Genius Daddy in the City - Chapter 781 - Becoming an Emperor Directly, Boost of Ability!

Chapter 781: Becoming an Emperor Directly, Boost of Ability!

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With a roar, the lightning tribulation that was as thick as a water bucket seemed to have been torn apart by a pair of invisible hands, and it actually vanished into thin air!

At the same time, the dark clouds that covered the sky above the King Mu Fort also dispersed in all directions. Soon, the whole sky returned to its clear state.


Even though King Mu thought that he had seen enough, he could not help but be dumbfounded at this moment, “Such a terrifying Heavenly Tribulation was actually dispersed with a single roar?”

The 30 meters golden body shrunk and eventually turned into a thin figure under everyone’s gaze.

Jiu’er was elated, “It’s young master, it’s young master!

“It’s really young master, he’s fine!

“In other words, young master has been bestowed the title of emperor?!”

Countless people were incomparably excited and stirred. To be able to see their own people become peerless Emperor in their lifetimes was enough for them to brag about it to their juniors from time to time.

Mu Caiwei stared blankly at the figure in the distance.

The figure was dressed in black. His black hair fluttered in the wind, and his rather ordinary facial features were suffused with a faint purple divine might. An indescribable pressure surged out like a tide.

His dark eyes were as deep as the vast night sky, making one lose themselves in them…

In the sky, Ye Chen sensed the boundless supernatural power fluctuation in his body. His eyes were focused on the vitality core that was the size of a pigeon egg in his dantian. A smile appeared at the corner of his lips, “I’ve finally recovered to Golden Core!

“If Li Fenghan, this pseudo emperor, was to meet me again, I would only need one palm strike and I would be able to slap him to death!”

A smile appeared at the corner of Ye Chen’s lips as he mumbled, “I can fight a martial emperor with my current battle prowess. The only flaw is that the Almighty Killer Sword is broken. I still need to refine other magic weapons!”

At this moment, numerous figures swiftly came over, and King Mu cupped his fists and said, “Congratulations to Senior Shi for successfully overcoming the Emperor Tribulation and stepping into the Emperor Stage!”

“Emperor Tribulation?”

Ye Chen was stunned at first when he heard that. He then smiled calmly, knowing that King Mu had misunderstood!

It was the tribulation that a Foundation Building cultivator had to undergo when they stepped into Golden Core. There were a total of three lightning tribulations. However, Ye Chen dispersed the tribulation clouds when the first lightning descended. Therefore, the other two lightning tribulations did not descend.

However, he did not explain. Instead, he said, “Come to my room, both father and daughter…”

In the next moment, his body disappeared.

After King Mu and Mu Caiwei entered the room, Ye Chen lifted his head to look at them and went straight to the point, “I’m sure you guys have guessed that I’m leaving!”

King Mu nodded slightly and sighed to himself.

On the other hand, Mu Caiwei’s figure stiffened slightly when she heard that, and her pretty face lowered. After a moment of silence, she faintly said, “When are you leaving?”

“Tomorrow at the latest!”

Ye Chen chuckled softly and subsequently looked at the two of them, “However, I have a lot of questions before I leave. I need you and your daughter to answer them for me!”

King Mu said, “Senior Shi, feel free to speak!”

A book appeared in Ye Chen’s hand. It was the ‘Legends of Mountains and Seas’ that he had obtained on the first floor of the library. He asked slowly, “Who wrote this?”

King Mu took a look and his expression changed, “Where did Senior Shi get this?”

“Your King Mu Fort’s library!”

Hearing this, King Mu closed his eyes and said regretfully, “I had already instructed someone to destroy this book. I can’t believe this is left behind!”

Seemingly sensing Ye Chen’s confusion, he said with a bitter smile, “Senior Shi, you might not know this, but this thing is a forbidden book in the Great Li Dynasty. Over a hundred thousand people died for it. It’s not an exaggeration to say that heads were rolling one after another!”

Ye Chen frowned, “A forbidden book?”

“That’s right!”

King Mu nodded and said, “Twenty years ago, the Great Li King was seriously ill. An old man with the surname Xiao appeared out of nowhere and cured the king’s illness. The king asked him for a reward, but he did not expect that this person did not want money or power. He only asked for a position as an Imperial Academy’s official and was in charge of supervising the imperial family’s records.”


Ye Chen’s eyes focused when he heard that.

King Mu continued, “This person reads books at Imperial Academy all day long. When everyone neglected his existence, who would have thought that this person would one day write an incomparably absurd book. He said that there was another world outside the Ancient Desolate Realm called the Celestial Burial Planet…”

The shock in Ye Chen’s heart grew stronger, “Go on!”

“Great Li appreciates literary works and the freedom of culture. This kind of conjecture, or even an absurd novel, should be very normal!”

King Mu said slowly, “But for some reason, the king suddenly became furious and sent people to capture that person. Unexpectedly, that person ran away, and the king ordered the burning of this book. However, this book was widely circulated at that time. Because of this, the king mobilized tens of thousands of troops to search this book. For this, more than a hundred thousand heads fell to the ground. From then on, no one dared to touch this taboo again!”

Ye Chen secretly frowned and said, “In other words, you guys don’t know why the Great Li King gave the order to burn the book?”

“I’ve no idea. I only know that this book was circulated to the territories of other dynasties. The kings of the other dynasties were similarly enraged and castrated this story with iron-blooded methods!”

Ye Chen said, “What about the person who wrote this book?”

King Mu pondered for a few seconds before saying, “This person mysteriously disappeared at that time. It was as if he disappeared from the face of the earth. After twenty years, everyone gradually forgot about him.”

Ye Chen frowned when he heard that.

He was already certain that the person who had written this book was Xiao Buyi. The reason being Xiao Buyi had stepped onto the ghost ship 20 years ago, and he seemed to have some sort of relationship with the owner of the ghost ship.

As for how he ended up in the Ancient Desolate Realm and how he went to treat the Great Li King’s illness, no matter how hard Ye Chen racked his brains, he could not figure out why he was being hunted down.

King Mu looked at him deeply and said hesitantly, “Why does Senior Shi care so much about this book?”

Ye Chen said without changing his expression, “Not that I care, it’s just that the content in the book is ridiculous. However, it’s quite interesting. That’s why I’m interested in the author.”

With that, he flicked his finger and three white jade pendants shot towards King Mu. The jade pendants emitted a strong pill fragrance.

King Mu was confused, “What is this?”

Ye Chen smiled lightly, “These are medicinal pills that I refined myself. One of them is a Regeneration Pill that can help you step into the Pseudo Emperor Stage!”


King Mu was stunned for a moment before he was overjoyed. He said in disbelief, “It can get me to the Pseudo Emperor Stage?”

“Of course!”

Ye Chen smiled in a non-committal manner, “All in all, your King Mu Fort has attracted quite a lot of attention because of me. It’s fine if I’m around. However, if I’m not around, it’ll inevitably bring you guys a lot of troubles. This Regeneration Pill can be considered my compensation to you!”

Before King Mu could recover from his shock, Ye Chen threw another bomb at him, “As for the other two bottles, they’re your so-called Golden Dragon Pills. They can help the innate stage martial artists in the King Mu Fort to reach the venerable stage!”

Ye Chen waved and said, “Alright, you guys may leave now!”

King Mu could only suppress the excitement inside, put away the medicinal pills, and walked out while leading Mu Caiwei who had a complicated look on her face.

After the two of them left, Ye Chen held his chin and thought to himself, “Next is to find a way to leave the Ancient Desolate Realm!”

He took out the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Realm Table once again and started to study it. He did not expect that perhaps it was because his Divine Consciousness had increased dramatically after he had recovered to Golden Core that he had discovered something new.

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