God of Fishing - Chapter 845 - Fishing For the Soul Wings

Chapter 845: Fishing For the Soul Wings

It took Han Fei six hours to train himself, craft the Feather Suit of Wind, and recover his lost blood by having spiritual fruits.

Then, with a thought, Han Fei reappeared in the Desolation Graveyard.

Similar to what he had anticipated, the Wind Sky Wings that chased him had already disappeared. However, two of them were still fairly close to him after he came out.

Clearly, the two Wind Sky Wings saw him the moment he reappeared.

However, Han Fei simply cast out the fish skin in his hand and enshrouded him in a Mystifying Array.

At the same time, he used the Concealment Array and the Stealth Array on himself.


The area was surrounded by the Void Chains. The two Wind Sky Wings weren’t scared of Han Fei. They simply tried to flee because of their timid nature. They cut the Void Chains with the wind blades.

Han Fei didn’t dare to let them do that. The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was only level-41 and the gap between them was too huge! Even though it was legendary, the level gap was too wide!

However, the delay was enough. The Void Lines were extended to one of the Wind Sky Wings.

Caught by a Void Line, the Wind Sky Wing hero soul paused for a moment and then was caught by the other eight Void Lines.

Immediately, Han Fei sensed its resistance.

However, Han Fei was no worse than them in terms of soul power. So, the Wind Sky Wing only struggled for ten kilometers before Han Fei completely controlled it.

Hey! That’s more like it! It should be easier for me to defeat you now that I’m stronger.

Controlling the Wind Sky Wing hero soul to fly back, Han Fei jumped on its back again. This time, not only had the Feather Suit of Wind turned into Divine equipment, but it also gained resistance to wind. It didn’t creak anymore.

Han Fei waved his hand and collected all the bones nearby into Forge the Universe. He then controlled the Wind Sky Wing to swim deeper.

Han Fei didn’t pick all the bones, because it wasn’t the time for that yet. If he alarmed a swarm of Wind Sky Wing hero souls again, it would be impossible for him to find the Wind God Pearl.

So, Han Fei wasn’t anxious at all on his way.

The trip was much smoother than the last time.

Firstly, the Wind Sky Wing that Han Fei controlled had a wingspan of ten meters and was level-55. Secondly, he didn’t make any noises or attract any curiosity.

Flying forward for about eight hundred kilometers, Han Fei felt perfectly good except for the minor coldness. He saw many Wind Sky Wing hero souls with a wingspan of twelve meters.

He was flying when he had a sense of crisis. He found that a Wind Sky Wing hero soul with a wingspan of thirteen meters was swooping at him.

I’ve been exposed?

No, wait, it’s not coming at me, but the Wind Sky Wing underneath me.

Han Fei instantly controlled the Wind Sky Wing to fly to an empty area. Sensing the greater Wind Sky Wing that was chasing it, Han Fei stopped the Wind Sky Wing underneath him from resisting.


When the new Wind Sky Wing attacked with a wind blade and tried to swallow the Wind Sky Wing that Han Fei controlled, the Void Lines were darted to it.

When they were attached to the powerful hero soul, it instantly squeaked and flew away.

Han Fei, on the other hand, stayed still. That’s fine… Let’s see if you can fly three hundred kilometers away. I’d be damned if you can.

Thirty seconds later, the new Wind Sky Wing flew back, and Han Fei jumped onto it again.

Han Fei had a lot of complicated feelings, as he had gained the courage to beat a level-58 hero soul! The breakthrough had really given him confidence.

Han Fei roughly estimated that he had traveled seven thousand kilometers and two thousand kilometers in the Desolation Graveyard.

However, where was the Wind Sky Wing big shot that they mentioned?

The big shot who has a Wind God Pearl on your head, please come out! I can’t beat the enemies up ahead!

After flying for another five hundred kilometers, Han Fei saw a few Wind Sky Wings with a wingspan of thirteen or even fourteen meters fighting each other.

As a sneaky tactic, Han Fei chose to fly from high altitudes.

However, a moment later, he found that a lot of Wind Sky Wings were fighting.

Sweet mother of god, these things are so strong! You can’t see me, you can’t see me…

After sneaking for about three hundred kilometers, one finally saw him and swooped at him. Han Fei saw that it had a wingspan of fifteen meters, indicating that it was almost level-60.

He was of a mind to get a stronger mount, but it was impossible for him to defeat two simultaneously!

Damn it! Why do you have to come together? Run…

Another chase began. More and more enemies joined the battle, and Han Fei initiated the fighter jet mode again.

Do I have to hide inside Forge the Universe again?

No! Han Fei quickly put a peppermint into his mouth. He was instantly refreshed.

This place was no longer where he stood earlier. The Wind Sky Wings here wouldn’t give him a chance to hide in Forge the Universe.

Immediately, Han Fei darted two Void Lines towards the nearest two Wind Sky Wing hero souls. As if they sensed the danger, the two Wind Sky Wings dodged quickly.

Fortunately, it bought Han Fei an opportunity. However, he vaguely felt that the Wind Sky Wing underneath him was resisting.

You want to resist? Fly!

Han Fei was quite intrigued. It seemed that three Void Lines weren’t enough. He had to refine a few more dragon veins.

After being chased for a hundred kilometers, Han Fei suddenly found that the Wind Sky Wings behind him slowed down. They stopped chasing him a minute later.

“You scared the s*it out of me!”

“Shoot! Wait, why aren’t any Wind Sky Wing hero souls here?”

Han Fei’s eyelids shivered. The only possibility for such a situation was that he had entered the territory of an even stronger enemy.

Han Fei had no time to think. He couldn’t abandon the Wind Sky Wing underneath him. He might have to rely on it for his escape.

However, Han Fei was also afraid that he couldn’t defeat the enemy he was about to meet. Instantly, he extracted the six dragon veins he had left and refined all of them.

Although he could split one Void Line into ten, he had to consider what each of the Void Lines could take.

Even though he had become a Hidden Fisher, his soul hardness wasn’t too high, and refining the dragon veins could be exhausting. He would’ve refined them a long time ago if he didn’t have to pay anything.

However, Han Fei couldn’t care much at this moment. Three Void Lines alone wouldn’t be enough.

Han Fei appeased the Wind Sky Wing hero soul and gradually refined the veins.



When Han Fei was about to refine the third vine, he saw two streamlines dashing at him.


He quickly controlled the Wind Sky Wing to dodge. When he raised his head, he found that a Wind Sky Wing hero soul with a wingspan of eighteen meters was swooping at him.

The Wind Sky Wing hero soul was no longer white but the color of jade, transparent and attractive. There was also a green pearl in the middle of the hero soul’s head.

The Wind God Pearl?

Han Fei shivered, and a weird Desolation Gale was spurted at him.

This time, Han Fei heard the creaks again.

He was quite scared. Can a piece of low-quality Divine equipment block the attack of a level-60 enemy?

He was not sure.

However, judging from the situation, he had clearly been exposed. The enemy’s target was him, not the Wind Sky Wing underneath him.

Han Fei took a deep breath. “F*ck. Let’s see how I’ll take you down!”

He used the Overlord’s Technique.

Attaching Little Fatty to him, Han Fei crazily controlled the Wind Sky Wing to fly towards the enormous Wind Sky Wing.


The powerful enemy flapped its wings and launched one wind blade after another.

Han Fei nervously dodged and approached the enemy.

Han Fei had a lot of ideas. As long as he approached the enemy and controlled it with the Void Lines, he would be able to win the battle.

In the next second, when the wind blades were woven into a net, Han Fei shouted and deployed a fist mark of the Cao family.

Almost at the same time, Han Fei opened the seal of the Soul Attraction Pill, whose fragrance spread out in the raging gale.

“Come on! Do you want this? Come here if you do!”


The fist mark of the Cao family was cut apart, yet the wind blades weren’t stopped. After all, the fist mark of the Cao family equaled the attack of a peak-level Hidden Fisher, and the big shot with a wingspan above eighteen meters was already stronger than any Hidden Fisher.


Another fist mark of the Cao family was squeezed and launched.

Han Fei controlled fifteen Void Lines and darted them at the big shot. However, the Wind Sky Wing hero soul was simply too fast to be caught.


Han Fei suddenly jumped away, and the Wind Sky Wing underneath him was cut into pieces. He waved his hand and threw out a fish skin, causing such a dazzling light that nobody could open their eyes in a thousand meters.

Mu Jia’er, sorry for this. Maybe I can compensate you with the Essence of Wind later. I’ll have to use your Soul Attraction Pill.

At this moment, Han Fei sent a Void Line to the Soul Attraction Pill and threw it in the sky.

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