From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 930 - Too Late for Regrets (1)

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Chapter 930: Too Late for Regrets (1)

After she understood Grandma Wen’s words, Wen Ruo’s mood hit an all-time low.

She assumed that if she acknowledged her mistake and acted nice towards her grandparents, her grandparents would definitely agree to her request.

However, she did not expect that her grandparents were afraid of Master Sheng. And due to that fear, they did not dare to let her come back to live in the Wen Residence.

When Wen Ruo thought about Zhai Yunsheng, it felt as though a million ants were crawling over her heart.

Why was Jian Yiling protected by such a person?

Why was Jian Yiling the one who received love and attention?

As Grandma Wen spoke to Wen Ruo, Wen Yan came downstairs.

In the past, when Wen Ruo saw Wen Yan, she would greet him, pretend to act nice, and call him Brother Wen Yan.

However, as she was exposed, Wen Ruo no longer continued to pretend in front of Wen Yan.

There was no need for her to care about a cripple.

“Wen Yan, have you gone out for a walk today?” Grandma Wen asked her grandson. She was rather concerned about him.

Her grandson had a difficult life. A single car crash completely ruined his future.

In the past, Wen Yan’s personality was optimistic and cheerful. However, after the car crash, he became incredibly antisocial.

“A friend is coming over today,” Wen Yan replied. Not a single slither of emotion could be heard in his voice.

“Friend? That’s great,” Grandma Wen said. A smile of relief appeared on her face when she heard this.

All these years, her grandson locked himself in his room. He rarely stayed in contact with the outside world.

And thus, it was rare for her to hear that he had friends.

When Wen Ruo heard this, she thought to her: Wen Yan? What friends would he have? The guy just locked himself up in his room all day long.

At this moment, a servant of the Wen family came in to report that a person who claimed to be a friend of Young Master Wen Yan was at their front door.

Wen Yan asked the servant to invite the person in.

Both Grandma Wen and Wen Ruo were curious to see Wen Yan’s friend.

However, they were incredibly confused when they saw him.

This person… Wasn’t he…

Recently, Grandma Wen and Wen Ruo had been paying attention to the news of Huiling Medical Research Institution. Although they did not know much about the members from the Huiling Medical Research Institution, they had seen several of them on the news.

Thereby, they recognized the person in front of them. He was no other than Professor Xu from the Huiling Medical Research Institution.

At the time of the International Federation of Medicine conference, Professor Xu was present as a representative of the Huiling Medical Research Institution. As Wen Ruo and her mother were present on that day, her eyes were definitely not mistaken.

“Wen Yan, are you friends with Professor Xu?” Grandma Wen asked in surprise.

When did her grandson become friends with someone from the Huiling Medical Research Institution?

“Hello Grandma Wen, Mr. Wen Yan is actually my boss,” Professor Xu explained.

“Boss?” Grandma Wen repeated in disbelief. When did her grandson become Professor Xu’s boss?

Wen Ruo was even more surprised.

Wen Yan was Professor Xu’s boss?

What was going on?

Grandma Wen: “Then, if you’re his boss, then don’t you own the Huiling Medical Research Institution?”

Professor Xu smiled and said: “Yes, Mr. Wen Yan owns the Huiling Medical Research Institution.”

Once this statement was made, Grandma Wen and Wen Ruo were completely dumbfounded.

How was this possible?

Wen Yan always stayed at home. He never even left the house!

How could he possibly be so capable?

Even Grandma Wen found it somewhat difficult to accept this shocking fact. Wen Ruo was in complete disbelief.

“Wen Yan, is this true? Do you really own the Huiling Medical Research Institution?” Grandma Wen asked Wen Yan.

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