God of Fishing - Chapter 1413 - Slaying A Venerable Under the Sky Hanging Mirror (2)

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Chapter 1413: Slaying A Venerable Under the Sky Hanging Mirror (2)

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On the Scattered Stars Island, millions of people gasped.

They were shocked by the sword light. A super powerhouse who should only exist in legends was killed by Han Fei with one slash?


Someone gasped. “Marshal Han, you really dare to kill him!”

Someone was dumbfounded. “Marshal Han, this is too powerful! A Venerable-level powerhouse can be killed so easily?”

Someone cursed, “Well done.”

Chu Qing and the others’ expressions changed. It seemed that the spatial power that Han Fei controlled wasn’t as simple as sealing the void. This guy could actually control the void. With such a great technique, no wonder a peak-level Explorer dared to kill a Venerable.

On the Empyrean Waterfall, Ning Jing curled her lips too, thinking to herself, I taught him this technique, which is my unique technique.

Xue Shenqi watched this scene quietly. He probably knew that Han Fei’s purpose was to obtain the Power of Will. Only the supreme commander of the Empyrean Waterfall knew this secret.

No one from those big clans had ever been chosen as the supreme commander because the previous supreme commanders were afraid that the people of the big clans would discover this secret after they became the supreme commander.

And those who knew this secret wouldn’t easily tell this secret to others. If one more person knew it, it meant one more competitor.

Xue Shenqi thought to himself, If Han Fei can become a Venerable, I’m afraid he will really cause a huge uproar. As long as he is not in the Thousand Star City, the big clans can’t do anything to him now. When Han Fei becomes a Venerable, he will certainly go to the Thousand Star City. At that time, wouldn’t there be great chaos?

However, he would have to wait until the crisis on the Scattered Stars Island was resolved.

At this moment.

Before the blood rain fell, Zhang Zhihuo appeared again.

Han Fei said telepathically again, “You can dodge it once, but let’s see if you can dodge it twice.”

Zhang Zhihuo was shocked. He discovered, to his shock, that he couldn’t beat Han Fei? What was that supposed to mean?

In terms of strength, Han Fei was not much stronger than him.

In terms of soul, Han Fei should not be as strong as him.

Regarding the mastery of the Great Dao… Zhang Zhihuo wasn’t sure about this.

Han Fei was too sinister. His control of space seemed to be beyond ordinary. It shouldn’t be something an Explorer could have!

Furthermore, this guy’s physique was too strong. He actually swallowed his Great Dao fire without being injured? He had broken his Great Dao! How could he fight again?

In fact, it was not that Han Fei could swallow Zhang Zhihuo’s Great Dao fire, but that Little Black could.

The terrifying flame was absorbed into Han Fei’s internal organs.

Little Black immediately absorbed it. All that was left was pure energy, which couldn’t shake the current Han Fei.

And Han Fei’s behavior just now clearly meant that he didn’t want to leave him a way out. If he hadn’t separated a piece of his soul and hid it in advance, he would have died.

This meant that Han Fei really wanted to kill him, and he really dared to kill him! This kid was lawless and didn’t care about the price at all.

From the moment Han Fei pretended to be him to speak, to the fact that Han Fei killed without considering the consequences, Zhang Zhihuo thought that Han Fei was just a bloodthirsty person. Although he was stronger than Xue Shenqi, he was far behind Xue Shenqi in terms of intelligence.

Could it make sense for him to reason with such a ruthless killer?

Instantly, Zhang Zhihuo’s body that had just been reborn split into countless flames that scattered in all directions.

But Zhang Zhihuo said, “Han Fei, I agree.”

Han Fei sneered in his heart. “Why didn’t you agree until now? Fine, in that case, I’ll let it go if you let me beat the hell out of you twice more. However, the Zhang family must take the lead to give me the resources right away. I think you must have brought the resources with you. As the richest family in the Thousand Star City, it’s impossible for you not to have one last trump card.”

No matter how angry Zhang Zhihuo was, so what?

Before he came, he had vowed to force Han Fei to surrender. After he came, to be honest, he was dumbfounded! He had never seen a person as reckless as Han Fei.

Han Fei shouted, “Rebirth with blood? Let’s see how many times you can be reborn!”

Han Fei stepped into the air, followed by snow and ice.

In the sky, the fire was ablaze.

Even through the sky curtain, ordinary people couldn’t see the battle in the void with their naked eyes.

Someone was puzzled. “Wasn’t the Zhang family’s Venerable killed just now?”

Someone sighed. “That’s a Venerable. How can he die so easily? They can be reborn with a single drop of blood.”

Someone said angrily, “I really don’t know how such a person cultivated into the Venerable realm. He doesn’t take the lives of ordinary humans seriously at all!”

Someone echoed, “Not only do they not take our lives seriously, but they are simply a cancer of the human race, crazily embezzling the resources of the human race. The resources of the 36 towns are incomparable to those of the Thousand Star City.”

Someone was discussing, “Do you think Marshal Han can win?”

“Nonsense, of course he can win. Marshal Han is so strong. We’ve seen it for ourselves. He beat the Zhang family’s Venerable to the point of being unable to fight back. Do you remember he killed two sea demon Venerables? However, the big clans are stronger.”

The million soldiers on the Scattered Stars Island were all looking forward excitedly.

However, Chu Qing and the others’ faces had already turned black.

After Zhang Zhihuo was killed just now, although the battle between Han Fei and Zhang Zhihuo was in full swing, it no longer felt like a life-and-death battle.

As Venerables, everyone knew what they were doing.

Sun Baisheng’s face was stiff. “Zhang Zhihuo has compromised.”

Yang Kun immediately said, “Are we really going to give such a huge amount of resources to the Scattered Stars Island? Can the Scattered Stars Island assimilate so many resources?”

Chu Qing’s expression was ugly. “It’s not a matter of whether they can absorb these resources or not. The problem is that the Scattered Stars Island accepted our resources, but they won’t appreciate us. They will only think that the big clans of the Thousand Star City have compromised.”

Ye Kai nodded. “Yes, but this is his territory. If we want to see the remains of a king, we have to see his face before the battle.”

Yang Kun roared, “Damn it. I really want to kill him!”

Boom… Boom ~

In the void, Zhang Zhihuo was blown up again. Han Fei was like a Vajra God of War, and the picture flashed away.

“Great! Marshal Han is awesome!”

“Marshal Han, kill him. Let the big clans know that we humans will never succumb to them.”

“The big clans should be wiped out ~”

“Marshal Han is invincible!”

“Marshal Han is invincible ~”

“Marshal Han is invincible ~”

In an instant, on the Scattered Stars Island, millions of people shouted at the sky in unison.

It was a magnificent scene!

And Han Fei himself didn’t notice that when these million people were united, a certain will seemed to descend, and the essence of the human world gathered here.

Han Guanshu noticed it. Holding a teacup, he smiled at the scene.

Ning Jing also noticed it and was dumbfounded. Is this how powerful Han Fei is in the Yin-Yang World? Millions of people shouted in unison and soared into the sky. This feeling… It made her a little absent-minded. It was a bit like when the queen united the four races.


The flames exploded again, and Zhang Zhihuo was reborn again.

The crowd was in an uproar three times in a row. Zhang Zhihuo was reborn three times, but he didn’t really die.

This also made many people realize how terrifying the Venerable realm was! With Blood Rebirth, Zhang Zhihuo could actually fight Marshal Han to this point?

All of a sudden, the sound waves surged in the void. “Han Fei, I won’t use human currency to threaten you. I’ll give you the resources you want.”

In the darkness, a large number of Sea Swallowing Seashells and Sun-Moon Shells appeared.

Seeing this, Han Fei finally stopped and grabbed all the resources.

Han Fei scanned with his perception and found that the resources were about the same.

He couldn’t care less about the verification.

Han Fei immediately turned his head and looked into the void, shouting, “Where are the resources of your families? If you take them, give them to me. If not, get the hell back to the Thousand Star City.”

When the million soldiers saw the massive amount of resources, they were all excited. They had already tasted the benefits of Spirit Awakening Fluid, and there were scenes of breakthroughs everywhere on the island recently.

At this moment, the Zhang family had been subdued by Marshal Han and given the resources, which would all be given to them! Han Fei was fighting for them!

At this moment, the million-strong army knew that the big clans weren’t one family. Now that one family had given the resources to them, what about the other families? Would they give the resources?

Everyone held their breath.

Han Shuai tried to kill him, only to get a batch of resources. If these people didn’t give them the resources, would Han Fei continue to attack them?


A leisure voice sounded in the void, and then many Sea Swallowing Seashells and Sun-Moon Shells flew towards Han Fei.

In the sky, hundreds of Sea Swallowing Seashells and Sun-Moon Shells flew towards Han Fei, which made countless soldiers grin.

“Hahaha ~ Marshal Han is invincible!”

“Marshal Han is so fierce! That’s really great!”

“Haha, they said they wouldn’t give us the resources, but they did in the end, didn’t they? Damn it. If we don’t teach them a good lesson, they won’t listen to us.”

“I don’t know if Marshal Han can control the battle and command the battlefield, but in terms of robbing, Marshal Han is definitely the strongest.”


This person’s head was immediately slapped, and someone scolded, “F*ck, what are you talking about? Marshal Han is not robbing but is gaining resources for us! He is upright and aboveboard!”

Hearing this, many people scratched their heads. Upright? Aboveboard?


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