Fury Towards The Burning Heaven - Chapter 1558 - Strong Murderous Intent

Chapter 1558: Strong Murderous Intent

“Three madams?”

It felt like a bolt of lightning had struck Jiang Yi’s head. Was Yi Chan really in the Purgatory Mystic Realm? He quickly shouted in a low voice, “Are they Yi Chan, Yin Ruobing, and Su Ruoxue? Why are they in the Purgatory Mystic Realm? Who got them in trouble?”

“Yes, the three ladies…”

The Poison Spirit replied weakly. He wanted to explain more, but due to his severe injuries, he closed his eyes and passed out once again. Jiang Yi had no choice but to use his heavenly powers to heal him. Once he was sure that the Poison Spirit would not die, he sent him into his Chaos Essence Pearl.

Buzz! Buzz!

Immediately, he kept all the Sword Emanations Race beings into his Wintry Pearl before turning to the Sword Emanations King. “Sword Emanations King, let’s go!”

The Sword Emanations Mystic Realm led him towards the north as quickly as he could. Jiang Yi’s red hair kept blowing in the wind, as the red light in his eyes glinted. He could no longer withhold the murderous intent in his body. No matter the reason why Yi Chan and the others were here in the Purgatory Mystic Realm, no matter who wanted to harm them, no matter what the reason was; Jiang Yi wanted the person behind this to die an ugly death. Yi Chan and the other two women were his beloved women. They were his reverse scales. Whoever wanted to harm them would perish!


Five minutes after Jiang Yi and the Sword Emanations King left, a seductive, beautiful figure flew towards them from afar. Her head of silver hair was especially eye-catching. Her peach-blossom-like eyes swept past the corpses of the martial artists as she raised her eyebrows and mumbled to herself, “The little fella’s murderous intent is too intense. This is not good.


The seductive lady pondered for a moment and shook her head, sighing, “The people from Earth Domain are really too much. What have they forced this little fella to become…?”

After sighing, the seductive lady propped up a single leg and slowly headed towards the north. She still looked like she was traveling slowly, but in the blink of an eye, she disappeared into the distance.

Bang, bang, bang!

The battle at the Teleportation Formation kept going on. The Heaven-Splitting Army was fighting the Lunar Beasts, and the Little Eagle King and Ren Tianfan were fighting in the air. The two of them had been fighting for several hours now. At their cultivation level, nobody could step in to assist in the battle. Even if Ren Tianfan gave the word, nobody would dare to surround and attack the Little Eagle King.

The Little Eagle King had a special status. He was the only son of the Green Eagle King. If anyone tried so much as to hurt him, the Green Eagle King would be outraged; and the consequences would be dire—much more if anyone tried to kill him. The Green Eagle King was the most powerful person in the Earth Domain, and the Ink Feather Race was the most powerful. If the Green Eagle King led the Ink Feather Race out for battle, which domain would be able to fend themselves against them? Even the Saint Spirit Domain would not be able to!

Thus, while the disciples of the You Clan wanted to help, they did not dare to at last. All they could do was wait for the battle between the two men to come to an end.

However, the You Clan, Bai Clan, and Chou Clan’s people were quite smart. They guarded the Teleportation Formation as closely as they could, so that the Little Eagle King and the others could not return to send messages. This place was too far from Demon-Buster Valley. Even their messaging jade talismans did not work. Unless the Little Eagle King broke the special jade talisman that the Green Eagle King gave him, the latter would not find out about this battle.

The problem was… given the Little Eagle King’s love for solidarity and independence, was he likely to request for help from the Green Eagle King?

Obviously not!

Thus, if Ren Tianfan could severely injure the Little Eagle King, the situation would still be under his control. Before it was clear what would happen, nobody dared to bring Mo Huaisang, Di Ling’er, Yi Chan, Yin Ruobing, and Su Ruoxue away. If the Little Eagle King attacked them in the heat of anger, how would they defend themselves?

The situation was unclear indeed. At least, Ren Tianfan’s head was hurting at that moment.

After all, he was the most powerful martial artist apart from King-Ranked martial artists. He alone could fight all those other martial artists who were not King-Ranked. However, fighting the Little Eagle King alone today made him feel like he was dragging his own reputation through the dirt.

The Little Eagle King was moving at terrifying speed; he was even faster than Qi Qingchen. His reaction and attack times were equally heaven-defying as well. What’s more, during this time, the Little Eagle King kept taking on missions. His own practical battle experience had increased significantly. Many times, he set up traps for the Little Eagle King to attack, but the Little Eagle King managed to see through every single one of them in the end. If he had not mastered one mystical ability, he might have been killed by the Little Eagle King by now.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

In the sky, the Little Eagle King moved like a Gold-Winged Roc. With terrifying speed, he charged towards Ren Tianfan. He moved so quickly that people did not even see him clearly; all they saw was a blurry figure.

However, just as his claws were about to strike Ren Tianfan, Ren Tianfan stretched out his finger and gently tapped the air. A formless wave flowed outwards, causing the entire world to turn silent at once!

Everything within a three-kilometer-radius was immediately locked in its place. Nobody could move, including the Little Eagle King. Only the guardian of the Teleportation Formation could move, but he remained still of his own accord. He sat in the corner, cross-legged, without any regard for the battle taking place overhead.


In these two to four seconds, Ren Tianfan moved at top speed and easily retreated thirty kilometers. Then… the entire world came back to life. The Little Eagle King continued charging at Ren Tianfan.

Spatial Quiescence!

This was an otherworldly nomological mystical ability, and the main reason why Ren Tianfan could confidently name himself the most powerful martial artist apart from King-Ranked martial artists. It was a pity that he had not become a King-Ranked martial artist yet; he could only still the space within a three-kilometer-radius of himself and still the Little Eagle King for two seconds. If he could still him for four seconds, he would surely be able to seriously injure the Little Eagle King.

Two seconds was way too short. The Little Eagle King reacted too quickly. There were several times that Ren Tianfan tried to attack the Little Eagle King in those two seconds, but the Little Eagle King had Primitive Spiritual Treasure battle armor on him. At last, not only did Ren Tianfan fail to attack the Little Eagle King, but he nearly got clawed to death instead. That was why Ren Tianfan found himself in a stalemate.

Time passed by slowly.

Several times, Ren Tianfan thought about halting this meaningless battle. However, the Little Eagle King chased him down relentlessly, not stopping even for a second. Ren Tianfan had no choice but to continue defending himself.

Of course… he was also waiting. His cultivation level was higher than the Little Eagle King, and his soul spirit was stronger as well. Once the Little Eagle King got tired and his physical and mental strength collapsed, he would be able to seriously injure the Little Eagle King. There was the Demonic Repellent here after all. He believed that he would surely be able to hang on for much longer than the Little Eagle King!

Eight hours, ten hours… eleven hours.

The people below were getting tired of watching this battle. Many senior and junior commanders ignored the battle taking place overhead and focused instead on clearing out the Lunar Beasts. With the help of the Soul-Exterminating Team, clearing out the Lunar Beasts was going quite smoothly. Their hearts were numb; the battle taking place overhead looked like it would only end if Heavenly King Wu stepped out.

Mo Huaisang, Di Ling’er, Yi Chan, and the others were numb as well. Their divine cores were sealed, and they could not move their bodies at all. Mo Huaisang did not even have the chance to pinch her jade talisman and ask her family clan for help. All she could do was succumb to her fate.


After a while, an elderly voice rang through the wilderness. Everyone jumped.

The King-Ranked martial artist who was in charge of guarding the Teleportation Formation suddenly opened his eyes and scanned Ren Tianfan and the Little Eagle King from head to toe, as they floated in midair, staring back at him. Annoyed, he said, “The Netherworld Race is bringing harm against the human race, and the human race is now in grave danger. You’re not working together and fighting each other instead? How long have you been fighting for? How long will you continue fighting? If you really have what it takes, go to the Heaven Domain and fight the Netherworld Race. Don’t make a fool of yourselves here.”

The guardians’ role was only to guard the place. They were not to interfere in other matters. However, both the Little Eagle King and Ren Tianfan had been fighting for hours. Ren Tianfan’s Spatial Quiescence had interrupted his cultivation several times. This was why he decided to speak up in frustration.

“Lord He, you are right!”

Ren Tianfan cupped his hands respectfully and then turned to the Little Eagle King. “Little Eagle King, let’s let the matter rest. If you’re not happy, you can look for me to battle when we return. Of course… today, you disrespected a superior and even attacked an officer. When we return, I have to report this matter to the three Heavenly Kings. If you feel wronged on behalf of these people, you can go to the Heavenly Kings to seek redress! You Gui, take these four people out and deal with them according to military law. As for the rest, continue clearing out the Lunar Beasts!”

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