Global Cultivation: First-time Top-up for the Ultimate Destiny Treasure - Chapter 169 - The Sword Spirit Follows and Leaves the Secret Realm

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Chapter 169: The Sword Spirit Follows and Leaves the Secret Realm

Su Yi was also startled by the other party’s words.

Although she was begging, why did the other party’s tone not feel like she was begging at all? Instead, it sounded like he was giving an order.

This feeling made him very unhappy. His expression turned slightly cold as he looked at the tiny sword spirit and spoke in a somewhat cold manner.

“Sword spirit, let’s not talk about what you want to beg me for first. Is this your begging attitude?”

Seeing Su Yi’s expression suddenly change, the evil-slaying sword spirit was startled. From the moment she was born, there were only a few scattered memories. Those were the memories she had remembered when she had just awakened her intelligence.

At that time, her master had also spoken to people like this. Why did it not work here?

She looked at Su Yi with her bright eyes and asked innocently, “then tell me, what is the attitude of begging people?”


Hearing this, he was a little speechless. What was the attitude of begging people? Could it be that she wanted him to show her?

However, looking at the sword spirit’s eyes, it did not seem like she was playing with him.

In fact, he had ignored what the sword spirit had said previously.

Ever since she was born, she had been in this space. It was already a miracle for her to be able to talk to others. As for understanding what kind of tone she needed to speak to others, that would be too difficult for this small brain of hers.

“Forget it. You can tell me what you want me to do for you first.”

After thinking about it, it was impossible for him to show her how to do it. Instead of being asked, he would show her how to ask for help.

Therefore, he skipped this matter. Although he was unhappy, he would just take it as the other party was too naive.

“So you agreed?” The evil-slaying sword spirit looked delighted, which made him black-faced.

The sword spirit’s ability to communicate with language was definitely lacking, and there must be a big problem in understanding body language.

When did he agree?

Thus, he said calmly with a black face, “no, if you don’t tell me what it is, how could I agree to it?”

Seeing Su Yi’s dark face, the evil-slaying sword spirit slightly pouted and lowered her head. Her bright eyes flashed with a spirit light, as if she was hesitating and conflicted.

Then, she looked at Su Yi and said, “big pervert, can you take me out? I want to see the outside world…”

She looked at Su Yi with a hopeful look in her eyes. This was not a lie. When she said she wanted to see the outside world, her small face clearly had a longing look.

Perhaps she really wanted to go to the outside world. Seeing her innocent face with such a longing look, he could not help but think.

Suddenly, his gaze trembled and he looked at the evil-slaying sword spirit. Could it be that she had not been to the outside world since she was born?

That’s right. This was the ancient sword tomb. It was a secret realm opened by his immortal transformation medallion. If he had not come here, this sword spirit would probably still be here, waiting to die.

Moreover, he was not sure if this secret realm still existed after he left.

He looked at the sword spirit and sighed softly.

“Sword Spirit, I can bring you out. It’s just that I don’t know how to get out of this lousy place. I’m also trapped here.”

His face was filled with helplessness. Since he had already obtained the demon-slaying seal and completed the mission of the immortal sect, why was the portal to leave the mystic realm not opened yet?

He was very puzzled about this. Logically speaking, it should not have been so.

After Su Yi agreed, the sword spirit seemed to be so happy that it somersaulted in the air, appearing extremely excited. He could only hear her use that tender voice to speak excitedly to Su Yi, “I know the way out.”

When he heard her say this, his expression slightly changed as he approached the sword spirit and asked, “you know?”

The small head of the sword spirit nodded heavily as it spoke with a proud expression.

“Of course. After staying here for so long, I have naturally researched the method to get out.”

Towards this, he was somewhat puzzled. Since the other party knew the method to get out, why did she ask him to bring her out? This was an obvious contradiction.

At this moment, his heart was slightly on guard. She clearly knew the way out, yet she still wanted him to bring her out.

Did she have other intentions or something? However, for now, it was better to see what the other party had to say.

“Tell me, how can I leave this place?”

His tone became a little indifferent, which made the sword spirit feel strange.

She could not help but wonder if she had made Su Yi angry again. It was no wonder that Su Yi would think too much.

In the world of cultivators, if one was too naive, one would die even faster.

Although he was usually straightforward, if he was scheming, he was probably not much worse than any schemer.

Then, he heard the sword spirit speak slowly, and his expression slowly recovered.

It turned out that it was not because the sword spirit did not want to go out, because she needed to go out in her own body, which was the evil-slaying sword.

It was impossible for her to take her own body. If the evil-slaying sword was still a magic weapon, she could still rely on spiritual power to control it.

However, now, the evil-slaying sword was damaged, and spiritual power had long been drained. Although she was a sword spirit, it was impossible for her to control it.

The way out was very simple. It was the altar under his feet. In the center of the altar, there was a sword slot.

If one did not look carefully, one would not be able to find it. Su Yi had not studied the altar carefully, so he naturally did not know that it was actually a sword slot.

If he wanted to get out, under the little sword spirit’s guess, he would insert the evil-slaying sword into the sword slot and activate the altar. Then, he would be able to leave.

Half believing and half doubting, Su Yi picked up the evil-slaying sword. Even though it was extremely broken, he could still feel the sharp aura from the sword.

Just as he was about to insert the evil-slaying broken sword into the sword slot in the center of the altar, he suddenly thought of a question. If he used this sword as an offering, would the little sword spirit be affected?

He looked at the sword spirit and asked indifferently, “right, the sword spirit is your main body. As an offering, would you be affected?”

“Affected? How can that be? You, you underestimate me too much. You just need to give me a magic tool to possess.”

The small sword spirit placed her hands on her waist and looked very powerful. He could not help but chuckle.

Since it did not affect her, that was good.

However, Su Yi did not notice that a hint of determination flashed across the sword spirit’s small face. However, it quickly returned to that faint smile.

“Alright, I’ll begin.”

He held the broken evil-slaying sword in his hand and accurately stabbed it into the sword slot in the center of the altar.

Immediately, in the dim land, all the spiritual qi turned into a long stream and gathered on the altar. The altar let out a creaking sound and started to rotate. Array patterns began to outline on the altar, forming a teleportation array.

[Hint: The ancient sword altar has been activated. The teleportation array has appeared. Once you enter, the secret realm will be closed.]

Following the sound of the notification, Su Yi took out a dagger. It was the Dragon Blood Spirit-breaking Blade. He looked at the sword spirit and said, “come in here, let’s go out.”

The sword spirit nodded slightly and turned into a ray of white light that entered the dagger. Immediately, the dagger started to emit waves of Dao rhythm.

However, Su Yi did not notice this and placed it into the seal space.

He stepped into the teleportation array and his body disappeared along with the operation of the array.

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