God-Like Extraction - Chapter 354 - Tempted! (2)

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Chapter 354: Tempted! (2)

He Sanxiao scanned his surroundings. The ground was covered in broken bones and bone fragments. He was shocked and surprised.

Su Jingxing ignored him.

The Essence Soul body adjusted its remaining small amount of soul power to recover as soon as possible.

The glow emitted by the Wandering Dragon Saber gradually disappeared.

He had forcefully gotten through this battle entirely using the strength of the divine weapon and the defense of the Thunder Dragon Bone Armor.

The strength of the Half-Demon Overlord was several times that of Xiang Qingtian.

In other words, it was at least equivalent to the Soul Fixation realm!

Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul was very satisfied that it killed an entity in the Soul Fixation realm with the divine weapon and the Thunder Dragon Bone Armor.

Even though the Thunder Dragon Bone Armor was covered in scars after this battle.

“Tss! Brother Kong, what’s that?”

Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul did not respond, so He Sanxiao scanned the surroundings on his own. When he saw the huge black door in the distance, he was shocked and asked in a low voice, “What is this door?”

“The Door of Darkness.”

Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul, which had recovered a little, put away the Wandering Dragon Saber and said calmly, “These skeleton demonic creatures all came from the Door of Darkness.”

“The Door of Darkness? That sounds apt.”

He Sanxiao didn’t think too much about it. He thought that it was Su Jingxing who had given the huge black door its name. He nodded and said, “There won’t be any more demonic creatures coming out, right? Also, what kind of space or world is behind the door of darkness? The Ancient Demons’ world?”

“It doesn’t matter. What’s important is how to close or seal this door!”

Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul’s tone became low. “If it’s not closed, there will be demonic creatures coming from the other side at any time. The demonic creatures I killed are only low-level existences. If stronger demonic creatures appear, even securing this place will become a problem.

“Once the demonic creatures rush out of the Demon’s Den and occupy Dongting Mountain…”

Su Jingxing did not continue, but He Sanxiao could infer what he meant.

Once the demonic creatures occupied Dongting Mountain, the southwest of Yu Nation would be in danger.

If the demonic creatures that emerged were very powerful, the entire Yu Nation would suffer.

In the end, the entire Eastern Continent would also fall.

One Door of Darkness had suddenly become the source of calamity for the human world.

Although He Sanxiao was not a citizen of the Yu Nation, as a human, he naturally did not want to see humans being slaughtered and devoured by demonic creatures.

“Yes, we have to close it.”

He Sanxiao steadied his breathing and said in a low voice, “But, how do we do that? Or seal it?”

The Door of Darkness was clearly not ordinary.

Such a door that connected two spaces, even worlds, could not be closed using ordinary methods, restrictions, or array formations.

To block the entrance and prevent the demonic creatures from coming out, they had to be ruthless.

“I’ll go to the cabinet to get the relevant information.”

Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul thought quickly and said, “Before I return, please guard this place, Brother He.”

“…No problem.”

He Sanxiao hesitated for three seconds before nodding. “Ordinary people don’t know much about Ancient Demons and demonic creatures, but the royal families of the various countries have collected the relevant information. Brother Kong, feel free to go ahead. With me here, you can rest assured.”

Of course, if an Ancient Demon really came through the Door of Darkness, He Sanxiao would definitely turn around and run.

Although He Sanxiao didn’t state it explicitly, Su Jingxing understood.

There was nothing to complain about, and there was no need to force He Sanxiao to swear an oath to not retreat and keep guard to the death.

It was already very kind of He Sanxiao to agree to temporarily hold the fort here.

Only an idiot would go overboard and provoke the other person to the point of shedding all pretense of cordiality.

“Thank you, Brother He.”

Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul smiled at He Sanxiao and bowed to express its gratitude.

“Ha, you’re too polite. You’d better go and come back quickly, hahaha.”

He Sanxiao laughed heartily.

Hearing this, Su Jingxing didn’t go on. After thanking him, he quickly rushed towards the passageway of the Demon’s Den.

When he reached the bottom of the passageway, he soared into the sky and headed straight for the exit.

In the Yu Nation’s Void World.

Su Jingxing’s main body continued to browse through the memories of the Half-Demon Baletudor.

Most of the memories of this Half-Demon with average strength were either fighting or on the way to fighting.

According to Baletudor’s memories, there were several types of Half-Demons in the Little Demon World.

Baletudor belonged to the Bone Demon race. Apart from them, there were other Half-Demons.

And between different types of Half-Demons, they would often fight and seize one another’s demonic energy source.

This source of demonic energy was the source of power bestowed to the Half-Demons by the three True Demons.

The more intense the battle between Half-Demons, the faster the growth of the demonic energy source.

That’s right, the battle between the Half-Demons was deliberately facilitated by the three True Demons.

In any case, once a Half-Demon died, they could be created again. No matter how many times they died, the three True Demons could revive them.

Just like that, Baletudor and the other Half-Demons killed, killed, and killed every day.

It wasn’t until the 18 Demon Soul Fruit Trees in the Little Demon World were about to ripen that all the Half-Demons stopped fighting each other. They were gathered together and formed an army, preparing to invade the human world.

Yes, the three True Devils were preparing to return to the human world.

The time to return was when the Demon Soul Fruit Trees were completely mature. With the power of the Demon Soul Fruit Tree, the three True Demons would break through to a higher realm and be able to defeat the True Gods in the human world.

To be fearless of the True Gods of the human world and kill them was the fundamental goal of returning to the human world.

As for the Demon Soul Fruit Trees, they were treasures of the Little Demon World.

Baletudor was only an ordinary Half-Demon. He didn’t know where such a treasure like the Demon Soul Fruit Tree came from.

It only knew that the Demon Soul Fruit Tree was the key to their invasion of the human world. It was a treasure that could make the three True Demons stronger.

A Demon Soul Fruit Tree took 3,000 years to bloom, 3,000 years to bear fruit, 3,000 years to become mature.

Only when they were mature would the mysterious power of the Demon Soul Fruit Trees be emitted for the three True Demons to absorb.

As for the fruits, they were also useful to True Demons, but not as useful as the mysterious power.

As for what the mysterious power was, Baletudor also had no idea.

All it knew was that one could become stronger after eating a Demon Soul Fruit.

The effects of the Demon Soul Fruit were mainly targeted at the body and constitution.

Of course, soul power would also increase.

Be it soul power or constitution, the energy provided by the Demon Soul Fruit was very pure.

Baletudor had heard the Half-Demon Overlord mention that even a human could absorb the energy of the Demon Soul Fruit to become stronger!

Su Jingxing’s heart raced when he watched this segment.

Humans could also absorb it!

That’s right, pure energy could be absorbed and refined by any lifeform.

As for the energy being more targeted for the body, Su Jingxing looked forward to it even more.

His physical body was already in the Transcendent-grade, but he did not know how to become stronger.

The mutated true essence could not be increased.

Even if it did increase, it would still be true essence, not an improvement for the physical body.

Su Jingxing didn’t believe that his Transcendent-grade physical body couldn’t become stronger.

This had nothing to do with his transcendent body or his current golden body that had reached the fifth transformation.

His current physical body had reached its limits.

If I eat a few Demon Soul Fruits, can I break the limit?

Su Jingxing’s heart raced.

The probability is very high!

This probability is extremely high!

Su Jingxing was tempted.

Especially when he continued to browse through the memories of Baletudor, he discovered that once the Demon Soul Fruit Tree was destroyed, the True Demon would be unable to break through its current realm and become stronger.

18 Demon Soul Fruit Trees, three True Demons, each owned six trees.

The True Demons made a breakthrough with the help of the mysterious power emitted by the Demon Soul Fruit Tree. However, with one less tree, Demon Soul Fruit Tree, the True Demons would not be able to break through.

As long as these Ancient Demons could not break through, they would not dare to return to the human world, nor would they be able to pass through the Door of Darkness.

That’s right, in order to stop the True Gods of the human world from entering the underground and breaking into the Little Demon World, when the three Ancient Demons were setting up the Door of Darkness, they had deliberately locked the realms of individuals that could pass through the Door of Darkness.

Primordial Spirits could not enter!

Simply put, the Martial Sages on the human side that were in the Primordial Spirit realm could not pass through the Door of Darkness.

Even the three Ancient Demons hiding in the Little Demon World could not pass through the Door of Darkness and come out.

In order to survive, these three True Demons simply sealed off their escape routes.

Then, they planted the Demon Soul Fruit Trees and waited for 9,000 years.

For every day they did not break through, they would not leave the Little Demon World.

Su Jingxing didn’t know how the three Ancient Demons managed to live for so long.

Or did Ancient Demons have such long lifespans to begin with?

He only knew that the fact that the three Ancient Demons could not come out of the Little Demon World was a rare piece of good news!

The uniqueness of the Demon Soul Fruit Tree gave Su Jingxing a sudden idea.

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