From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 929 - She’s Elim

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Chapter 929: She’s Elim

“Mr. Kevin and I have been rivals for so many years. I know him well as a person. Therefore, he would never help ordinary individuals so much. If we investigate Wen Nuan, it may be possible to find out some useful information.”

“Vice President, are you suspecting that Wen Nuan is related to Elim?”

As of now, they only discovered one core member of XDL’s medical cosmetics research and development team. That person was called Elim.

“Well, we have no other clues for now. This is essentially the only clue we have. Let’s just follow the clue and see where it gets us.”

Perhaps, this clue would be a breakthrough for them.

After this, Chen Lu flipped through recent resumes that they received. She pointed at one of them resumes and said to her assistant:

“This girl called Wen Ruo, is she the one who cheated in the last jewelry design competition?”

The assistant glanced at the photo on the resume before they replied: “Yes, it’s her.”

“Let her come for an interview.”

“But Vice President, didn’t she cheat in the competition? Why do we need such a person?”

“Well, isn’t she related to Wen Nuan? Perhaps we might be able to discover something from her.”

“Understood. I will arrange for that right now.”


[Elim, our rival company Sofia has recently been investigating you. Please be careful.]

This message was sent by the CEO of XDL, Diana.

As their competitor was looking into Elim, the executives of XDL were more nervous than Elim herself.

Upon reading this message, Jian Yiling quickly replied: [Got it.]

Jian Yiling’s reaction was rather calm.

However, Diana was not calm.

This was because there was merely a cooperative relationship between them and Jian Yiling.

If Jian Yiling was willing to work with them, she could also work with Sofia.

At the start, Jian Yiling was looking for a suitable business partner to purchase her scar removal cream patent.

From there, they reached a mutually beneficial business relationship.

This meant that there was no contract that restricted Elim from leaving them.

If Elim wanted to work with another company, there was nothing that they could do.

And thus, Diana sent another message to Jian Yiling.

[Elim, we can definitely match any conditions that Sofia offers you.]

[Okay. However, for the time being, I have no intentions to switch to another business partner.]

Upon reading this message, Diana was incredibly relieved.


Wen Ruo came over to accompany Grandma Wen and Grandpa Wen.

Grandma Wen was incredibly happy to speak to her granddaughter.

Then, Wen Ruo found an opportunity to mention that she wanted to come back and live with them.

Grandma Wen was conflicted when she heard this.

She wanted her precious granddaughter to come back and live with her.

However, she also remembered Zhai Yunsheng’s words from the other day. As a result, she did not dare to make a decision easily.

“Wen Ruo, let’s ask your father when he comes back home.”

“Grandma, even if my parents break up, I’m still your granddaughter… Am I not even allowed to return home now?” Wen Ruo said as she choked on her words.

Grandma Wen sighed before she replied: “Wen Ruo, please wait a little longer. Wait for everyone to forget about that incident. When that happens, you can come back and live with us.”

The thing that Wen Ruo did to Jian Yiling happened not long ago.

Since Master Sheng opened his mouth, the Wen family no longer dared to defy his words.

“Grandma, I…”

“Wen Ruo, please be understanding. You must know that Yiling is not only your cousin, but she is also Master Sheng’s fiancee.”

Those things that Wen Ruo did to Jian Yiling were no longer just a matter between the Wen family and the Jian family. It also involved the Zhai family.

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