on-three, they would be able to win against the other side.

And he had a trump card that no one knew about… At that time, he would be able to easily collect all the luck.

But his perfect plan was ruined by Han Fei! He was so mad now!

Sun Mu gritted his teeth. “Han Fei, let’s wait and see.”

Han Fei sneered. “So what? By the way, this is not the Nine Sounds mist. Last time it was the array in the Nine Sounds mist that saved you. Now either you admit defeat and give me your luck or I will kill you and still get your luck. It’s your choice…”

Sun Mu’s face was shaking, and his eyes turned fierce. “Do you really think I don’t have any trump cards?”

Fire Seed was burning. “Then take it out. Don’t waste our time.”

Sun Mu was mad.

Now he simply had no choice.

He gritted his teeth and shouted, “Let’s fight!”

Han Fei walked towards Sun Mu in the air. “Do you know… Since you couldn’t kill me the first time, you will never be able to kill me? You’d better use your trump card soon. Otherwise, I’m afraid you won’t have a chance to use it.”

As he spoke, he had already cast out the Void Lines and held Snowmourne in his hand.


108 swords appeared in the air, and Sun Mu was holding a high-quality Divine weapon. “I’m gonna kill…”

“Screw you! Draw…”

Between the heavens and earth, a white light suddenly appeared. A shuddering flash of sword energy fell from the sky, giving Sun Mu no chance to react.


Sun Mu activated a secret method and his 108 swords were combined into one. In a hurry, he tried to block Han Fei’s slash with the sword.



The huge sword exploded in an instant, and Sun Mu fell towards the ground at a terrifying speed. The Void Lines hooked at him.

Sun Mu was bleeding, and his Divine armor was smashed to pieces by Han Fei’s sword.

At this moment, blood was dripping from his chest to his belly. At this point, he realized that his life was in danger, so he hurriedly waved his hand and a fish skin picture appeared, which was tantamount to bringing him back to life.

This meant that Han Fei had already killed one Sun Mu.

However, this guy had avoided the Void Lines.

But Han Fei flashed in the void. “Sacrificing Punch.”

A huge scarlet fist fell from the sky and locked onto Sun Mu, who had just used that fish skin picture.

Facing Han Fei’s fist, Sun Mu was dumbstruck. How can this guy launch such a powerful attack twice in a row?

“Deity Slaying 108 Swords.”

At that moment, the void vibrated.

It was like the power of law or some special ability of the sword Dao. 108 flashes of light, including the sword in Sun Mu’s hand, seemed to be about to break through the sky and cut Han Fei in half.

Cao Qiu on the side swallowed nervously. How was he supposed to beat Han Fei? He was so powerful!

Punishing Saber suddenly said, “This blow is interesting, but it’s a pity he used it too late.”

Sun Mu had no time to think about whether this slash could kill Han Fei. He had summoned all the weapons on him, his essence blood was burning, the Amulet jade appeared, and an Immortal Seal was activated.

However, just when he wanted to use the Immortal Seal, he was shocked to find that it didn’t work!

“This is impossible. How can my Immortal Seal become invalid?”

“My soul…”

The Sacrificing Punch smashed all obstacles along the way, including the Semi-Divine weapons, Amulet jade… All of his life-saving methods shattered.

Even so, the punch didn’t crush Sun Mu, because Sun Mu’s family was too rich and gave him too many defensive treasures.


A big hole of more than 50 meters deep appeared on the ground, and Sun Mu’s distorted body was lying in it. He was dying.

In midair, Han Fei looked at Sun Mu’s sword and stuffed a spiritual fruit in his mouth.

Sun Mu’s sword had also locked onto him. Han Fei shouted, and slammed a thick stick at the sword light, shouting, “Nine Mansions Dragon Seal.”


Han Fei was thrust more than 3,000 meters high into the sky together with his stick. Three tentacles of Little Fatty were broken when he was shielding Han Fei with his body. And Han Fei, with his chest covered with blood, survived.

To resist this blow, Han Fei used the Embroidery Needle, the law of gravity, and the Nine Mansions Dragon Seal, with the help of natural gravity from the sky. This was probably the hardest blow Han Fei had ever faced.

The force he exerted had far exceeded the force of 10 waves.

However, Han Fei was still sent flying more than 3,000 meters into the sky, which showed that Sun Mu was actually very strong.

Not far away, both Chu Linyuan and Wang Dashuai were shocked: Little Junior Brother is strong indeed!

Even Cao Tian couldn’t help clenching his fist. He didn’t expect that Sun Mu’s sword would be blocked by Han Fei in this way. If it were him, he probably wouldn’t have been able to make it.

As for Punishing Saber and the other four, they all nodded.

Yes, that’s the one qualified to take the painting! The guy in the pit had already lost the moment he started his attack.

After a while, Han Fei stuffed his mouth full of spiritual fruits and landed on the ground casually. A Void Line was still hanging on Sun Mu, making him unable to speak.

Han Fei sneered. “I wanted to tell you when we were in the level-three fishery that you should have used your trump card in the first place! Now you know you were wrong, right?”


Han Fei cut Sun Mu’s neck, and the grievances between them accumulated over these years were settled once for all, and Han Fei felt very comfortable.

There was no Nine Sounds mist here, and there was no rule of law to save him, so Sun Mu died.

Seeing this scene, Cao Qiu was trembling all over. “Brother, do you really want me to fight such a monster? Seriously?”

Cao Tian took a breath. “Don’t worry. You can do it.”

Cao Qiu almost cried. Are you kidding me? If I had known this, I wouldn’t have come in in the first place. He killed Sun Mu with only two blows. How am I supposed to survive his attacks?

Han Fei kept casting the Divine Healing Technique on himself and grabbed a mass of Spiritual Awakening Fluid to drink.

Then, he smiled and said, “Well, for the sake of fairness, give me some time to recover, OK?”

Earth Nine nodded. “Sure, you need a rest to return to your peak state.”

Chu Linyuan and Wang Dashuai landed by Han Fei’s side, saying with a frown, “Little Junior Brother, although your attack was strong just now, it was too risky. Your energy and spiritual energy were all exhausted. If the opponent still had another trump card, you’d be in danger.”

Chu Linyuan took out a glowing red fruit and said, “Little Junior Brother, this can help you quickly restore energy.”

Han Fei’s spiritual energy was replenished in the blink of an eye. If necessary, he could still make another fierce slash.

However, he didn’t want to refuse Chu Linyuan’s kind offer. Besides, the more energy he had, the better his chances were to win!

Wang Dashuai was a little embarrassed.

Han Fei immediately said, “Senior Brother, I know you are poor. It’s okay. You’ve been locked up here for so long. I understand you.”

Han Fei looked at Cao Tian. “What are you waiting for? Challenge Cao Qiu and admit defeat, OK?”

Cao Tian wanted to help Cao Qiu defeat Han Fei. However, he knew he had no chance to beat Han Fei.

Cao Tian looked at Han Fei. “After I do that, my luck will be transferred to him, right?”

Han Fei nodded.

Wang Dashuai said, “Little Junior Brother, I want to challenge you.”

Han Fei grinned. “I accept.”

Wang Dashuai nodded. “I admit defeat.”

The five legendary creatures looked at each other blankly: what the hell are they doing? Do they think this is an insignificant game?

Cao Tian looked over. “Cao Qiu, I challenge you.”

Cao Qiu almost burst into tears. “Can I reject it?”

Cao Tian shook his head.

Cao Qiu said pitifully, “Then, then I accept it.”

Cao Tian nodded. “I admit defeat.”

Everyone evaded, and Cao Tian looked at the golden bead in his hand solemnly. Once this thing was broken, Cao Qiu might no longer be Cao Qiu.

He held the bead for a long time, hesitating.

He hoped that Cao Qiu could still be Cao Qiu, who was busy inventing things all day long and didn’t need to take the burden of the family.

However, Cao Qiu was the hope of the Cao Family to return to their peak, and he had to do so.


The gold bead was broken.

Suddenly, golden runes appeared on Cao Qiu’s body which turned into bandage-like rings, surrounding his body.

“Ah… Roar…”

Cao Qiu’s hair stood up, and his body flew into the air uncontrollably. At this moment, his eyes glowed red, the runes on his body turned from gold to scarlet, and a terrifying power broke out.




Three rune bandages broke, and Cao Tian sighed slightly. “This is already the limit that Qiuqiu can bear.”

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