God of Fishing - Chapter 1217 - Time to Act

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Chapter 1217: Time to Act

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What made Han Fei depressed was that his plan, which was about to start a storm, was foiled by a Dao Seeking great demon.

At this moment, Yu Cailing, who had no choice but to take Han Fei and the others to the Ice God Canyon.

Han Fei was a little regretful that he lost a Sun-Moon Shell for no reason, which was taken away by the old man just now.

Han Fei couldn’t have felt worse. Although he used the Sun-Moon Shell as bait, he set the trap, and he thought he had plenty of opportunities to get the resources back.

At the very least, he could control someone to snatch the resources back. Not only would his resources not be lost, but it might even cause a big battle.

However, it was all ruined now.

Before Han Fei asked, someone asked, “Sister Cailing, why is Mr. Wen Dao here in person? Is the guy from the Royal City very important?”

Someone echoed, “That’s right! Isn’t Mr. Wen Dao already at the peak of the Dao Seeking realm? Does he need to handle such a trivial matter?”

Someone said, “It depends on who comes from the Royal City. Hasn’t Mr. Wen Dao always wanted to go to the Royal City? Perhaps this is an opportunity.”

Yu Cailing shouted in a low voice, “Okay, don’t be nosy about Mr. Wen Dao’s affairs. But this time, you can compete for becoming the attendants. If you are chosen, maybe you can go to the Royal City.”

Someone said in surprise, “Sister Cailing, didn’t you come from the Royal City? Maybe you know the visitor from the Royal City!”

Yu Cailing shook her head slightly. “When I was in the Royal City, my status was low, and I had no time to meet real Heavenly Talents.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but interject, “What’s the Royal City like?”

There was absolutely nothing wrong with this question. Han Fei really wanted to know. If he guessed right, the other people wanted to know the answer too.

Yu Cailing shook her head slightly. “Actually, you all have too beautiful an imagination about the Royal City. In fact, it is not as beautiful as you think. I can only say this, if you have a chance to go there in the future, don’t fight for it.”

Han Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly. Don’t fight for it?

Did it mean that the competition in the Sea Demon Royal City was fierce? Well, it did make sense. The Royal City was the dreamland of sea demons, and there were countless sea demons who wanted to go there.

Han Fei wondered what he could do if he had a chance to go to the Sea Demon Royal City.

He couldn’t figure it out. Anyway, if he had a choice, he was 100% willing to rob that place. But if he had to live there, he would rather not go there. He still had to go back to the Yin-Yang World to fight a war, so he didn’t have time to waste on the Sea Clan’s Royal City in the Water-Wood World.

The Ice God Canyon was an undersea canyon formed by two pieces of ice that had been frozen for ten thousand years. When Han Fei and the others rushed to the Ice God Canyon, they felt that the surrounding temperature could freeze not their bodies but their souls.

When Han Fei discovered this, Yu Cailing said, “You need to pay attention when you first come to the Ice God Canyon. Don’t spread your perception randomly. The freezing power here can freeze the soul.”

Someone added, “The Ice God Canyon used to be open to the Sea Demon Realm, but people’s souls were often frozen, so no creatures below the Sea Spirit realm are allowed to enter it.”

Han Fei secretly took a breath and couldn’t help saying, “In this case, wouldn’t there be very few permanent residents in the Ice God Canyon?”

Yu Cailing said, “Not only us Half-Mermen, but also a few Azure Sea Blue Demons and other marine creatures that haven’t chosen to transform into human forms.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Yes, during this trip to the Water-Wood World, he encountered a large number of marine creatures who hadn’t transformed into human forms yet. They could speak, provoke, and fight.

In the Yin-Yang World, the sea demons were either Inferior Man-Fish, Red Demons, or Half-Mermen. It seemed that in terms of race, the sea demons in the Water-Wood World were much higher-leveled than those in the Yin-Yang World.

Yu Cailing said, “But there aren’t many permanent residents here, only about 2,000. The others don’t stay in the Ice God Canyon. Just like you, maybe you didn’t choose the Ice God Canyon but chose to go out to gain experience. That’s what many sea demons choose. They think it’s more free outside.”


Han Fei didn’t know whether he was free or not, but he almost cursed out loud. F*ck, the Ice God Canyon alone had 2,000 Sea Spirits. If they were given a passage to the Yin-Yang World, wouldn’t it be an invincible army?

Suddenly, in his mind, the old turtle said, “I feel that there seems to be a secret here. There seems to be something in the depths of the ice canyon below.”

Han Fei asked, “What secret?”

The old turtle said, “I can only vaguely feel it, but I’m not strong enough to pry into it yet.”

Han Fei couldn’t help looking at the huge abyss below him. Secret? If there was an opportunity, it should have been taken away by the strong earlier. Why was it still here?


They flew all the way and swam directly into the depth of the Ice God Canyon under Yu Cailing’s lead. It was dark all around. When Han Fei and the others swam past, a large area of blue algae suddenly lit up on the ice of the cliff. Then, as if there was a starry river, the endless blue light of algae flickered.

Han Fei couldn’t help but marvel. In terms of the splendor of nature and the novelness of life forms, there was nowhere like the ocean.

After diving for more than 20,000 meters, Yu Cailing took Han Fei to crash into the cliff. After the crash, the scene before their eyes changed, and colorful brilliance was shining. This valley seemed to have been completely hollowed out, and a strange honeycomb building like an oval tower stood before their eyes.

Because there were too many luminous algae and crystal stones here, everything could be seen clearly, and the light was even brighter than the moonlight.

Behind the tower, there was not much space left. Except for the caves that had been drilled out of the ice barrier, several ice palaces appeared on the ice.

At a glance, Han Fei knew where there were illusions and arrays. As long as he walked in, he should be able to enter the ice layer and then the so-called palace.

On the ground more than 300 kilometers away, there were vertical fish bones on the ground. It seemed to be a cave, and occasionally people could be seen drilling into it.

And the direction Yu Cailing was taking Han Fei and the others to was right there.

Yu Cailing explained, “This is the arena of the Ice God Canyon, where the strong masters of the Ice God Canyon cultivate combat skills and fight each other. Occasionally, big news will be announced here.”

Someone said nervously, “I can already hear the roars in the arena. Has the selection started?”


Someone accelerated. “I heard that the Heavenly Talents from the Royal City are very strong. I want to see how strong they are.”

Just when they had just reached the entrance, someone suddenly scanned them with his perception and asked, “Who is this person? I’ve never seen him before.”

Yu Cailing said, “Master Fang, his name is Yu Hanjia. Today, we happened to watch him break through to the peak-level of Sea Spirit. Mr. Wen Dao appreciated him and asked him to come.”

Mr. Wen Dao seemed to be in the arena. At this moment, he said via voice transmission, “Don’t stop the peak-level Sea Spirits who came today. There is still a batch behind.”

“Yes, Mr. Wen Dao.”

Han Fei felt lucky that he had completely turned into a sea demon. Otherwise, he would have been a little panicked.

When they entered the underground cave and passed a barrier, they suddenly heard waves rising.

In his field of vision, almost everyone in the Ice God Canyon was here. At the periphery of the arena, there were pieces of ice platforms protruding from the cliff wall. All the other places seemed to be the arena. At the bottom of the valley, it was like a hot springs valley with smoke rising.

In the smoke, a Half-Merman who looked like a human held a red spear and stood proudly. Beside him, seven people were besieging him. His spear light pierced through the air and he didn’t even need to move. The speed of his spear was so fast that ordinary peak-level Sea Spirits couldn’t defend against it.

Beside Han Fei, someone exclaimed, “So fast!”

Yu Cailing gritted her teeth and said, “He has mastered the Near at Hand Technique.”


After Yu Cailing spoke, the Half-Merman suddenly raised his head, looked at Han Fei and the others, and smiled.

The man said, “You’re quite knowledgeable. I didn’t expect you to know the Near at Hand Technique. Let’s fight together!”

Everyone, including Han Fei, was stunned. He had just come and he was going to fight?

Someone shouted, “Sister Cailing, do you know him?”

Yu Cailing shook her head slightly. “I’m not qualified. Remember, space is never a problem in front of the Near at Hand Technique.”

There were a total of 17 people including Han Fei, and the Half-Merman below laughed and said, “Oh! So you are the guys who didn’t pass the trial in the Royal City. However, being able to receive the trial, you can’t be weak. Okay, come on up together!”

Han Fei really wanted to slap him. I’ve already killed several Heavenly Talents from the Royal City. Who do you think you are?

Suddenly, a voice sounded in the minds of Han Fei and the others, which seemed to be the voice of Mr. Wen Dao.

The voice said, “You must try your best and not underestimate him at all. This guy is called the Fish Dragon King. It’s said that he carries the bloodline of the ancient dragon king and is very strong. He is currently ranked tenth on the Genius List of the White Shell Royal City. Because he has been challenged, he needs to come out to the front line to gain experience and prove his strength. If you can follow him, it will be good for you.”

Han Fei was briefly stunned. What kind of enemy did he encounter when he was transcending the tribulation? That guy seemed to be ranked 89th on the Genius List, but this one happened to be tenth, so there should be a gap in strength between them.

Observing the strength of this person who was at the peak-level of Sea Spirit, he actually directly challenged Yu Cailing and the other 17 people. This showed how proud he was.

However, Han Fei was still a little disdainful. Just because he had the bloodline of the Ancient Dragon King, he called himself “Fish Dragon King”?

As the saying went, the tacit understanding of men transcended races. As far as Han Fei knew, the name was definitely for show, or the name would be meaningless.

The Fish Dragon King shouted, “Hurry up! I’m in a hurry. I don’t have time to waste here. You guys come together.”

Yu Cailing said in a low voice, “Let’s go all out. Come on.”

At Yu Cailing’s command, the 17 people immediately dispersed, and many Companion Spirits appeared in the sky. Someone flashed out, and the spear light danced like starlight.

The Fish Dragon King put on a disdainful smile and stepped on the spearhead. The spear trembled slightly and blocked the opponent’s ultimate move.

Amidst the overwhelming attacks, the Fish Dragon King roared, “Too slow, too slow, and not strong enough.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He thrust his spear into the air, and many people didn’t even know where the shadow of the spear appeared. Although they were thousands of meters away, they seemed to be three feet in front of him and couldn’t even resist a single blow of his.

Even Han Fei encountered a shadow of the spear. However, Han Fei stepped on the ground with a strange footwork technique, twisted his body slightly, and easily dodged it.

Han Fei hadn’t used the 64-Dimensional Fish Dragon Dance for a long time. This was a godly field combat skill, most suitable for group battles.


“Huh ~”

When Han Fei easily dodged the attack of the Fish Dragon King, at least seven or eight people were surprised, including the Fish Dragon King himself.

Han Fei immediately realized that it was not good. He looked too casual. How could he deal with the tenth on the Genius List so casually?

Therefore, as soon as Han Fei took this step and dodged the rod, with a crack, Han Fei suddenly held his waist.. “Ah! What a fast spear technique! My waist… My waist is sprained.”

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