Global Reincarnation: Becoming A God With My Unlimited Revive - Chapter 381 - Level Up Again

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Chapter 381: Level Up Again


When they arrived at the entrance of the base, Number 1 suddenly looked at Li Xuan and said seriously.

“You’re very powerful, but I’m still the most valued one. I know a special place, and we will definitely bring back more things today.”

“Oh? Then bring more.”

Li Xuan nodded and led his little brother, Farmer Number 6 to the East in large strides.

When Number 1 saw this scene, he fell silent as if he had not expected such a scene to happen.

This also caused Number 1 to be at a loss. He did not know what to say for a moment. He could only watch as Li Xuan led Number 6 into the darkness.

There was a moment of silence.

Number 1 did not know what to do. In the end, he led the remaining Farmers toward the West.

On the other side, Li Xuan continued to walk East, thinking about how many harvests he would bring back today.

He was not far from leveling up at the moment. Leveling up quickly would allow him to exert more power and become safer. Naturally, he could not wait to level up.

The only thing he had to pay attention to was that he could not act too freakishly and expose too much of himself, causing unnecessary trouble.

“Let’s pick the mushrooms first. A single mushroom won’t have much of an effect. Let’s confirm whether the mushrooms are edible or not.”

As Li Xuan spoke, he continued to move forward along the path in his memory. Very soon, he saw a broken piece of wood and found the mushroom.

The moment he saw the mushroom.

Number 6’s eyes suddenly widened behind him. He could not wait to go over. However, he turned his head to look at Li Xuan again and gave him a thumbs up.

“Vice-captain, you’re the best.”

“Go and pick. I’ll take a look around.” Li Xuan signaled Number 6 to pick the mushrooms while he stood quietly not far away.


The hoe in Farmer Number 6’s hand turned into a billhook. He walked to the side of the mushrooms and began to chop the mushrooms bit by bit. As sparks flew, the mushrooms were chopped until they moved slightly.

Li Xuan watched quietly. After confirming that there were no abnormalities, he came closer. He carefully looked around and turned around to observe the surroundings.

His observation range was relatively wide, so he could see most of the dangers ahead of time.

For example, he had just walked a dozen steps to the left. With the help of his Treasure-Seeking Skill, he found hogweed. However, the little white bug on it gave him a sense of danger. Naturally, Li Xuan would not act rashly.

He walked around the hogweed and walked a dozen meters to the East. He saw two strange stones on the ground. The stones had a certain texture and a hint of iron-brown color.

“I’ll just take them with me. What if they are useful?”

Li Xuan picked up the hoe and picked up the two brown stones. When he found no bugs, he put them into his pocket.

Then, he walked a dozen steps forward and saw a small red-leafed grass.

Li Xuan did not feel any danger. He assessed his strength and found that it would not take long for him to hoe out the red-leafed grass.

In order to gain experience points, Li Xuan waved his hoe and began to cut down the grass quickly. At the same time, he used his Transcendent Level Monstrous Strength to cut down the grass crazily amidst the sparks.

After working for two hours, the red-leafed grass was finally cut down. At the same time, a ball of light fused into Li Xuan’s body.

[ Experience Points + 3]

“The Experience Points are not bad.”

Li Xuan was very satisfied with the Experience Points he gained. Seeing the juice flowing out of the red-leafed grass, he considered whether he should try it.

Considering that he did not have any sense of danger and that he had many skills, he carefully touched it and tasted it.

“It seems like the effects of herbs can heal injuries.” Li Xuan analyzed it carefully. He felt that the red-leafed grass was pretty good and its value was not low.

He tried to put it into the Portable Space, but it still could not be put in. It seemed like the rules were different or it was suppressed.

Shaking his head, Li Xuan circled the surroundings once more. He gradually familiarized himself with the surroundings. He saw quite a number of plants and rocks, and he also detected a large amount of danger.

For example, he encountered a white snake on the way. The snake’s observation range was even higher than Lone Wolf’s. It actually reached two meters. If it was not for Li Xuan’s intentional probing, he would not have been able to detect it.

Of course, snakes were also categorized. Li Xuan met another blue snake. Its detection range was only 1.5 meters. There was a huge difference between the various snakes.

Li Xuan carefully tested the situation in the East. In the end, he felt that it was about time. He carried the red-leafed grass and walked toward the mushroom.

However, when he walked around the broken wood where the mushroom was, he saw Farmer Number 6 waving his hoe and smashing a palm-sized black ant.

The key point was that there were many black spots on Farmer No. 6’s body, especially his ankles, which had all turned black. It was obvious that he had been poisoned.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Farmer No. 6 used all his strength to smash the big ant a few more times, causing it to be on the verge of dying. However, Farmer No. 6 fell to the ground first, without any breath.


Li Xuan looked at the dead Farmer No. 6, then looked at the struggling big ant that was smashed into the soil.

Li Xuan took a step forward, raised his hoe, and started to smash the ant.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Li Xuan’s strength was even greater. With the level buff, he smashed the ant to death in less than a minute. Then, a ball of light fell out and fused into Li Xuan’s body.

[ Experience Points + 3]


Li Xuan looked at the Experience Points and found that he was about to level up. Then, he looked at the dead Farmer No. 6, and the half-chopped mushroom. He sighed.

“An ant can kill a person. It seems that it is imperative to speed up the leveling up.”

Li Xuan shook his head and looked around the mushroom. After confirming that there was no danger, he turned the hoe into a billhook and slashed at the mushroom.

Amidst a large number of sparks, Li Xuan spent two hours before finally chopping the mushroom down.


A golden light flashed, and Li Xuan was the center of the light in the darkness.

His level had reached Level 3, and his Soul Power had increased by another section. It was equivalent to Qin Yue’s Soul Power for around 35 days.

It seemed that as his level increased, the amount of Soul Power he gained would also increase.

“Take a look at the attribute panel.” Li Xuan brought up the attribute panel.

Serial Number: Number 2 Vice-Captain

Level: 3 [1/30 Experience Points ]

Class: Farmer

Combat Power: 13

Forte: weeding, planting, pest control.

Territory: God’s Domain, Gu Xiaohao’s territory

Potential: unknown

“At Level 3, my combat power has increased by a little. My suppressed talents have been further liberated.”

Li Xuan carefully observed his surroundings. In the darkness, his vision could see 3.5 meters. His God’s Perspective had also increased, allowing him to display more of his strength.

“Overall, it’s pretty good. Looks like I still have to continue to level up.”

Li Xuan secretly made up his mind and prepared to continue working hard to level up and obtain more Soul Power.

“I’ll go back in a little while. This time, I’ve obtained two plants. I’ll definitely spend a little more time. Only then will it make sense.”

Li Xuan muttered and began to wander around the surroundings. With his stronger observation ability, he became more and more familiar with the situation around him.

It could be said that the area within 50 meters of the East of the base was almost completely explored by Li Xuan. As for the area 50 meters away, Li Xuan did not come into contact with it.

The strong sense of danger reminded him that the area 50 meters away was very dangerous. If his level was not high enough, it was best not to seek death.

Therefore, Li Xuan cautiously wandered within 50 meters. When it was almost time, he returned with the red leaf grass, mushrooms, ant corpses, and two brown stones.

“I wonder how Gu Xiaohao will react if I bring so many things back? If nothing unusual happens, then I’ll be able to level up with more confidence.”

Li Xuan looked at the two brown stones in his hands and vaguely felt that they were very valuable. One brown stone seemed to be equivalent to ten stones that he had brought back previously.

Of course, Li Xuan was only making an estimate. The specific situation still needed to be verified.

With anticipation, Li Xuan slowly walked toward the base and walked alone in the darkness.

Inside Gu Xiaohao’s base…

Two Farmers stood quietly. Their bodies were covered in blood. Their faces were pale and covered in wounds.

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