From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 852 - Getting a Sister-in-Law (1)

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Chapter 852: Getting a Sister-in-Law (1)

In the afternoon, Jian Yiling planned to go and visit Luo Xiuen.

However, before she left she dawdled in her room for ages. Upon realizing this, Zhai Yunsheng became quite curious. As a result, he walked over to the door of Jian Yiling’s room. Then, he saw Jian Yiling rummaging through a large suitcase.

Jian Yiling knelt on the ground as she rummaged through the large suitcase.

The suitcase in front of Jian Yiling was filled with jewelry.

The jewelry pieces were gifts from Master Zhai, the Second Master of the Zhai family, and Zhai Yunsheng.

Some other pieces were given to her by her mother and grandma.

And the remaining pieces were given to her by her business partners and friends.

Typically, people would place these things into a safe. However, Jian Yiling stuffed everything into a suitcase.

After rummaging for a while, Jian Yiling finally took out a gold bracelet and an emerald jade pendant.

Zhai Yunsheng concluded that Jian Yiling planned to give these items to Luo Xiuen’s child.

“Those two pieces are too heavy. They’re not suited for children,” Zhai Yunsheng said as he leaned against the door frame.

“I don’t have anything smaller,” Jian Yiling replied whilst frowning.

“Let’s go and order a set tomorrow,” Zhai Yunsheng said.

“Then what about today?”

“Just bring Luo Xiuen some delicious food today.”

“Oh right.”

Jian Yiling hurriedly got up and ran into the kitchen.

After she cooked the food, she placed the food into a thermal cup.

On the way to his company, Zhai Yunsheng dropped Jian Yiling off at Luo Xiuen’s apartment.

Luo Xiuen was taking a few days off work. Currently, she was resting in her apartment.

It took Luo Xiuen a few days to finally accept the reality of her pregnancy.

Somehow, she felt excited yet bewildered at the same time.

When Luo Xiuen saw Jian Yiling, she was incredibly happy. She hugged Jian Yiling and cried out: “Darling, let me take a good look at you! Apparently, your child’s appearance will grow into what you frequently look at during your pregnancy. Therefore, I want to keep staring at you! In fact, I even want to take a few pictures of you! Then, I can stare at you all day and all night!”

“What if it’s a boy?” Jian Yiling asked.

Theoretically, the probability of the child being a boy or a girl was the same.

“No! It can’t be a boy! It must be a girl! During my working hours, all I see are males! Males fill up the institution! I can’t go home to see another male! My dream of having a younger sister has already been shattered! Therefore, this child must be a daughter!”

“Then, when can I call you sister-in-law?” Jian Yiling asked.

Jian Yiling’s fluttering eyes were filled with anticipation.

“But…” Luo Xiuen started. “I’m… I’m not worthy of your brother!”

“You are worthy,” Jian Yiling replied with certainty.

“But… Your brother is amazing. I’m just his fan… How can a fan sleep with her idol? That’s disgraceful!”

“You’ve already slept with him.”

“Ah… Please don’t burst my bubble… I just lost control… And followed my heart…”

The alcohol gave her the courage to lay her hands on her idol.

“You followed your heart? That means you like Brother Yumin no?” Jian Yiling asked.

“Darling, when did you become so good at reading between the lines?” Luo Xiuen said. She was slightly amazed.

Then, Luo Xiuen sighed again: “Ahh, either way, I’m not worthy of your brother.”

“But Brother Yumin likes you as well, ” Jian Yiling said.

“That’s… How is that possible? Why would a man like me romantically? Usually, they treat me like a brother. Just like Cheng Yi.”

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