God-Like Extraction - Chapter 353 - Tempted! (1)  

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Chapter 353: Tempted! (1)


The space trembled and ripples spread.

Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul stood still. It had successfully resisted the pressure released by the Half-Demon Overlord, Augsabel.

Plkch! Plkch! Plkch!

Augsabel’s bone claws tore through the air, leaving marks on the Thunder Dragon Bone Armor.

The immense force pushed Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul backward.

Augsabel’s bone claws were not as sharp as divine weapons, but not by much.

The Thunder Dragon Bone Armor could block it, but over time, it would definitely be broken through.

Therefore, as Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul resisted Augsabel, it summoned the divine weapon, the Wandering Dragon Saber, from the Void World.

The main body rose into the air and headed to the Void World to keep guard.


A ray of white light descended from the sky and headed straight for Dongting Mountain.


With a soft sound, the huge light barrier of the Celestial Pole Sect’s defensive array formation was penetrated by the white light.

Wu Qifen and the others only managed to catch a ray of light flash past their eyes before the white light turned incorporeal and entered the back mountain, arriving at the underground space where the entrance to the Demon’s Den was.

He Sanxiao, who was guarding the entrance of the Demon’s Den, felt his heart skip a beat and dodged to the side.

In his vision, he saw a ball of white light appear before quickly burrowing into the Demon’s Den and heading deep underground.

“Was that… a divine weapon?”

He Sanxiao narrowed his eyes slightly as he recalled the general shape of the white light.

In the end, he confirmed that it was a divine weapon!

“Is Kong Xuan in trouble down there?”

He Sanxiao pondered for a moment and made his decision.


With a flash, He Sanxiao also jumped into the den.


Relying on the might of the Thunder Dragon Bone Armor, Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul clashed head-on with the Half-Demon Overlord, Augsabel.

In terms of strength, Augsabel was even stronger.

In terms of defense, the Thunder Dragon Bone Armor was more outstanding.

As a result, neither Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul nor Augsabel could do anything to the other.



A ball of white light descended from the passageway and flew into the underground cave, heading straight for Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul.


Saber light bloomed and saber energy surged.

The moment the Wandering Dragon Saber was in his hand, the Essence Soul directly activated the power of the divine weapon and slashed at Augsabel.



The bones on one side of Augsabel’s body broke, and its massive body was sent flying into a bone mountain.


White light flashed as the saber energy penetrated through the air.

Su Jingxing controlled the Wandering Dragon Saber and followed closely behind Augsabel. It flew out at high speed. The moment Augsabel fell to the ground, the Wandering Dragon Saber pierced through the Half-Demon Overlord’s body.


A snarl of pain and anger reverberated through the underground cave.

Amidst the seemingly corporeal sound waves, countless bones were lifted off the ground and scattered in midair.


Bone fragments danced in the air.


Augsabel propped itself up on the ground and crawled up from the ground with a huge wound, blowing away the bone pieces on its body.

The flames in its eyes flickered wildly, burning and boiling.

All of a sudden——

Hu! Hu! Hu!

Thick black demonic energy spread out from Augsabel’s body and transformed into wyrms. They roared and bared their fangs as they ran through the air.

In an instant, these wyrms circled around Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul.

Masses of black demonic energy were left behind, surrounding Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul.

In his vision, Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul could only see the demonic energy, but not Augsabel.

His perception was useless, and he could not lock onto its aura.

At this moment, the Half-Demon Overlord, Augsabel, seemed to have completely transformed into a demon and existed in every corner around Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul.

This was the first time the Essence Soul had encountered such a method of concealing everything, but it wasn’t afraid.

Since Augsabel wanted to devour it with its heretic art, Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul would do the opposite.


The Tiangang Demon Suppression Hand was executed. The snow-white light was like a huge incandescent lamp, illuminating the entire underground cave.

The masses of demonic energy that surrounded Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul were quickly melted, penetrated, dissolved, or evaporated like snow under the scorching sun.


The Half-Demon Overlord, Augsabel, roared and transformed into its true form, pouncing at Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul.


Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul held the Wandering Dragon Saber and infused soul power into it. It pushed the power of the divine weapon to the limits and faced Augsabel.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

One strike followed another, each faster than the last.

The blades struck the body of the Augsabel, shattering its already broken bones.

During this process, the Thunder Dragon Bone Armor was also ravaged by Augsabel, leaving claw marks.

The mask was the most damaged and was about to be torn apart.


With a loud bang, countless broken bones and pieces of bone flew into the air.

Augsabel, finally couldn’t hold on any longer and exploded from a single slash.

When He Sanxiao came out of the passageway of the Demon’s Den, he was stunned on the spot when he saw the flying bone fragments.



Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul, which had extracted a card, held the Wandering Dragon Saber in its hand and shot a murderous aura at He Sanxiao.

An invisible but terrifying pressure, mixed with a tangible killing intent, came striking.

He Sanxiao instinctively retreated. At the same time, he snapped out of his daze and hurriedly waved his hands. “It’s me, Brother Kong. It’s me, He Sanxiao!”


The boundless pressure in the air slowly disappeared.

The flying bones fell to the ground.

Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul restrained its aura and retracted its gaze from He Sanxiao.

He Sanxiao swallowed his saliva and wrapped his body with true essence to resist the invasion of the surrounding demonic energy as he walked towards Su Jingxing.

“Brother Kong, you… took care of all of them?”

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