Global Reincarnation: Becoming A God With My Unlimited Revive - Chapter 326 - The Shock Brought by Li Xuan’s Disk Array

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Chapter 326 The Shock Brought by Li Xuan’s Disk Array

“Rookie transition?”

When the bearded man heard this, he was stunned for a moment before he continued, “Although it’s a transition, this kind of small defensive shield disk array is very good. It’s very suitable to be used as a shield.” “Use it as a shield? Why would you choose to use it like this? Isn’t the small defensive shield used as an array formation for the cave abode?”

Mei Liang Niang looked at the crowd with a strange look, but she didn’t say anything else. Instead, she took out a pile of small protective shield array disks from under the counter and handed them to the crowd.

“Well, this is all that’s left. Boss Li asked for this yesterday, so he specially brought it in,”Mei Liang Niang said with a shrug. “Is it what it looks like?”

The bearded man looked at the array formation and frowned. Then, he took out a spirit stone, inlaid it into an array disk, and pressed the start button.


A white protective shield appeared, covering half of the bearded man’s body, and his frown deepened.

Then, he raised his fist and punched at the protective shield. Bang!

The protective shield shattered, turning into light spots and dissipating in the world.

“Boss song, we don’t want this kind of small protective shield. We want high-quality ones, good ones, “the bearded man said seriously. “High-quality one? A good one? Aren’t small defensive barriers all the same?”The Pretty Lady was stunned and didn’t understand what the bearded man meant.

“It can’t be the same, boss song. Every time we charge at the front line and fight with the demonized creatures, we live on the edge of life and death every day, trying our best to protect the humans.

“A good small defensive barrier is very helpful to us. It can greatly improve the survival ability of the recruits. So I hope that boss song won’t hide it. Please take it out. This is really important!”

The bearded man said seriously. Even though he knew that boss song had a deep background, he still raised this question seriously.

“AH? Hide it?”

The Pretty Lady was so angry that she laughed. She had always been very serious in the military. She would never hide it. If there was something good, she would immediately take it out.

Now that she was being slandered, she was really a little angry. However, considering the efforts of these soldiers, she still said patiently.

“The function of the small protective shield is the same. Even if it’s a small protective shield made by a third-grade array formation master, its function won’t be too strong. Its defensive power isn’t much different…”

“This is a basic array formation after all. There can’t be much of a difference. Therefore, please don’t say that I’m hiding it. There’s no high-quality product here.”

“Impossible! Five days ago, I bought a small protective shield from you and saved a hundred recruits. When they were familiarizing themselves with the environment in the Devil Abyss, they were attacked by demonized


Tens of thousands of demonized rats attacked, but only one heavenly sword sect disciple protected them. The scene was almost hopeless..,

fortunately, someone used the small protective shield that they bought from you and blocked the demonized rats in front of them,

under the situation where tens of thousands of demonized rats were gnawing at them, the small protective shield actually held on until reinforcements arrived and saved all the recruits..,

“Although the small protective shield broke in the end, all the recruits survived. Such a high-quality small protective shield is much stronger than the ones you used to have, and you still say that there are no high-quality


The bearded man said loudly, very dissatisfied with the high-quality formation disks that Brianna was hiding.


When Brianna heard this, she was stunned. She suspected that she was hearing things. However, looking at the bearded man’s serious expression and the expectant gazes of the surrounding soldiers, she felt that these soldiers were not lying. Brianna felt that these soldiers were not lying. However, she really did not have high-quality formation disks. The goods she bought were all from the Seven Stars sect’s formation disk hall. How could there be high-quality ones.


Mei Liang Niang thought of the five formation disks that she bought five days ago. Thinking of Li Xuan’s figure, she hurriedly said, “The high-quality small protective shield that you bought from me is five?”

“Yes, it is indeed five. The size of the protective shield is the same, and the appearance is the same, but the defensive power is extremely strong, “the bearded man said solemnly.

“Five… five. It must be him. It’s that handsome kid called Li Xuan. He sold five formation disks to me five days ago, and they are the small protective shield formation disks, “Mei Liang Niang suddenly said. “Li Xuan? Handsome Kid? Can you give us another batch of such formation disks? These light and small formation disks are very suitable for us,”the bearded man hurriedly said.

“Wait, I need to investigate. You guys go back first. I’ll give you an answer tomorrow.”

Mei Liang Niang took a deep breath and said with some excitement.

Previously, when she bought these five formation disks, the price was higher than usual. She originally lost money, but she didn’t expect the formation disks to be so powerful. They actually saved a hundred recruits.

Such a reversal made her somewhat incredulous. At the same time, she also became more and more curious about Li Xuan.

“Okay, we’ll come back tomorrow.”

The bearded man and the others bid farewell and left, preparing to come back tomorrow.

After they left, Mei Liang Niang also closed the shop door, preparing to investigate Li Xuan’s intelligence.

However, just as she locked the door and walked less than a kilometer, she saw her shop assistant Xiao Yun. “Boss, the order form for the floating cloud disk array has been sent to them. They will send it over tomorrow.”

Xiao Yun hurriedly ran over. She had been sent to deliver the order previously and did not know about the military’s visit.

“Let’s not talk about this first. Follow me to investigate that child called Li Xuan. He is the handsome child from five days ago, “Mei Liang Niang said seriously.

“Investigate Li Xuan? That handsome child? I say boss, he is just a child. Aren’t you too obsessed with looks?”Xiao Yun said helplessly.

“What obsession with looks? I have something to talk to him about. Something Big.”Mei Liang Niang shrugged her shoulders helplessly.

“Something big? Don’t tell me you are using a high price to buy that child’s disk array again. We have already lost money previously.”Xiao Yun said in a weak voice.

“Lost money? What do you know? Those five disk arrays saved a hundred new recruits.”Mei Liang Niang said solemnly.

“Saved a hundred new recruits? What’s the situation?”Xiao Yun asked blankly.

“It’s like this. Just now, the people from the military came over and stated that they wanted to buy Li Xuan’s disk array…”

The reason why it was like this was because when the new recruits were familiarizing themselves with the demon abyss, they were attacked by tens of thousands of demon rats..,

and Li Xuan’s disk array protected the recruits until the rescue arrived, saving their lives…”.


The pretty girl explained bit by bit, recounting everything that happened just now.

Xiao Yun was stunned when she heard that. She felt like she was in a dream.

“Really? You really saved so many people?”Xiao Yun couldn’t believe it.

“How could the military joke about this? The disk array made by Li Xuan is not simple. It might have been modified and become more powerful…”

“We have to figure out what is going on. If this kind of formation disk can be mass-produced, it can help the military better defend against the attack of the demonized creatures and save more people.” The pretty lady solemnly explained and decided to figure out the whole story.

“I didn’t expect it to be like this. From the looks of it, Li Xuan is very likely a new disciple who joined the sect this year. If he modified and made it himself…”

“Then his talent will probably be very strong. He is definitely a super genius, “Xiao Yun said with a tight face. “Yes, so we must find out.”

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