Genius Daddy in the City - Chapter 780 - Emperor Tribulation, Shocking the World!

Chapter 780: Emperor Tribulation, Shocking the World!

The next morning, inside the King Mu Fort, Ye Chen sat in the room that King Mu gave him alone. After setting up the barrier, he silently calculated his gains and losses.

This time, he had exterminated the Tianfeng City’s City Governor’s Mansion, the Vile Valley, and the Seven Mysteries Mansion. He had obtained quite a few harvests. Among them, there were no less than a hundred types of spiritual medicines. The ones that contributed the most were the Seven Mysteries Mansion’s treasury.

“If I want to successfully refine the Qi Repair Pill, I’ll have to at least be at Golden Core. Otherwise, if I don’t have enough supernatural power, I’ll only waste the materials!

“I’m only at the peak of the intermediate-stage Foundation Building. If I want to recover to Golden Core, the amount of spiritual energy I need is significant. Unless I refine the Vitality Boost Pill, perhaps I can recover to Golden Core.”

Ye Chen sat cross-legged. His eyes flickered a few times. Subsequently, he thought of something and over ten spirit medicines shot out from his storage ring.

A stream of True Samadhi Fire shot out from his mouth and wrapped around the ten over medicines. Under his control, these medicines were first refined into elixir liquid, then into powder and finally condensed into pills…

An hour later, Ye Chen opened his eyes slowly. He looked at the dozens of Vitality Boost Pills floating before him in satisfaction. He looked pained.

In order to refine these dozen or so Vitality Boost Pills, he had used up almost half of the spirit medicines. It could only be said that the higher the grade of the medicinal pill, the more medicinal ingredients needed to be consumed.

Fortunately, he succeeded.

He did not hesitate. He immediately picked up a pill and swallowed it. Then, he closed his eyes and quickly digested the spiritual power from the Vitality Boost Pill…

Time passed unknowingly!

King Mu, who had finally sent the guests away, let out a long sigh. Beside him, Mu Caiwei frowned and said, “Father, these people plan to support you as the leader of all the forces in the Tianfeng sea area. Why didn’t you agree?”

“It’s not that simple!”

King Mu sighed softly and said with a bitter smile, “The reason why these people are sucking up to our King Mu Fort is purely because of Senior Shi.”

He had a complicated expression as he spoke to this point. Logically speaking, Ye Chen was his son-in-law by name. He should call Ye Chen Qianhan. However, he knew that the marriage between Ye Chen and Mu Caiwei was just a transaction.

Therefore, he did not dare to be arrogant in front of Ye Chen.

At this point, he looked at Mu Caiwei with a complicated expression, “Do you think someone like him will stay in King Mu Fort for long?”

Mu Caiwei’s body stiffened as she lowered her head. For some reason, she felt a slight sense of disappointment.

King Mu saw that and sighed, “My King Mu Fort can’t keep him, and neither can the Tianfeng sea area. He won’t stay for my King Mu Fort. After all, he has already helped us a lot.”

He felt a little regretful at that moment. If his daughter could move Ye Chen’s heart, perhaps it would be an opportunity for the King Mu Fort.

However, that was just wishful thinking.

Just as he was saying that, there was a commotion outside. King Mu’s expression turned grim, he immediately shouted, “What’s happening?”

A guard of the fort walked in quickly and said in a panic, “Fort master, bad news. There’s an anomaly above the King Mu Fort!”


The faces of King Mu and Mu Caiwei instantly changed as they quickly rushed out. They could not help but be stunned by the scene before them.

The initially cloudless blue sky suddenly changed color. Dark, dark clouds were rapidly approaching the King Mu Fort. Eventually, the sky above King Mu Fort fell into darkness.


A dull thunderclap exploded above the King Mu Fort, followed by dense silver lightnings that danced like silver snakes.

At the same time, a giant whirlpool appeared with a radius of five kilometers around the King Mu Fort. The whirlpool absorbed all the spiritual energy of heaven and earth within a few dozen kilometers.

Countless people from the King Mu Fort ran out, their faces filled with fear, “What’s happening?!”

Mu Caiwei’s expression changed, “Father?”

“T-This is a heavenly tribulation!”

King Mu seemed to have thought of something as a look of shock emerged on his face, “This is the heavenly tribulation for becoming an Emperor. Looks like that Senior Shi is going to become an Emperor!”

Following his words, there was dead silence. Everyone’s mouths were wide open!


Was the young master going to be crowned emperor?

At the same time, more than half of the people in the entire Tianfeng City sensed this strange phenomenon. A great powerhouse sucked in a breath of air and cried out in shock, “This is the Emperor Tribulation. Someone from our Tianfeng sea area is going to become an emperor!”


Countless people were in an uproar!

One had to know that there had never been an Emperor Stage cultivator in the entire Tianfeng sea area in the last several hundred years. Even the Seven Mysteries Mansion’s supreme elder Li Fenghan, a Pseudo Emperor Stage cultivator, could be considered the No. 1 person in the Tianfeng sea area!

Someone with sharp eyes exclaimed, “It’s coming from the direction of the King Mu Fort!”

“Looks like the King Mu Fort’s young master is going to be crowned emperor!”

“What a monster! This kid has become an emperor at such a young age!”

“I wonder if this person will be able to overcome the Emperor Tribulation…”


For a moment, countless people stared blankly at the phenomenon in the sky that was becoming more and more oppressive. Their eyes were filled with intense shock and envy!

Peerless Emperor!

Since ancient times, how many cultivators had harbored the dream of becoming an emperor? However, in the end, they all died along the way. Now, they were about to witness the birth of an Emperor Stage powerhouse!

Outside the fort, Mu Caiwei’s ears were ringing from King Mu’s words. Seeing the thunderclouds in the sky intensifying, she could not help but ask, “Father, will something happen to Qianhan?”

“This is something that he has to go through. Once he passes it, he will be an emperor. There’s nothing we can do no matter how much we care!”

King Mu sighed softly and then shouted to the people around him, “Everyone, retreat a kilometer and guard young master. If anyone dares to come within a kilometer of the King Mu Fort, kill without mercy!”

Everyone replied in unison, “Yes!”

After everyone had retreated a kilometer away, the swirling clouds above the King Mu Fort grew thicker and thicker, as if the entire sky was about to collapse.


Under everyone’s shocked gazes, a lightning tribulation that was as thick as a water bucket suddenly descended from the clouds. The lightning tribulation struck the King Mu Fort at an astonishing speed, carrying a frightening aura.

The clouds were forcefully torn apart wherever the lightning tribulation passed, forming a vacuum that was over 3,000 meters wide. Under this kind of heavenly might, there was no one who did not tremble from the bottom of their hearts. Even their souls were trembling.

Mu Caiwei interlocked her fingers and bit her lip as she looked worriedly in the direction of the King Mu Fort, “Nothing must happen to you…”

Just as the lightning tribulation was about to descend on the King Mu Fort, an extremely indifferent voice sounded, “A mere Three-Nine Heavenly Tribulation dares to be impudent in front of me!”

At the next moment, a golden body that was more than 30 meters tall suddenly rose from the top of the King Mu Fort. The golden body that was 30 meters tall brazenly faced the lightning tribulation. With a wild laugh, he pointed at the sky and shouted, “Scatter!”

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