Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife - Chapter 940 - Nice Things are Not Meant to be Said Twice

Chapter 940: Nice Things are Not Meant to be Said Twice

Mu Qiqi stared at Sheng Xiao. They had been married for so many years, yet this man still liked sweet talk so excessively.

She would occasionally say things like this, and this man’s heart would soar to the sky.

“Nice things are not meant to be said twice.”

Sheng Xiao lowered his head slightly and bit her neck in the bathtub. His posture was as erotic as it could be.


Mu Qiqi felt her entire body start to tremble., And with her being pregnant, every inch of her skin had become more sensitive. How could she endure being bitten by Sheng Xiao like that?

“Xiao Xiao? I’m afraid of you. I’ll say it, alright? Let me go first.”

“Too late!”

Sheng Xiao had long discovered that she was becoming more sensitive, so there were a thousand ways to punish her.

Mu Qiqi was afraid that he was serious, so she quickly stopped him. “Be careful. Don’t hurt the baby in my stomach.”

“I know what I’m doing.”

What was that? When Mu Qiqi left the bathroom, she had already fallen asleep, her face still flushed while she stayed in Sheng Xiao’s arms.

As a woman, loving someone might be like what she had said. She wanted to see him at all times, kiss him, touch him, and say ‘I love you’ countless times. This was a woman’s mentality.

As for a man, if he really loved someone, the most he could think of was to sleep with her. He would sleep with her in all kinds of positions, especially when he saw that she couldn’t get out of bed. That was the highest kind of satisfaction for a man.

That night was a happy night and a day of reunion for members of the Sheng family.

However, as a member of the Song family, Song Jiang’s face had been gloomy the whole day.

Song Bozhi was afraid that the old man would have a heart attack or a sudden stroke. He immediately advised, “A loss is a loss. Anyway, you don’t care about Song Qiaozhi. Just treat it as a welcome gift to the Sheng family.”

His words added fuel to the fire. Song Jiang banged on the wooden table. “You only know how to make sarcastic remarks. It’s been twenty-five years. I, Song Jiang, have prepared for more than half of my life just to come back and cause trouble for the Shen family. It’s all for our revenge, not for someone else’s revenge!”

“Then, what can you do to deal with Sheng Xiao?” Song Bozhi asked him back. There was not a hint of anger in his expression. “Dad, it’s not that I want to criticize you, but what have you done in order to vent your anger? Do you really think the police will give up on the investigation on the lives of those people at Changrong Electronics?”

“As long as there’s new evidence, they can start the preliminary plan again at any time.”

“Don’t provoke Sheng Xiao anymore. We need to stabilize our position in Jianchuan first.” Song Bozhi brewed a pot of hot tea and placed it in front of Song Jiang. “I’ve always thought that we’re in the active position and the Shen family is in the passive position, but now I realize that’s not the case.”

“Sheng Xiao seems to be planning something. Did you notice?”

Song Jiang immediately thought of the old lady from the Liu family. When Sheng Xiao had made the deal with him, he had only mentioned it once. It was precisely because of this sentence that Song Bozhi discovered the problem.

“So, please don’t set yourself up for nothing again. There’s still a long way to go before the change of power. Just be as calm as you always are.”

After hearing his son’s words, Song Jiang took a deep breath. He had indeed been agitated by Sheng Xiao to the point of becoming impatient.

He had clearly prepared for so many years and was used to being a smiling Buddha. However, now that he was being pestered by a young man, it was time for him to reflect on himself.

“You make the decision regarding the recent matters. I’m going up the mountain to rest for a few days.”

“Dad, don’t forget that we have to prepare for something big,” Song Bozhi reminded him. Only by helping Deputy Liang get the position would he have the right to completely ‘settle’ the Shen family.

“Sheng Xiao already knows that we have Deputy Liang as our backer. So, don’t contact Deputy Liang for the time being in case he catches hold of anything. We have to get rid of this person. Otherwise, he’ll be our biggest obstacle,” Song Jiang instructed Song Bozhi before he left.

“Dad, if you really can’t handle it, invite Uncle Rong back.”

Song Jiang didn’t say anything and got up from his chair.

Song Bozhi sat on the chair, drinking red wine and watching Mu Qiqi’s past news.

She was born extraordinary. He didn’t expect that she and her younger sister would have different fathers. The world was really big, and there were all kinds of strange things.

It was really interesting.


Sheng Kai spent the next ten days in the hospital. Fortunately, his injuries were recovering day by day.

Old Master Sheng knew that his grandson was in the hospital, but he didn’t go to see him at all. Because he didn’t want to feel uncomfortable, he listened to Mu Qiqi. He only needed to stay at home and wait for the two of them to come back for dinner.

Half a month later, Sheng Kai was officially discharged from the hospital.

When he was discharged, he called Old Master Sheng and told him that he wanted to go home and have dinner with him.

When the old man received the call, his eyes almost teared up. “Hurry up and come back. You’ve been out for so many days. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll worry?”

At seven o’clock in the evening, Sheng Kai took Xu Che’s car and brought Song Qiaozhi back to the Sheng family home. Just like the first time, the old man paced around the living room anxiously.

As soon as Sheng Kai entered the house, he once again knelt in front of the old man. “Grandfather, it’s my fault for being unfilial.”

“Will you still be like this in the future?”

Sheng Kai shook his head. “I’ll always be by the Sheng family’s side.”

The old man waved his hand. Knowing that he was fine, he was completely relieved. “Come over for dinner. I’m already so old. What else do I have to look forward to?”

Sheng Kai held Song Qiaozhi’s hand and formally greeted the other members of the Sheng family. The eldest, the third, and the fourth were all overseas. Only the Sixth remained in the Sheng family from the beginning to the end. He had also witnessed the vicissitudes of life in the Sheng family over the past few years.

As Sheng Xiao had been a role model outside, he was not surprised that Sheng Kai would bring back the woman of his enemy now. When they met, he would still call her Second Sister-in-law.

Mu Qiqi and Sheng Xiao only entered the gates of the Sheng family at seven o’clock in the evening.

This time, Old Master Sheng was completely satisfied. “In a while, let the butler take a photo of our family.”

It was rare for Mu Qiqi to see Old Master Sheng so happy, so she said on behalf of her man, “Old Man, now that Second Brother is back, shouldn’t you let Xiao Xiao relax and hand Huang Yao over to him?”

After hearing Mu Qiqi’s words, the old man was stunned and he looked at Sheng Xiao and Sheng Kai.

“I don’t care. Before this, he got home at 7:30p.m. With Huang Yao, he could only get home at 8:30p.m. He’s been spending less time with me.”

None of them said anything. At this moment, Sheng Xiao calmly said, “He has no choice. Everything has been arranged.”

“If you guys are still willing to believe me, I will do my best.” Sheng Kai knew that Mu Qiqi was almost five months pregnant, so he did not refuse.

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