Global Reincarnation: Becoming A God With My Unlimited Revive - Chapter 382 - Leveled Up Again  

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Chapter 382: Leveled Up Again


These two Farmers were Farmer Number 1 and Farmer Number 3. They were also the first batch of people to be summoned.

If Li Xuan had not been promoted, they would still be Farmer Number 1 and Farmer Number 2.

At the moment, other than the two of them, none of the other Farmers had returned. Clearly, something bad had happened to them.

In front of them were 10 stones, similar to the stones that Li Xuan had brought back the previous day.

Logically speaking, the harvest of the 10 stones should have been quite good, but unfortunately, only two Farmers had returned. This made Gu Xiaohao’s expression turn ugly, and his face even turned as black as the bottom of a pot.

“Damn it, how did you lead the team? So many Farmers died, and these stones only add up to 100 Energy Points. I can only create one more farmer.”

Gu Xiaohao angrily kicked Farmer Number 1, and he was so depressed that he wanted to bang his head against the wall.

“I’m sorry, my lord. I was too hasty.” Number 1 hurriedly admitted his mistake. He was so guilty that he did not dare to look at Gu Xiaohao.

“You! Forget it, forget it. be more careful in the future. Don’t be too hasty.”

Gu Xiaohao was very helpless. He clearly knew that the Farmer he created would not betray him. Every time they went out, they risked their lives. Their goal was to find resources.

Since so many people had died, although he was angry, he could only sit there gloomily and use the ancient token to absorb the stones bit by bit.

After the ten stones were quickly absorbed, Gu Xiaohao looked at the energy in the token and shook his head helplessly.

“There is not much energy left in the token. Adding the energy you just provided, it can only produce four Farmers. If we don’t get more Energy Points, we will have to sell our farmland.”

Gu Xiaohao looked at the farmland in the Southeast corner of the base. He had spent a lot of effort building it. If he sold it, the price would be reduced by half.

Thinking of the predicament of not having any energy, Gu Xiaohao sat there gloomily, feeling very distressed.

At this moment, he felt something. He raised his head and looked in the direction of the gate. Then, he saw a figure returning with a full load.

“You actually brought back a rare white mushroom! Is this the Red-Leafed Grass? This is a medicinal herb that can heal injuries. There are even iron ores? There are actually two pieces. It’s too strong.”

Gu Xiaohao looked in surprise at Li Xuan who walked in from the door. He could not believe that Li Xuan had brought back so many things. It was as if he was dreaming.

“Wait, is this the corpse of a big ant? You experienced a battle?! Are you injured?”

Gu Xiaohao ran over quickly. He only heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Li Xuan was not injured.

He also realized that Li Xuan’s companion had not returned. However, it was already very good that he could return safely after encountering a giant ant.

One had to know that the corpse of a giant ant alone was worth 120 Energy Points, which was more expensive than a Farmer.

In addition to the white mushroom, Red-Leafed Grass, and two pieces of iron ore, Gu Xiaohao felt that these could make up for the Farmers in an instant.

“Good, good, good. Number 2, you’re really my lucky star. I must reward you. Tell me, what reward do you want?

“Should I give you two Farmers as subordinates, or raise your level? 100 Energy Points can help you raise one level.”

Gu Xiaohao looked at Li Xuan seriously and decided to nurture Li Xuan to protect his safety.

There was no other way.

Farmer Number 1 had lost so many companions and only brought back ten ordinary stones. The total energy was only 100 Energy Points.

The two iron ores that Li Xuan had brought back were worth 200 Energy Points. In addition to the 120 Energy Points from the ant corpse, there was also the Red-Leafed Grass that could heal injuries and the white mushroom that had a higher nutritional value.

With so many good items, Gu Xiaohao realized that Li Xuan was extraordinary and valued him even more.

Therefore, he looked at Li Xuan and made two suggestions, asking what Li Xuan wanted.

“I want to level up,” Li Xuan said seriously.

His companions were all burdensome to him. Leveling up was the most fundamental thing, especially a legitimate upgrade. How could Li Xuan let it go?

“Okay, I’ll level up for you.”

Gu Xiaohao took out the ancient token. First, he injected two iron ores, an ant corpse, half a Red-Leafed Grass, and half a white mushroom into the token.

Then, he took the token and drew a strange symbol in the air.


A golden light flashed, and Li Xuan was bathed in the golden light. His level had also risen from Level 3 to Level 4.

The moment he leveled up, Li Xuan’s Soul Power had increased once again. It was equivalent to the 40 days of Qin Yue’s feedback. It could be said that he had gained quite a lot.

Serial number: No. 2 Vice-Captain

Level: 4 [1/40 Experience Points ]

Class: Farmer

Combat Power: 14

Specialty: weeding, planting, exterminating insects.

Ownership: God’s Domain, Gu Xiaohao’s territory

Potential: unknown

“Very good. Work hard and level up. You must reach Level 10 as soon as possible. When the time comes, I’ll give you a big gift.” Gu Xiaohao checked Li Xuan’s attributes and nodded in satisfaction.

Following this, he placed half of the Red-Leafed Grass into his pocket and took the half-eaten mushroom to cook.

As he ran, he muttered to himself that he would summon a few more Farmers after dinner.

Not long after, the mushroom soup was ready.

Li Xuan once again enjoyed special treatment. Under the envious gazes of Farmer Number 1 and Farmer Number 3, he received the mushroom soup and mushrooms.

After dinner, Gu Xiaohao waved the simple token in front of the Farmer’s Dormitory and started to summon new Farmers. Soon, a golden light flashed and covered the entire wooden house.

Not long after, five Farmers with dull expressions slowly walked out of the small wooden house and stood in front of Gu Xiaohao mechanically.

“Their potential is not high, and their combat ability is worrying. It seems that we need to build a barracks as soon as possible and summon soldiers. By then, we can protect the Farmers.”

Gu Xiaohao muttered to Li Xuan. He valued Li Xuan more and more. He did not want anything to happen to Li Xuan, so he naturally had to send people to protect him.

“Number 7 and 8, from now on, you will follow number 2, which is also your vice-captain. Protect his safety well and do your best to protect him.”

Gu Xiaohao pointed at the two Farmers and ordered them to protect Li Xuan well.


The two Farmers with dull expressions answered. Their bodies stiffened as they walked behind Li Xuan and protected him like bodyguards.

Number 1, who was not far away, watched silently. He looked very dejected as if a part of his authority had been stripped away.

“Number 1, you will lead the rest of the Farmers. Your talent is not bad. Make good use of it. Don’t be as eager to achieve instant success as you are today.” Gu Xiaohao looked at Number 1.

“Yes, my lord! I will work hard. This time, I will definitely make good use of my talent.”

Farmer Number 1 replied solemnly. It was as if his entire being had transformed, emitting a special fluctuation.

“Not bad, go and search for things to gain Energy Points.” Gu Xiaohao looked at the serious Farmer Number 1 and nodded in satisfaction.

“Yes, my lord!”

Everyone set off again and walked out of the base.

Farmer Number 1 did not say anything to Li Xuan. Instead, he led everyone and strode toward the West.

Li Xuan glanced at Farmer Number 1. He was somewhat curious about the fluctuation he had just experienced. That fluctuation was obviously different from that of an ordinary person.

“What is it? Forget it. I’ll go and search for things to gain Energy Points first. I’ll try to level up more.”

Li Xuan did not think anymore. He brought Farmer Number 7 and Farmer Number 8 to the East.

After reaching Level 4, his God’s Perspective had reached four meters. He could also see a little more than four meters with his vision. He could easily see things in the darkness.

“Eh? What is this?”

Li Xuan suddenly looked at the black earth. There seemed to be something in the protruding soil.

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