Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 460 - You Are A Good Boy, Big Brother

Chapter 460: You Are A Good Boy, Big Brother

“Don’t get into trouble with that sis when you go out, Xiao Ran. Okay?”

“But… what if she finds me?” Hu Ran asked innocently.

“Then you tell me. I’ll protect you.”

Hu Ran put her hands together cheerfully at that. “You are a good boy, big brother.”

Still, it was not as if he wanted to—he just had no choice.

“So… would you marry me, be my spouse?”

“Spouse… is that like, wife?”

Lowering the towel, Third Brother put his hands at Hu Ran’s sides. “There’s nothing good with marrying me, though. I don’t get to have a say in this family, and you could get bullied by Second Sister while I’m not looking.”

“Punch back, brother. Punch those who bully you.”

Third Brother chuckled as he helped her up out of the washing basin.

Though they were meeting for the first time, he could treat Hu Ran patiently.

Actually, it was no different from an elder brother helping his younger sister.

“Alright, let’s eat.”

Hu Ran nodded, and took Third Brother’s hand just like a child seeking refuge.

However, Third Brother could only feel an icy coolness from the hand, as if she had no body warmth.

They soon returned to the dining room, where the entire Sheng family were waiting, sitting upright and still.

“Xiao Ran, come eat.” Old Sheng said mildly.

Hu Ran, however, was looking warily at Gu Ziling, and threw a childish tantrum, pointing at Gu Ziling as she told everyone, “She pushed me just now. I don’t want to see her.”

Old Sheng turned to look at Gu Ziling, and she could only rise from her chair. “The rest of you should eat.”

As a matter of fact, she was blowing a top where no one was seeing.

The old man was making her vanish from the dining table over that halfwit? Such treatment was reserved for her when she married in the Sheng family. How could that disappear after she become a member of the Sheng family?

Still, there were still long days ahead. Since Hu Ran was lacking in the brain department, Gu Ziling had all the chance she needed for payback.


After lunch, Third Brother brought Hu Ran back to the grass and sat down together again to finish the remaining skirts.

Hu Ran had a happy day of playing, and was naturally very tired as well.

It was eight in the evening when Third Brother brought Hu Ran home, and she fell asleep on his shoulder on the way.

In truth, the girl was simple, and would only be strong-willed against those who treated her badly.

Soon, they arrived at the gates of the Hu’s residence, and Chief Hu sent some people there to receive them.

“Let’s play together soon, brother!”

Third Brother waved back, and had the chauffeur drive him straight home.

“Did the little brother bully you today, young mistress?” Xiu asked when Hu Ran came home.

Hu Ran shook her head. “He played with me for the whole day. He is even better than Daddy.”

Xiu was relieved at that, and helped Hu Ran for her bath.

“It’s okay, Xiu, I’ll bathe with bubbles…” Hu Ran did not need company in the bathroom, and so had Xiu leave her.

She relaxed her whole body when the door was closed, and she lay in her bathtub.

It seems that her fiancé was quite reluctant about marrying her.

But while most would find men who could not make their own choices and had to suffer the interference of their elders useless, Hu Ran was aware of the circumstances surrounding the Sheng family.

After all, it had taken Sheng Xiao, the Crown Prince, great effort to free himself from that family.

That was why mere mortals would simply have to yield.

Moreover, even though he was unwilling, the Third Young Master of the Sheng family had not uttered a word in complaint against her. He did not even insult her when there was no one else around, and could well be considered a gentleman.

That was why she was a little less worried about the arranged marriage now.

But in the very least, she needs to escape this dragon’s pond first to stay alive.

Compared to the evil stepmother she was wary of, she was not that afraid of the second sister-in-law of the Sheng family who was the spoiled young-lady type.

After all, what could be scarier than a stepmother who makes repeated attempts on your life?

“Well, I could only say this… let’s take care of each other from now on, Third Young Master.”

Hu Ran hence resolved herself to keep playing dumb, which proved how hard she could be on herself. Still, one good thing that came from that was that he could stop her father from following her stepmother’s every whim.

She just had to throw a tantrum when it came to what her stepmother wanted, and her father would become wary of it.


Soon, Third Brother reached home, and the one there to meet him was naturally Gu Ziling, who had a sour look on her face.

“The house is going to be livelier from now on. It’s like we’re building a playground in here, bringing in a halfwit through marriage.”

“Why does a rich young daughter like you have to spew insults to an injured person?”

Gu Ziling folded her arms across her chest as she answered Third Brother, “Because I hate being in the company of halfwits.”

“You would have to talk to Grandfather, then.”

With those words, Third Brother walked past her back to his own room.

Mu Qiqi’s call arrived just as he lay down on his bed.

“How was it, Third Brother? Did you meet Miss Hu today?”

“Yeah, but things aren’t as bad as it looks, although it’s not that good either.” Third Brother replied. “I’ve never had to live with such a person before, although there would be some concerns when we do start living together.”

“Is she the willful type?”

“No, it’s the family who chose her. They somehow dislike her for being a halfwit and kept throwing insults.”

Mu Qiqi was naturally confused at that.

What, was Old Sheng the one doing all the fishing? And ignoring the fish when it was brought up shore?

“Do you regret it now?”

Third Brother recalled Hu Ran’s face, which actually did not look that bad.

Still, she would definitely be bullied when she marries into the Sheng family.

“It feels like penance. I’ll just take this step-by-step.”

“Actually, Third Brother… I have this feeling that this Miss Hu could recover.”

Third Brother chuckled in response. “Whatever…”

As long as Hu Ran was around, he would take good care of her.

If she was not, he would live his own life.

With such a thought, his spirit seemed to balanced out by a great deal.


At night, when Sheng Kai returned home and found his wife in their room, he asked, “Have you met Miss Hu?”

“I did. It was really scary… I wonder why Grandfather would torture Third Brother like this.”

“Are you sure she is really short on IQ?”

Gu Ziling nodded. “How could it be fake? Really, we have to pray for Third Brother, or even we would have a hard time if Miss Hu really marries into our family.”