God of Fishing - Chapter 1128 - Heavenly Void Divine Movement and Star Teleportation Technique

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Chapter 1128: Heavenly Void Divine Movement and Star Teleportation Technique

All birds belonged to the sky race and liked to live on the cliff.

In the Grand Myriad Mountains, all the cliffs were basically occupied by them.

So it was hard to find where Tianqing was. It was not until the beast king shouted his name that Tianqing captured Han Fei and Ximen Linglan away.

For Ximen Linglan, she was unable to completely acquire what several Venerable-level powerhouses taught her in the short term. It was just because she worked very hard that she managed to learn a few percent of it, which was already a huge benefit.

At this moment, the two of them were standing on a towering peak. Tianqing looked at the two of them solemnly.

Tianqing said, “The Sky Clan has inherited two ultimate skills. One of them is the Heavenly Void Divine Movement, and the other is the Star Teleportation Technique. Wang Han, you can learn both. Ximen Linglan, you can only learn the Heavenly Void Divine Technique and can’t teach it to others. Otherwise, I will come to you.”

Ximen Linglan was shocked.

She had long known that the Venerables had taught her because of Wang Han, but she wasn’t jealous at all. Anyway, in her opinion, teaching Han Fei was no different from teaching her.

Besides, even if they were willing to teach him, she probably wouldn’t be able to learn all of them in a short year. Just like how she got the Hundred War Divine Hammer from the War Giants, but he could only finish two rounds now and had already benefited a lot from it. And just like the Three Thousand Demon Rods of the beast race, so far she could only create a hundred-layered wave and couldn’t even leave the Beast King Valley.

Han Fei didn’t notice it, but when he heard “Star Teleportation”, his eyes glittered.

Tianqing looked at Han Fei. Did Han Fei also have connections with the Sky Clan?

Out of curiosity, Tianqing pointed at the shadow of a mountain in the distant clouds and said, “Han Fei, fly to there and fly back as fast as you can.”

Han Fei scratched his head. “Okay.”


The Phantom Glass Wings spread, he activated Devil Change and Agility of Wind.



Han Fei instantly broke the sound barrier and disappeared from Ximen Linglan’s eyes. The latter opened gaped in shock. “So fast.”

Tianqing’s expression didn’t change at all, and he shook his head slightly. Although Han Fei wasn’t slow, he didn’t see any shadow of the Sky Clan’s technique on Han Fei.


Suddenly, Tianqing found that Han Fei was still accelerating in mid-air and put an acceleration array on himself. He also noticed that Han Fei’s flying technique had changed. Although it was only suitable for straight-line acceleration, it had a trace of Heavenly Void Divine Movement.

Immediately, Tianqing was sure that Han Fei was indeed not related to the Sky Clan. However, someone had once observed the Heavenly Void Divine Technique, captured a trace of its essence, and created the accelerating technique Han Fei was using.

Tianqing didn’t take it seriously at all.

Even if Han Fei’s accelerating technique couldn’t compare to the Heavenly Void Divine Movement, once he learned the Heavenly Void Divine Movement, he might be able to unleash a terrifying speed.

Even Tianqing was a little curious. If Han Fei learned the Heavenly Void Divine Movement, coupled with his secret techniques and arrays, his speed would probably be comparable to a half Explorer’s.

The reason why it was a half Explorer was that once he became an Explorer, he couldn’t be measured by speed alone. At that time, the speed of shattering the void wasn’t something a law enforcer could understand.


Like a flash of light, when Han Fei stood on the top of the mountain again, Ximen Linglan had just breathed for three seconds. This made her feel terrible.

The distance between the two mountains was more than a hundred kilometers, right? Only three seconds?

Tianqing said indifferently, “There’s nothing to be surprised at. After you learn the Heavenly Void Divine Movement, one second will be enough. And as you become stronger, you will only be faster.”

Ximen Linglan felt a chill down her spine and clicked her tongue. Only Tianqing could say that.

Tianqing said, “Remove the soul resistance. I’ll teach you the technique.”

Two feather-shaped fingers touched the center of Han Fei and Ximen Linglan’s eyebrows respectively.

At that moment, Han Fei felt the light and shadow in his mind flashing. The so-called Heavenly Void Divine Movement was actually related to space. When rushing, the user made himself fly between illusions and reality. The so-called air resistance disappeared at that moment.

That was not all.

Such a technique contained strange energy that could push one forward. Under the dual effects, the user could push his speed to the extreme.

An hour later, Han Fei and Ximen Linglan opened their eyes.

Tianqing said indifferently, “In fact, this world is not as real as what we see with our naked eyes. Under the reality, there is also the chaotic void. There is even no concept of time there. What you need to do is to find the feeling of nothingness. The space in front of you is not pure reality. When you reach a certain speed, you will realize the boundary between reality and illusion, which is the void of the sky. If you want to enter this state, you first need to reach the selfless state…”

Tianqing’s voice was cold and emotionless.

However, his every word was imprinted in the minds of Han Fei and Ximen Linglan.

Ximen Linglan didn’t feel anything, because she couldn’t comprehend this mysterious thing with her own imagination.

But Han Fei was different. In his mind, the Void Realm appeared. For example, the starry sky of the Sea Quelling Painting and the Soul Restriction Sky of the Sky Meditation Garden.

Those places had changed the rules of time.

However, his memories were incomplete, so this scene only appeared, but he didn’t remember anything.

However, there was still a difference between having experience and not having experience. Therefore, Han Fei felt that he seemed to understand a little bit, but only a little bit, so he couldn’t wait to try it out.

Tianqing waved his hand and said indifferently, “Youtian, Yanwei, come.”

“Tweet ~”

Han Fei and Ximen Linglan saw two flashes of light, one behind the other, like two flashes of light cutting through the sky. Especially the light in front, it cut through the air.

Han Fei suddenly covered his head and said, “Sky Swimming Falcon.”

Tianqing instantly looked at Han Fei. However, he immediately calmed down and thought to himself, It seems that this boy also had interactions with the Sky Clan in the future! In this case, the Sky Clan has survived in the future!

Ximen Linglan, on the other hand, quickly supported Han Fei with a complicated look. Han Fei couldn’t have possibly heard of creatures that she hadn’t even heard of! This could only mean one thing: in Han Fei’s memory, there was something about Sky Swimming Falcons.


At this moment, another big white-headed and black-bodies bird also landed. In comparison, this bird, Yanwei’s speed was much slower.

Tianqing said, “The Sky Swimming Falcon is one of the fastest ferocious birds of the sky race. A Sky Swimming Falcon with a complete inheritance and below the Explorer level is comparable to a legendary creature. Once he becomes an Explorer and awakens his bloodline, his speed is comparable to an ancient exotic species. Legend has it that in the Age of Gods, the strongest Sky Swimming Falcon is comparable to a divine beast. Wang Han, your task is to simulate the Sky Swimming Falcon’s flying posture and try to catch up with it.”

After speaking to Han Fei, Tianqing pointed at Yanwei and said to Ximen Linglan, “Swallow-tailed Glede are known for their grace and agility. Their highest speed during hunting is comparable to that of a Sky Survey Golden Hawk, which is almost legendary. It’s impossible for you to catch up to a Sky Swimming Falcon below in the same realm as you. Therefore, the Swallow-tailed Glede is your target, but this is also very difficult. Chase him first and practice flying skills.”

After Tianqing finished speaking, he said to the Swallow-tailed Glede, “Take her to practice first.”

Ximen Linglan glanced at Han Fei. She knew that Tianqing was going to teach Han Fei the Star Teleportation Technique alone, and she didn’t want to disturb him, so she jumped down and chased after the Swallow-tailed Glede.

After Ximen Linglan left, Tianqing said lightly, “You should have seen the Sky Swimming Falcon, but I don’t know if you have fought with one. If you have, you will find that the Sky Swimming Falcon can use the Star Teleportation Technique in a small range. This technique can ignore the rules of space and help you escape from the cage and death. However, the Star Teleportation Technique of Youtian is not complete. To really use the Star Teleportation Technique, you still need to spend a certain amount of time… You don’t need to understand it now, you just need to remember it. Go, come back in three months, and I will teach you the Star Teleportation Technique.”

The Sky Swimming Falcon tilted its head and glanced at Han Fei. “If you catch up with me, I’ll treat you to fish.”

Han Fei was annoyed by the provocative look of the Sky Swimming Falcon. For some reason, a scene of him and the Sky Swimming Falcon fighting appeared in his mind.


Han Fei quickly grabbed at the Sky Swimming Falcon, but the latter flashed and appeared a hundred meters away.

Tianqing said lightly, “Wang Han, except for speed, don’t fight with unconventional methods.”

Tianqing could see it clearly.

He certainly knew that the Sky Swimming Falcon was no match for Han Fei in the same realm. However, in terms of speed, Han Fei had little chance of winning.

Swish! Swish!

One bird and one person flew out one after another, suddenly disappearing into the vast clouds.

For some reason, Han Fei felt that when he saw the Sky Swimming Falcon, he was a little angry and wanted to catch it. However, when he ran at full speed, he found that he was still not as fast as this bird.

However, the Sky Swimming Falcon’s voice rang in Han Fei’s mind. “Idiot, if you want to catch up with me with this speed, you’ll have no chance in this life.”


Han Fei roared.

For a time, a strange scene appeared in the Grand Myriad Mountains. Humans and birds chased each other, and every time they passed a mountain, a large number of birds flew away.

In the sky, golden hawks hovered and giant vultures chased. On the cliff, tens of thousands of birds flapped their wings and shouted.

“Fly, fly!”

“That human is so fast.”

“No matter how fast he is, he can’t compare to Youtian!”

But after chasing for half an hour, Han Fei was no longer angry. His eyes became glassy again, but his flying posture was more and more similar to that of the Sky Swimming Falcon.

The Sky Swimming Falcon snorted. “Learn from me? Humph, it’s useless to learn from me. You still can’t catch up with me.”

No matter what technique it was, as long as there was a way to learn it, progress was inevitable.

On the path of cultivation, as long as one cultivated with all his heart, he would accomplish something in the end. But there were also very few techniques, such as the Indestructible Body, which were extremely difficult to cultivate. And the 64-Dimensional Fish Dragon Dance was also extremely difficult to grasp.

The difficulty of practicing the Heavenly Void Divine Movement was not mainly flying. In terms of flying skills, it only took Han Fei half a month to reach the same level as the Sky Swimming Falcon.

Therefore, in the following period of time, this man and the bird flew across almost half of the Grand Myriad Mountains, and even passed by the territories of the War Giants, the Beast King Valley, and the Demon Plant Forest many times.

And Han Fei also had some understanding of the so-called real and fake. This was like a strong master stepping through the void. When his speed was extremely fast, Han Fei often ignored the time.

At this moment, the picture Han Fei saw was different. It was as if space was distorted, or some special line form appeared in space.

After two months of chasing, Han Fei had entered the selfless state several times.

At that moment, he had forgotten that he was chasing the Sky Swimming Falcon. Instead, he kept flying in a certain direction, turning into the Sky Swimming Falcon chasing him, or looking at him.

On this day.

Han Fei entered the selfless state again. He seemed to see flashing lights in the illusion. Even Han Fei himself didn’t notice that his speed was almost several times faster.

The Sky Swimming Falcon had been following him. Anyway, his task was to teach him how to fly. Whether he could grasp it or not depended on Han Fei himself.

But as they flew, the Sky Swimming Falcon’s face suddenly changed drastically. “Not good, stupid Wang Han, stop! You’re flying to the wrong place! Stop!”

However, Han Fei had already entered the selfless state. In the same realm, his speed was no slower than that of the Sky Swimming Falcon. Therefore, the Sky Swimming Falcon couldn’t stop him.

In the distance, beyond the three mountains, there was also a towering mountain. It was the first peak of the Grand Myriad Mountains. It was extremely steep, reaching the sky.

At this moment, within a radius of more than 30 kilometers, wind and rain were raging and thunder was rumbling.


To his surprise, Han Fei was originally changing between illusion and reality, but a dark void suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. Han Fei plunged into it.

When Han Fei plunged into the void, he instantly woke up. Did he tear the void?

But he had no experience!

Whether it was the former Han Fei or the current Han Fei, neither had stepped into the Void Realm. Now that he had entered it, he didn’t know how to get out.

In this void, the only difference was that a light spot appeared in front of him. Out of instinct, Han Fei went straight for the light spot.


When Han Fei reappeared, he found himself on the top of a mountain.

Around the top of the mountain, there was wind and rain, and occasionally lightning flashed across the sky.

In front of him, there was a big red tree, which was more than 10 meters tall. Its leaves were like red ribbons, like algae in the ocean, fluttering with the wind.

And under the tree stood a weird person with a human body, a sheep head, and a fox tail.

This person had two horns. His hair, eyebrows, and beard were very long, but he looked extremely young. On his shoulders, there were bone spurs protruding from his flesh like two small wings in front of him. A pair of gray wings were folded behind his back, and his long tail was casually dragged on the ground.

At this moment, the man was smiling and looking at Han Fei.

Han Fei scratched his head and didn’t know what to say, so he just stared at the man.

After a moment, the man said in a warm voice, “As I expected, your soul was messed up and your mind was sealed. Boy, if you don’t mind, can I see your soul?”

Han Fei took a step back. He had never seen this man before, so he subconsciously repelled him.


Tianqing’s figure suddenly appeared. Han Fei was relieved to see him.

Tianqing looked at the strange man with a complicated expression. “You can’t pry into his soul. He was protected by a powerful soul treasure. If you forcibly peep at his soul, his soul will be crushed.”

However, the strange man said, “I’m the same as you. I just need to peep at a wisp of his soul. He’ll just vomit blood at most.”

Tianqing nodded slightly and said to Han Fei, “My disciple, don’t worry. He won’t hurt you.”

Han Fei was slightly relaxed after hearing that. When the man pointed a finger at him, Han Fei felt an extremely gentle force tap his forehead.

This time, he didn’t vomit blood. Before Han Fei realized what was going on, the weirdo had retracted his hand.

The weirdo took a few steps, stood on the top of the mountain, and looked up, letting the heavy rain fall on him.

At that moment, Han Fei suddenly felt a sense of loneliness. This person was very lonely.

After a long time, Tianqing asked, “What do you think?”

The strange man shook his head slightly. “As you said, his soul is indeed powerful. Judging from a piece of his scattered memory fragments, the human race still exists in the future. However, the Great Dao is damaged and it will be even harder to become a king.”

Tianqing’s eyes constricted. “What about the other races?”

The weirdo said casually, “Although this guy is a Heavenly Talent, he’s very young and hasn’t been in contact with many other races. However, I sensed something weird from him.”


The strange man said leisurely, “Opportunity, and ominousness.”

Before Tianqing asked, the weirdo continued, “To be precise, he hasn’t been qualified to touch the ominous yet. However, through this ominousness, we can guess that there are strong masters above the king level in the future.”

Tianqing sighed slightly. “So, there are still no leads on the gods?”

The strange person nodded slightly. “Yes! Alright, you can take him away. However, once this person becomes a peak-level law enforcer, he won’t be able to be protected by that soul treasure anymore. With his level-nine spiritual heritage, even if he doesn’t cultivate, his growth speed won’t be slow. Even if you try to suppress his realm, it won’t be able to be suppressed in at most 50 years.”

Tianqing nodded slightly. “Got it.”

Han Fei didn’t understand a word they said. They seemed to be talking about him, but why? He didn’t know.

After the Sky God took Han Fei away, the Sky Swimming Falcon rushed over. “King, are you okay?”

Tianqing shook his head. “I’m fine. Wait for me to teach him the Star Teleportation Technique. Continue. This time, you can fight.”

The Sky Swimming Falcon was relieved to hear that.

In the Grand Myriad Mountains, the only mountain that couldn’t be approached was the highest peak. This time, he didn’t notice it in advance, almost causing serious trouble.

Han Fei suddenly asked, “Who is he?”

Tianqing glanced at Han Fei. “You’re really curious. Even sealing your consciousness can’t suppress your curiosity. He is an ominous son of god, the strongest in the Grand Myriad Mountains. He can fight four venerables alone.”

Han Fei was slightly surprised. One person could fight four venerables? How strong was he?

But Tianqing said lightly, “However, his path is broken. Therefore, he has no hope of becoming a king in his life. In the future, when the beast king makes a breakthrough and becomes a king, he will no longer be the strongest.”

Han Fei asked, “Road, broken?”

Tianqing said regretfully, “Wang Han, there are gods in this world. The sons of god are just the continuation of the bloodline of the gods. When the gods die and the Great Dao collapses, their path is broken. In such a case, unless he re-cultivates and reopens a path, otherwise, it’s impossible for him to break through and become a king. However, the situation is turbulent, and there’s no time for him.”

Han Fei didn’t understand. However, he didn’t ask anymore, as it seemed to be very far away from him.

Han Fei didn’t really master the Heavenly Void Divine Movement Technique, but he had already learned it. What was left was only practice.

When the Star Teleportation Technique was activated, Tianqing said lightly, “Don’t use secret techniques. When you can rely on your speed to touch Youtian, your job is finished.”

Compared to Han Fei, Ximen Linglan’s comprehension speed was much slower. When it was the eighth month, Ximen Linglan finally grasped the selfless state and learned the rudiments of the Heavenly Void Divine Movement.

After that, the Swallow-tailed Glede no longer cared about Ximen Linglan.

Therefore, on a high cliff somewhere in the Grand Myriad Mountains, Ximen Linglan was cultivating alone. In these three years, she had indeed learned a lot of things.

At this moment, she looked at the man and the bird in the void who were twisting space infinitely.

She would be lying if she said she wasn’t envious.

However, Ximen Linglan knew that this was too difficult! Not everyone could do it. Even Han Fei had been fighting this high-frequency space chase for half a year, but he hadn’t touched Youtian yet!

The tenth month.

The Sky Swimming Falcon shouted, “I warn you, don’t use other means. I’m watching you. If you use other means, I’ll tell the king.”

The void around Han Fei twisted.

With a swish, his body appeared in front of the Sky Swimming Falcon, and the space around the latter changed almost at the same time.

But this time, as soon as the Sky Swimming Falcon appeared, it saw Han Fei appear almost at the same time as him, grabbing its feathers with his fingers.

“How is that possible?”

The Sky Swimming Falcon screamed. When it took a closer look, it found that the figure that chased him a moment ago was actually a clone.


The Sky Swimming Falcon shrieked, “You cheated! Didn’t we agree not to use other means?”

At the top of the mountain, Ximen Linglan laughed. “This is no other means. This is his flash ability, which is also a kind of speed.”

The Sky Swimming Falcon snorted and shouted, “King, Wang Han played dirty. He won because he played dirty.”

Tianqing grunted and said casually, “Okay, fine! As long as he learns the Star Teleportation Technique.”

Tianqing stepped on the top of the mountain. “Go to the Demon Plant Forest! Remember, don’t eat spiritual fruits. Don’t eat anything.”

Han Fei scratched his head. “OK!”

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