God Emperor - Chapter 1900 - Unparalleled

Chapter 1900: Unparalleled

“How can a human cultivate the Seven-Orifices Netherblood Palm to such a degree?”

Upon seeing the shadow of Lord Ming appearing behind Zhang Ruochen, the Long-faced Princess was extremely shaken.

They had come to rescue Lord Ming and naturally knew everything about the latter, so they recognized at a glance that Zhang Ruochen was using the unique technique that Lord Ming had created.

It was just that as far as they knew, even an Immortal Vampire would find it difficult to fully cultivate the Seven-Orifices Netherblood Palm, let alone comprehending its essence. How did Zhang Ruochen pull it off?

Unfortunately, they did not have the luxury to think about it, and needed to focus on dealing with the Seven-Orifice Netherblood Palm. The overwhelming force caused them enormous stress.

Bam! Bam!!

Prince Yun and the Long-faced Princess was sent flying, unable to withstand the devastating power of the palm strike.


The Long-faced Princess spat out a mouthful of blood, all of her internal organs suffering various degrees of damage.


Suddenly, the Long-faced Princess’ heart shook.

The space she was in was frozen, and her mobility was restricted.

There was no doubt that this was Zhang Ruochen’s doing. She had almost forgotten that Zhang Ruochen was the Scion of Time and Space, and his techniques in time and space were his trump card.

The Long-faced Princess was terrified, and desperately used all of her strength to try and break through the dimensional freeze.

She was too careless. If she had bee cautious, she would not have been thrown into such a backfoot situation.

Of course, she was also misled by Zhang Ruochen. In the earlier battle, Zhang Ruochen had not used any time and space techniques, and that let her to be unconsciously negligent.

Zhang Ruochen appeared out of nowhere about the Long-faced Princess, and blasted a palm strike downwards.


The Long-faced Princess’ head exploded, and her Saint Soul annihilated, perishing on the spot.

She had only just broke through the dimensional freeze, and had intended to use the Blood Seal to block the attack, but she was too slow.

The next moment, Zhang Ruochen pulled out the Long-faced Princess’ Saint Source, and stored alongside the Blood Seal into his bag.

Seeing the Long-faced Princess killed, Prince Yun was appalled, and he said, “Fall back.”

Seeing a princess dying just like that, the impact on his mind was undoubtedly crushing, and he was almost sure that Zhang Ruochen was not someone he could defeat.


Prince Wujie broke free from the magma, and wanted to retreat straight away.

Even the Gate of Destiny could not restrain Zhang Ruochen, and if he continued to fight, he would be following on the Long-face Princess footsteps.


Prince Wujie’s body was cut into two, and blood splattered all over.

The scene that was the most difficult to look back at happened again.


Prince Wujie let out a painful roar, his eyes became extremely menacing.

Using his powerful vitality, he did not die straight away as a strong sense of ignominy surged in his heart.

Being cut into two twice in a row, surely it was a joke.

The Gate of Destiny behind him collapsed, and could no longer form again.


Prince Wujie roared, and blasted his chains out.

Numerous arcane patterns appeared on the chain, and cold air radiated across it. Using the precepts in his body alongside the blood essence, he could fully unleash the power of the chains.

In an instant, the chains became a massive dragon, and the chill it radiated actually extinguished the Divine Purification Flames within a large area.

In fact, the chains had been infused with the soul of an Frost Dragon as the chain’s vessel spirit.

In the fact of Prince Wujie’s counterattack, Zhang Ruochen infused his Saint Qi into his Fire God’s Gauntlet and Fire God’s Armguards.

Immediately, the gauntlet and the armguard was on fire, as ancient wards appeared on it as a powerful, unrivalled divine power erupted from them.

“Sky Soaring Dragon-Elephant ”

Using the divine power, Zhang Ruochen unleashed the Dragon-Elephant Prajna Palm Strike.


The dragon formed from the chains exploded as the thunderous Yang energies forcibly evaporated the chill, and the arcane patterns on the chains quickly darkened.

The next moment, Zhang Ruochen pointed his finger.

The power of space gushed out, and the space where Prince Wujie was in compressed rapidly.


Prince Wujie let out a baleful cry, and was instantly pulped.

No matter how strong his vitality was, he would not survive such an ordeal.

Zhang Ruochen raised his hands to suppress the chains and dug out Prince Wujie’s Saint Source. He was calm, as if he had just done something very insignificant.

So far, he had killed a prince and a princess of the Immortal Vampires, and it looked very easy.

After breaking through into the realm of a Nine-step Saint King, his strength had increased greatly, and his normal combat power was comparable to someone of the Precept Dominion realm, and he could even kill someone of that realm.

He turned around, and could no longer find any traces of Prince Yun, clearly the latter had already taken the opportunity to flee.

“He sure ran away quickly.”

Zhang Ruochen murmured to himself, but he did not take it to heart.

It was just a Precept Dominion powerhouse, and was no threat to him. If that person dares to appear again, he’ll just finish the job there then.

At the same time, the Immortal Vampire army quickly retreated, apparently frightened by Zhang Ruochen’s show of force.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zhang Ruochen rallied the Zhenyu Clan cultivators, and rebuild the defenses.

He knew very well that this was just a probing attack, and the real battle had yet to begin.

He could never be able to defend the Sword Vault alone, and needed to gather the strength of everyone to work together.

Prince Yun fled back to the White Bone Mountain in a fit of panic, and said fearfully. “Zhang Ruochen’s cultivation had a breakthrough, and his strength had greatly improved. Both Prince Wujie and Princess Yue had died in his hands.”

“Damn that Zhang Ruochen, for him to break through the realm of a Nine-step Saint King in just a few days. It seems like I need to attend to this personally.” A terrifying killing intent appeared in the eyes of the Nine-eye Heavenly Lord.

The last time he had let Zhang Ruochen escape, and he had been nursing that grudge. This time around, he must take him down.

Xia Wenxin thought for a moment and said, “Be careful, don’t be careless.”

The Nine-eye Heavenly Lord smiled confidently. “Don’t worry, with me making my move, Zhang Ruochen will never be able to cause any big waves.”

Without any delay, he set off immediately, wanting to take down Zhang Ruochen and annihilate the Zhenyu Clan at the same time.

Soon after the Nine-eye Heavenly Lord left, a prince appeared on White Bone Mountain and said with a difficult expression. “The Nether Dungeon is heavily guarded, and the four wardens no simple characters. They even control an Azurefire Phantom Legion, we were checked and suffered heavy losses.”

The Immortal Vampire army had split into two when they attacked, one part was sent to wipe out the Zhenyu Clan, while the other went straight to attack the Nether Dungeon.

As a result, the situation on both sides was quite similar, neither achieving any results and instead suffered great losses.

“Seems like the rumors are true. The Netherkin is guarded by four special life forms, and the Qingtian Blood Emperor had failed to truly kill a warden.”

“There are many sword cultivators buried inside the Sword Vault, and with the aid of the special environment within the Sword Vault, the ghosts of the sword cultivators were preserved, forming the powerful Azurefire Phantom Legion. They are indeed a little difficult to deal with.”

“Yes, let’s focus on attacking the Zhenyu Clan, and eliminate all obstacles first.”

Xia Wenxin thought carefully, and then made a decision.

Since the beginning, Immortal Ming seemed very indifferent, as if this matter had nothing to do with him.

His goal was only the Big Dipper Portrait, and he could strike at any time. There was no need to rush into it.

Over on the Black Wilderness, the Immortal Vampire army struck again as they advanced vigorously. Wherever the army passed, all life perished.

The Nine-eye Heavenly Lord stood high in the air, looking down at the Zhenyu Clan.

His eyes was indifferent, regarding all of the Zhenyu Clan cultivators as mere ants.


A large number of formation patterns emerged from the ground as they started to kill the Immortal Vampire army.


The Nine-eye Heavenly Lord roared and blasted out a palm strike.

The monstrous blood Qi rushed out from his palm, releasing a terrifying palm strike, as if a star was falling.

With just this single strike, a large number of wards were wiped out, and were unable to play any further role in the defense.

“Zhang Ruochen, I want to see where can you run to this time.” The Nine-eye Heavenly Lord’s eyes locked onto Zhang Ruochen as a powerful killing intent rushed out of his body.

Sensing the terrifying murderous intent of the Nine-eye Heavenly Lord, Zhang Ruochen was unfazed, his expression was still calm. With a lift of his hand, he shot out a scroll of dimensions.

This was a Scroll of Chaotic Dimensions, and as soon as it unfolded, it will form a chaotic dimension, dragging a large number of Immortal Vampire warriors into it.

Once trapped inside a chaotic dimension, escape was almost futile.

Although the Nine-eye Heavenly Lord could break the chaotic dimension, if he did that, the chaotic power of space will kill all of the Immortal Vampire warriors trapped inside the chaotic dimension.

If he did not act, should time dragged on, the warriors trapped inside the chaotic dimension would forever be lost inside the chaotic dimension, and they would no longer be able to escape. It was as good as death.

It could be said that the moment the Immortal Vampire warriors were dommed the moment they were trapped inside the chaotic dimension.

On the other side, Zhang Ruochen activated the array of space that he had previously laid out, and trapped another large portion of Immortal Vampire into it.


The Nine-eye Heavenly Lord was infuriated, and immediately acted.

Behind him, the Immortal Vampire advancing rapidly.

Seeing the Nine-eye Heavenly Lord attacking, a faint smile appeared by the corner of Zhang Ruochen’s mouth as the Secret Tome of Time and Space appeared in his hand and quickly opened.

A multi-dimensional space was instantly formed, and thousands of Immortal Vampire warriors, the Nine-eye Heavenly Lord included, entered the multi-dimensional space.

With Zhang Ruochen’s current strength, the multi-dimensional space formed by the Secret Tome of Time and Space was undoubtedly stronger, and would not be easily broken.

The power of space quaked, and the Immortal Vampire warriors trapped inside the multi-dimensional space all exploded into pieces, leaving on their Saint Source and weapons.


The Nine-eye Heavenly Lord let out a sky-shaking roar. A power comparable to Path’s Anterior realm was unleashed, as he launched a frantically attack.


A layer of silver screen was shattered, unable to withstand the devastating attack.

However, there were dozens of layers of silver screen and destroying a layer did not mean he could break free, moreover, the shattered screen was quickly repaired.

“Zhang Ruochen, you dare to use trickery against me, I will make sure your corpse is rend asunder!” The Nine-eye Heavenly Lord roared again and again, and his momentum was actually rising.

“No good.” Zhang Ruochen’s expression suddenly changed.

Without hesitation, he wanted to close the Secret Tome of Time and Space, to truly suppress the Nine-eye Heavenly Lord.

Within the multi-dimensional space, all nine eyes of the Nine-eye Heavenly Lord suddenly opened at the same time, as a devastating force erupted abruptly.


This power was just too devastating, and forcibly shattering over dozens of silver light screens.

At the moment the Secret Tome of Time and Space closed, the Nine-eye Heavenly Lord managed to break free.

It was just that he was made to look quite miserable. His Hundred-Saint Blood Armor was damaged, and blood was flowing out of the flesh wings on his back, a testament to how difficult was it for him to break free.

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