God of Fishing - Chapter 1129 - Battle of Venerables

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Chapter 1129: Battle of Venerables

The territory of demonic plants covered the entire Grand Myriad Mountains.

However, in terms of demon plant territory, it almost occupied the three thousand peaks south of the Grand Myriad Mountains.

In terms of the size of territory, among the four Venerables, demonic plants were ranked first, the Sky Clan second, the Beast Clan third, and the War Giants the last.

Tianqing didn’t send Han Fei and Ximen Linglan away, but when the two of them came to the Demon Plant Forest, they felt a chill down their spines.

Especially Ximen Linglan, she had never let go of Han Fei’s hand. Last time, she was taken directly into the depths of the Demon Plant Forest by the Water Immortal, so she hadn’t encountered so many creatures.

This time, she saw a large number of demonic plants and insects that she had never seen before.

The two of them first passed a vine land full of thorns. Then, a large number of mushrooms, man-eating flowers, and explosive fruits appeared…

The creatures that appeared were mostly centipedes, spiders, ants, moths, etc. In terms of species, there were too many of them. There were also Human-Faced Ladybugs and Two-Headed Dragons, etc.

Of course, these insects were actually nothing.

When Han Fei and the others passed by the spiritual fruit garden, many strange-looking fruits opened their mouths, revealing their sharp teeth.

Some fruits, like bugs, looked extremely creepy.

For some reason, a fatty appeared in Han Fei’s heart. It was the fatty who often appeared in his dreams. The fatty was talking to him. “Feifei, I’m being chased by fruits…”

Han Fei scratched his head, but he didn’t remember anything.

Fortunately, none of the demonic plants or insects attacked them.

Along the way, the two passed by the spider territory, the Butterfly Valley, and the worm cave. In the end, they walked into the normal demon plant forest.

The first they saw was a Heavenly Red Hibiscus.

This Heavenly Red Hibiscus was much larger than the one Han Fei killed in the Remote Desolate Jungle. It seemed that it had already received instructions, so the Heavenly Red Hibiscus didn’t even release pollen and just let Han Fei and Ximen Linglan pass by without moving.

Immediately afterward, Han Fei saw Hydra Grass, huge sunflowers, Sky Piercing Purple Bamboo, Sky Vine, and other kinds of gigantic demonic plants.

In the end, they seemed to have reached a place where Ximen Linglan was familiar with, and Han Fei was pulled by Ximen Linglan to run towards a river.

“Senior, we’re here.”

After about ten seconds, the calm lake bulged, and a huge white lotus emerged and bloomed from the water.

The Water Immortal walked towards the shore barefooted.

Ximen Linglan envied the Water Fairy’s grace.

Once upon a time, when she was young, she had learned it. However, since she left the Great Wilderness Village with Han Fei, the former Heavenly Talent of the big clan had become a woman of the mountains, competing with wild beasts for food, and was no longer like before.

The Water Immortal glanced at Han Fei, smiled, and opened his mouth slightly. “In another year, you should be able to become a peak-level junior law enforcer!”

Ximen Linglan sighed inwardly. She didn’t slack off either! Now, she was only a peak-level Hidden Fisher. And with the nurturing of the four venerables, her speed was already extremely fast.

However, she admitted that she was still far inferior to Han Fei.

The Water Immortal didn’t continue the topic but said with a smile, “Along the way, you should have seen countless creatures. In the Grand Myriad Mountains, or even the entire world, demonic plants have the strongest vitality. Even if the Grand Myriad Mountains are overturned by the sea, my demon plant clan won’t be wiped out.”

Han Fei was listening attentively, but Ximen Linglan was puzzled. In this case, why did the demon plants also fight against the sea demons?

Walking on the grass full of young leaves, the Water Immortal continued, “However, the land demon plants and the sea demon plants are different after all. Everyone chose a different path! Since we’ve already chosen it, we have to go down.”

As she said this, the Water Immortal stopped sighing and said bluntly, “Wang Han, I don’t have anything to teach you. However, I can teach you some truth and recognize some demonic plants.”


Han Fei said subconsciously.

Isn’t this just a class? It seems that no matter where you are, you have to go to class!

The Water Immortal smiled. “That’s right! In this first lesson, you have to know that demonic plants are one of the most vibrant creatures in this world. If an ordinary human Venerable can live for 5,000 years, then the demonic plants may age ten times longer. Even different demonic plants age at different speeds. In the Age of Gods, there was a demonic plant that survived the primeval age and survived millions of years. This is what a demonic plant is like.”

“A million years?”

Ximen Linglan secretly swallowed, thinking to herself, Isn’t it boring to live so long?

Han Fei, on the other hand, was much calmer and hummed a response.

The Water Immortal condensed a white lotus at her fingertips, fresh and pure. She handed the white lotus to Han Fei, who took it in confusion.

The next moment, the white lotus suddenly dispersed.

Han Fei frowned. In an instant, his hands were covered with blood marks, and in some places, bone could be seen.

Ximen Linglan hurriedly said, “Healing technique.”

Han Fei cast the Divine Healing Technique on himself and looked at the Water Immortal in confusion.

The latter was looking at him quietly. “Don’t underestimate the power of demon plants. In a sense, it’s very difficult to kill a powerful demon plant. However, they can easily kill you.”

Han Fei nodded slowly. “Got it.”

One year later.

Giant King City.

When the Water Immortal led Han Fei and Ximen Linglan to this city again, the other three venerables were all there.

The reason why they were gathered here every time was that neither the Beast King, Tianqing, nor the Water Immortal had any place to entertain guests.

Only humans would build houses. Although the War Giants were giants, they were also human.

The Giant King clapped his hands and laughed. “Wang Han, you’ve made great progress in the past few years. Have you learned everything you should?”

The Beast King raised his chin and said, “Anyway, the Beast King Valley has taught him well.”

The Giant King hummed. “Are you saying that I didn’t teach them well?”

Tianqing interjected, “Not bad.”

The Water Immortal pointed with one hand, sealing Han Fei and Ximen Linglan in the water dungeon, and then smiled. “Let him make a breakthrough!”

The Giant King frowned. “Didn’t we agree we should suppress his realm?”

Tianqing said indifferently, “It won’t last long. No more than 50 years at most. Not only can his spiritual senses be suppressed, but his soul will also be repaired.”

The Water Immortal nodded. “In the past few years, you have given him too many things. Even if he doesn’t want to improve, his spiritual heritage is too strong, so he will temper his body and cultivate on his own, so his strength will increase. Now, he is already a peak-level junior law enforcer. If you don’t mind him breaking through to become an intermediate law enforcer, you can continue to hold him back.”

Tianqing said, “That’s not appropriate. If he makes a breakthrough, he will definitely leave. Who will seal his spiritual senses then?”

The Beast King mumbled, “Actually, it’s fine if we don’t seal it. Why do we have to keep him in this era? He can’t find the answer he wants anymore, can he?”

The Water Immortal smiled and said, “Not necessarily. In fact, even if we don’t seal his spiritual senses, his soul was damaged, so he would only alternate in dreams and reality. At this moment, he’s close to the next breakthrough. Why don’t we help him break through and become an intermediate law enforcer? At that time, it will be up to him to awaken his spiritual senses or not. Besides, if we help him break through now, his ability to protect himself will be stronger.”

The Water Immortal paused for a moment. “Besides, finding out why there is a war between humans and sea demons might not be his purpose in coming here. Otherwise, he would have had the opportunity to go back long ago. He comes from the human race but hasn’t come into contact with the human race. Instead, he has stayed in our Grand Myriad Mountains for so long. Don’t you feel puzzled?”

Tianqing nodded. “That’s true. Compared to the Grand Myriad Mountains, the human race seems to have it worse.”

The Giant King said with a buzz, “Then let him make a breakthrough! I have no objection. Anyway, he’ll leave sooner or later.”

The four of them reached an agreement.

Removing the water dungeon, the Water Immortal handed over a spiritual fruit.

The Water Immortal said, “Ximen Linglan, get out. Wang Han, eat it.”

Ximen Linglan had long been used to it and ran out of the palace. Han Fei glanced at her and then took the spiritual fruit.

About an hour later.

The spiritual energy tide in Han Fei’s body returned to peace, and he opened his eyes.

At that moment, a large number of pictures were intertwined. When the pictures subsided, Han Fei’s spiritual senses returned.

Han Fei smiled bitterly, got up, and cupped his hands. “I am Han Fei. Nice to meet you, Seniors.”

The Giant King hummed and said with joy, “Oh, you’ve remembered everything?”

The beast king asked excitedly, “What do you remember?”

Han Fei smiled helplessly. “I don’t remember much. Besides my name, I’ve also remembered my background.”

Tianqing asked, “Who sent you here?”

Seeing the four Venerables looking at him, Han Fei smiled bitterly. “Well, I seem to only remember the first half of my memory.”

Everyone sighed. They knew that his memory hadn’t recovered completely.

The Water Immortal asked, “Tell us about the future.”

Han Fei scratched his head habitually. “In later generations, there are large floating islands hanging in the sky. Ordinary people go to sea on flying boats, living on catching fish. Strong human cultivators draw trial grounds in the sea, called the fisheries. It followed the current level system… Uh… When one becomes a Hanging Fisher, he’ll have to go to a place called the Unknown Place to fight. I forgot about this place…”

Tianqing asked in surprise, “Live in the sky? An entire island floating in the sky? How can it be?”

Han Fei shook his head. “I feel I can remember, but I can’t.”

The Water Immortal said, “It’s already good enough that he can talk to us normally. This matter must have involved secrets. The rules of the Great Dao probably won’t let him say it at all. Otherwise, it will directly affect future generations.”

The Giant King said with a buzz, “I don’t care about that. Let me ask you, are the war giants still around?”

Han Fei shook his head slightly. “No.”

The beast king roared, “What about the beast race?”

Han Fei shook his head slightly. “I feel like I’ve met them somewhere before.”

The Beast King breathed a sigh of relief. “You can still meet them. That’s great.”

Han Fei said, “I remember the Sky Clan, but they are very few in number. But my memory is not complete. As for the demon plant race, most of them are sea demon plants. However, I keep feeling that I’m missing something. Oh, by the way, Venerable masters, the world I’m in should be very small, occupying only a corner of the Blue Sea Wasteland. I haven’t been further away.”

Tianqing asked, “Are there many kings in the future?”

Han Fei said firmly, “No one in my domain can become a king.”

Han Fei remembered this because it was imprinted in the depths of his mind.

“So serious?”

The four Venerables looked at each other. Although it was difficult to become a king, it was too much that none of the billions of human beings in a domain could become a king.

The Beast King mumbled, “No wonder. Got it! This kid is probably here to find a chance to become a king, right?”

Everyone was silent, as if thinking about what chance there was to become a king in this Age of Doom.

In fact, Han Fei remembered a lot of things. In his dizziness, he even remembered that he was stabbed by something, which caused his soul to be messed up.

He was almost certain that as long as his strength broke through another level, his soul could recover to at least 80%.

Han Fei always felt puzzled why he couldn’t remember the information about Floating Stones. Its name seemed to be right at the tip of his tongue, but whenever he wanted to say it out loud, he would forget it.

Suddenly, Han Fei was refreshed, and he hurriedly said, “Masters, is this the real world?”

The four of them: “…”

Han Fei had a guess. Was he in some kind of illusion?

The Beast King smashed his rod on the ground. “F*ck, I’ve taught you for so long, but you’re asking if this is a real world? If it’s not the real world, is it fake? Do you think we are illusions?”

Han Fei smiled awkwardly. It did make sense. At least, everything that happened in this world in his memory was extremely vivid. Every scene was vivid in his mind.

But if this was a real world, could it be that some kind of power was limiting him to change this world?

Han Fei wasn’t sure.

He looked at the door with a complicated expression and sighed. It seemed that he could only wait for the next breakthrough to see how much he could remember.

The Giant King said with a buzz, “Boy, do you still want to seal your spiritual senses?”

Han Fei hesitated. Different from last time, when he restored his spiritual senses last time, he remembered very few things.

But it was different now. He had remembered a lot of things this time.

While Han Fei was hesitating, he heard the Water Immortal say, “From what you said, you should be a very autonomous person. If you carry your memories, it may become you leading Ximen Linglan to travel outside in the future. If you continue to seal your spiritual senses, then only Ximen Linglan can lead you. Do you know what your next step will be?”

Han Fei shook his head slightly, paused, and looked at the door. “I think it’s to avenge her.”

Suddenly, a voice sounded in the hall. “Continue to seal his spiritual senses. This guy is just a passerby here. He’s connected to the Grand Myriad Mountains by fate, so he’s here. That human woman is also connected to him by fate. He can only respond and promote this piece of history, but he can’t interfere on his own. Otherwise, the Great Dao will investigate and this guy will definitely have a life-and-death disaster.”

“Divine Son?”

Han Fei was stunned. Really?

The Giant King hummed and said, “It seems to make sense. He knows too much about the future. If he messes up, the consequence will be unpredictable.”

The Beast King roared, “That’s fine. You can slack off. Cultivating in a state of ignorance will actually make you more focused.”

The Water Immortal said lightly, “Actually, the information Han Fei revealed is already very useful. The floating island may be our breakthrough.”

Tianqing nodded slightly. “Yes, but how to float? This is a problem. Leave this to me. I’ll go to the human race and the Black Stone City.”

Han Fei was dumbfounded. He wondered if his appearance had changed many things.

The Giant King hummed. “Boy, I’ll seal your spiritual senses for you.”

After a while, Han Fei’s eyes became glassy again.

The Beast King frowned and said, “I’m going to find the divine son.”

The Water Immortal said, “I’m going to the human world. In any case, I’m afraid we’ll still have a battle with the Sea Clan. If we don’t get the secret of floating, we can only fight in the sea.”

Swish swish swish!

Tianqing, the Beast King, and the Water Immortal all disappeared.

The Giant King who was left behind shouted, “Alas! What should we do with these two kids?”

The Water Immortal’s voice echoed in the palace, “Wait for us to come back.”

The Giant King mumbled, then blinked, suddenly pointed his finger, and Han Fei fainted.

Seeing that nobody was around, the Giant King secretly took out a small bottle and mumbled, “How can it be so easy to find those secrets in this world? No matter what, I have to maintain the bloodline of the God of War.”

The Giant King separated a wisp of his soul, wrapped the little bottle, and merged directly into Han Fei’s body.

The Giant King’s voice sounded in Han Fei’s ears, “If you become a Venerable, you will find it. At that time, if there are still people of my race, you must help me pass on the bloodline of the God of War.”

The Giant King chuckled.

In the end, among the four of them, he was the smartest. He proudly felt that as a human, his intelligence was definitely not lower than a monkey, a bird, and a flower.

Han Fei smacked his lips. He probably didn’t hear anything and still was sleeping soundly.

Half a month later.

Ximen Linglan took Han Fei’s hand and hunted by the sea on the previous battlefield.

Because there were no sea demons attacking, there were only the war giants and the Sky Clan left nearby.

Ximen Linglan dragged a big squid up from the sea. “Idiot, let’s eat this at noon.”

Han Fei scratched his head and chuckled. “Okay!”

At noon, Han Fei was working on the squid attentively.

Ximen Linglan suddenly said, “Idiot, when do you think I’ll become a law enforcer?”

Han Fei looked up at Ximen Linglan and smiled foolishly. “Soon.”

Ximen Linglan sighed. “Stupid. Actually, I have always known my own path. I knew it since the day I was kicked out of the Ximen family.”

Han Fei raised his head and looked at Ximen Linglan, as if he felt that he should listen at this time.

Ximen Linglan said, “I didn’t tell you before because you didn’t understand. Although you don’t understand it now, I have a feeling that such a comfortable life is too peaceful. Since we entered the Remote Desolate Jungle, we haven’t had such a peaceful life! I always feel that it’s unreal, and I’m afraid it will be destroyed at any time.”

Seeing Han Fei looking at her, Ximen Linglan smiled. “Well, let me tell you a secret. My spiritual heritage is actually very high, a level-eight high-quality spiritual heritage. Isn’t it very high?”

Han Fei nodded hard.

A trace of hatred flashed in Ximen Linglan’s eyes. “They just snatched it away. My mother stripped her own spiritual heritage and gave it to me. Otherwise, I would have died. As a result, I am not dead, but she is dead…”

Sensing Ximen Linglan’s sadness, Han Fei reached out and touched her head.

Ximen Linglan smiled through her tears, grabbed a squid tentacle, and stuffed it into Han Fei’s mouth.

She said, “Forget it, I don’t want to talk about this with you. If it’s like this every day, it’s not bad. I don’t want revenge anymore.”

In the evening.

In the starry sky, the stars flickered.

Han Fei and Ximen Linglan were staring at the starry sky with widened eyes.

They remembered that the last time they closed their eyes to sleep, they were still in the War Giant Tribe. Once they were outside, the two of them couldn’t sleep.

They used to hunt in the day and look up at the starry sky at night. This kind of life was not bad.



All of a sudden, Han Fei’s body tightened. He perceived that a huge tide had burst out on the sea.


In the distance, a war giant roared, “What’s going on?”

Someone picked up a spiked club. “Are we going to war again? Come on, inform our people.”

Chirp chirp ~

In the sky, hundreds of birds flew into the mountains.

A powerhouse of the War Giants guarding on the coast shouted, “Everyone, prepare for battle.”

However, when the tsunami was five hundred kilometers away, both Han Fei and the powerhouse were surprised to find that no sea demons attacked the island!

The powerhouse’s expression changed slightly as he cursed secretly, “Not good, it’s a battle of Venerables.”

The tsunami was most likely caused by crustal movements and powerful kinetic energy. When a tsunami came, the second tsunami followed.

Immediately afterward, the sky was covered by dark clouds, and thunder rumbled in the sky.

The scene lasted from midnight to noon the next day.

At this moment, on the coastline, the war giants stood tall, the sky clans hovered, and the demon plants set up a sea of demon plants again.


In the sky, red light was spreading, and the heavy rain was pouring down.

An Explorer said with a trembling voice, “A Venerable has died.”



Three streaks of red light cracked the sky in a row, and the rainwater turned from red to deep red as if blood was dripping.

Everyone was shocked. In just a few seconds, three Venerables had died. It could be seen how fierce the battle in the deep sea was!

Han Fei’s body was tense. He liked the Giant King and the others, so he was very worried at the moment.

Ximen Linglan knew what Han Fei was thinking. She grabbed his hand and comforted him, “Don’t worry. The teachers are so strong. They will definitely be fine.”

This kind of battle was not something ordinary people could watch at all. In the evening of the second day, the rain fell even harder. There were as many as eight red cracks appearing in the sky, which meant that eight venerables had already died.

Suddenly, an infinite roar came from the sky, “Son of God, you will pay for your actions.”


A cold and ruthless voice echoed in the void.

In the next moment, another venerable died.

In just one day, nine Venerables had died. This was something that had never happened in thousands of years.

Ximen Linglan looked at Han Fei. For some reason, she felt that this matter was not ordinary and seemed to have something to do with Han Fei. Subconsciously, she grabbed Han Fei’s hand more tightly.


In the distance, a pair of wings that blotted out the sky flew across the sky, ramming straight at the Grand Myriad Mountains.

Chirp chirp ~

At that moment, thousands of birds soared into the sky, turning into streams of light.


It was none other than Tianqing, who was carrying a person on his back. It was none other than the Giant King.

However, the two of them looked miserable at this moment.

Half of Tianqing’s wings were severed, and the big feathers on his body fell, leaving only about half.

The Giant King was even more miserable. He had lost an arm and a leg. At this moment, he was carried by the ten thousand birds of the Sky Clan and slowly landed.

“King! King!”


Countless people were roaring and rushing there.

Han Fei and Ximen Linglan had already rushed over. Before they arrived, Han Fei began to throw the Divine Healing Technique on these two people frantically.

“F*ck, it’s useless!”

The Giant King fell to the ground, blood still spurting out of his mouth, and his voice was buzzing.

Tianqing also transformed into his human form, his face still cold, but he looked like he was about to faint at any time.

Han Fei had anxiously cast dozens of Divine Healing Techniques on them, but the wounds on these two didn’t heal at all.

In the next moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of the two of them. It was the divine son who Han Fei had once met.

At this moment, the divine son’s body glowed golden. He grabbed with one hand, and infinite energy poured into the bodies of the Giant King and Tianqing.

He glanced at Han Fei indifferently. “Put away your healing technique. Venerables can be reborn from a drop of blood! This kind of injury has rules of the Great Dao. You can’t treat it.”

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