Fury Towards The Burning Heaven - Chapter 1559 - Old Dog

Chapter 1559: Old Dog

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“Who dares to move?”

The Little Eagle King’s killing intent surged as he scanned the five formidable martial artists who grabbed Mo Huaisang and the others. “If you want to escort these people off, I will do so personally. Whoever dares to escort them on their own will surely perish in my hands.”

Ren Tianfan shrugged his shoulders helplessly and then turned to cup his hands towards the King-Ranked martial artist. “Lord He, you saw for yourself. The Little Eagle King is not respecting the military laws or his superiors. He would even kill people in front of you…”

The guardian scanned the Little Eagle King from head to toe and began to get angry. In a cool voice, he said, “I don’t give a d*mn about your business, but if you kill in front of me—no matter who you are, don’t blame me for not showing mercy to you!”

The guardian had no intention to pick on the Little Eagle King; he was merely frustrated by everything happening around him. He did not have much longer to live. All he wanted to do was focus on cultivating, in the hopes that a miracle would show itself; and he would be able to take one last step forward. He was not interested in anything to do with the Earth Domain. He only wanted peace and quiet.


These words of his angered the Little Eagle King who thought that the guardian was picking on him. He addressed the guardian coolly and said, “Old fool, you must be blind. Why didn’t you stop him when he wanted to kill the Poison Spirit? Can’t you tell that someone has been scheming against them, plotting to kill them? You’re so old, and you’re becoming more and more like the Lunar Beasts. Otherwise… are you in cahoots with them?”

He was from the Ink Feather Race, his father was the most powerful man in Earth Domain, and his own skills far surpassed that of his peers that nobody in the younger generation dared to claim that they were better than him.

Given his relationship with the Green Eagle King, even King-Ranked martial artists would act politely to the Little Eagle King. This explained the Little Eagle King’s arrogance. He looked down on everyone else and even dared to tell off a King-Ranked martial artist in the heat of anger.

He knew, at the bottom of his heart, that nobody in the Earth Domain would dare to kill him. Even Heavenly King Wu and the Phantom King would not dare, much less this dying guardian!


The guardian indeed did not dare to kill the Little Eagle King. He was about to die of old age, but his family clan was still in existence. Still, this did not mean that he would not get angry. Even if he could not kill the Little Eagle King, he could at least beat him, right?

His blurry eyes glinted. Nobody saw him make any moves, but a huge handprint descended from the sky. Although the Little Eagle King immediately tried to run, he was too late. The handprint landed hard on his body. Even before he flew downwards from the impact, everyone else heard the clear sound of bones cracking.


Ren Tianfan, Bai Ditian, Qiu Ren, and the others’ eyes brightened up. They could no longer conceal the joy that they were feeling. They were not the ones who hit the Little Eagle King. Even if the Green Eagle King wanted to take revenge on his behalf, he would not blame this on them. Now that the Little Eagle King was severely injured, Jiang Yi’s three wives could be taken away easily. They would be able to complete the mission that Heavenly King You and You Tianni sent them to do.


The ground below shook, and the mountain containing the Teleportation Formation swayed. A few Lunar Beasts were killed as collateral damage. The Little Eagle King landed hard on the ground, his green feathers dyed red with fresh blood. His injuries were neither light nor critical; the guardian exercised a fair amount of self-control when he attacked this time.

“Old dog, you dare to hit me? Just wait until I break through to become a King-Ranked martial artist. I will crush you!”

The Little Eagle King’s shouts traveled from below before he flew upwards. However, another huge handprint congealed in the air and shot downwards. This time, the hand hit the Little Eagle King pretty hard. The Little Eagle King’s wings were both broken. He could not fly anymore.

“Old dog!

“Old dog!

“Old dog!”

The Little Eagle King kept flying upwards, but each time, he was smacked back down. His angry cries echoed throughout a five-thousand-kilometer radius. Many soldiers turned to exchange stares, at a loss as to what to do. Mo Huaisang and the other women’s eyes filled with infatuation and pain. They liked the Little Eagle King’s craziness; it was a certain innate characteristic, an arrogance that came with rulers of the world. This aura could cause a lot of women to fall head over heels for him.

“Young Clan Head!”

“Lord He, please be appeased…”

Many guards of the Ink Feather Race became anxious and began pleading and shouting. A few of them tried to think of a solution, but they guessed that if they made any rash moves, the guardian would be angered even further. All they could do was look on anxiously.

The sixth time the handprint smacked him, the Little Eagle King stopped shouting in anger. He knew that it would be of no use. All the bones in his body were broken, and both his wings were utterly useless. His battle skills deteriorated by seventy-percent as well. He was no idiot; he would not continue asking to be tortured. What’s more, there were more important things that he had to do. He had to protect Jiang Yi’s three wives. Otherwise, if other people escorted them out, the consequences would be dire.

“Stop smacking me. I have something to say.”

The Little Eagle King flew up once again, but the guardian did not smack him down this time. Instead, he waited for the Little Eagle King to come into view. The Little Eagle King was no longer using his wings, but he could still fly up easily. He continued ascending until he arrived at the mountain peak. Then, he stared at the guardian and slowed down before slowly approaching the guardian.

“He Buyu, you are from the Boundless Domain, right? Are you not afraid that I would mess around in your domain if you treat me this way? What if I conduct a massacre in Boundless Domain?” The Little Eagle King flew slowly and said in a cool tone.

The guardian did not seem to mind that the Little Eagle King was approaching. He had been a King-Ranked martial artist for a hundred years now. In the generation of the Little Eagle King’s grandfather, he had already made a name for himself. The Little Eagle King’s battle skills were not enough to frighten him.

He could tell that the Little Eagle King was trying to ridicule him, but the guardian merely mocked, “I have many enemies, and I don’t mind adding your Ink Feather Race bloodline to the list. I don’t have much longer to live. My descendants have already found a hidden mystic realm to hide in. Little Eagle King, are you saying these words to force me to kill you before I escape to the Heaven Domain?

“Something isn’t right…”

The guardian had not even finished his sentence before his expression changed. Immediately, he charged towards the Little Eagle King and roared, “Little Eagle King, you dare?”


The Little Eagle King was already moving. He stuck out his claws and struck the Teleportation Formation harshly. Before the guardian reached him, the Teleportation Formation’s light flashed; and then it exploded.

“Damn thing!”

At once, the guardian reached him and cried out in rage. With a single hand, he struck the Little Eagle King. He was extremely powerful. The Little Eagle King flew backwards from the impact like a broken sack. In midair, he spat out a mouthful of blood. He still had the Primitive Spiritual Treasure battle armor on to protect his body, but the smack that the guardian gave him in the heat of anger crushed all the bones in his body.


Although sharp pain was shooting through his entire body, the Little Eagle King could not stop laughing. He had destroyed the Teleportation Formation. Not one person could teleport out to the Demon-Buster Valley. Heavenly King Wu and the others would immediately know something had gone awry in there. No matter what, Yi Chan and the others would be safe.

“Little Eagle King, how dare you!”

Ren Tianfan’s expression changed immediately. It would cost a whole lot of resources to build a Teleportation Formation in a mystic realm like that. It would take a lot of time and effort; otherwise, there would not have been a King-Ranked martial artist guarding the Teleportation Formation here.

The most important thing was… now that the Teleportation Formation was broken, they would need at least several months to build a new one. If the Netherworld Realm sent armies into the Purgatory Mystic Realm during these few months, there would be a calamity in the Earth Domain.

The Teleportation Formation was broken. Heavenly King Wu and the others would immediately be informed. This time, their mission was a complete failure. They had done so much for nothing.


The Little Eagle King’s body landed hard in the distance. All his bones had been crushed. Even if he wanted to climb to his feet, he could not. Laughing hurt him even more, but he still kept laughing anyway. The sound of his laughter traveled five thousand kilometers, echoing into the distance.

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