Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 459 - Taking Her For A Halfwit Just Because She Looks Like One?

Chapter 459: Taking Her For A Halfwit Just Because She Looks Like One?

“Second Sister, just look at that dumb face…” Sixth Brother quietly said behind Gu Ziling. “I really sympathize with Third Brother.”

Gu Ziling was looking at Hu Ran too.

To think that the daughter of the Hu family really was a halfwit.

She was over twenty, and yet she still liked to play with those girly stuff.

Perhaps Third Brother’s mission in the future would be to care for the girl.

Nonetheless, Third Brother did not say anything else and walked straight to Old Sheng. “Miss Hu is afraid of strangers, so there’s no need to wait for us. Just do what you want.”

The old man casted him a meaningful look and asked, “Are you sure you can take care of a girl like her?”

“It seems that I don’t get to decide whether I’m willing or not. And with that being the case, you should not prattle on endlessly about it, or I’ll consider that you are putting salt on the wounds of others.”

“Take good care of Miss Hu since you’ve become close to her. Just ask the butler if you need anything.”

Third Brother nodded flatly.

“I’ll restore your freedom when you’re married. You know what I’m afraid of, Third Brother.”

“Eighth Brother already called me, so what you’re worried about would never happen.” With those words, Third Brother had the butler prepared some elegant snacks and a carpet, and returned to Hu Ran soon enough.

As he watched her laughed out loud while reading her manga, Third Brother felt a mysterious relief.

It was a form of bliss with a wife such as her, was it not?

At the very least, he did not have to tiptoe around her or argue.

Even if it could be troublesome caring for her, he would not be spiritually exhausted, at least.

“Why are you smiling, brother?”

“Xiao Ran, could you tell me who is handsomer, me or the one in your manga?” Third Brother asked Hu Ran leisurely.


Third Brother smiled at that. How could he not be pleased with the flattery?

After she finished the manga, Hu Ran began to sew clothes for the princess once again. Third Brother watched as she handily cut away and embroidered the cloths, realizing suddenly that those were the little things that made her happy.

Nearby, Gu Ziling flashed a meaningful smile while she watched Hu Ran. It seems that her position as the daughter-in-law of the Sheng family would not be usurped anytime soon.

With that IQ of Hu Ran’s, she would toy her to death.


Soon, it was lunch hour for the Sheng family. The butler approached the two people sitting on the grass, and asked them to go to the dining room.

Lowering the skirt in his hand, Third Brother asked Hu Ran, “Are you hungry, Xiao Ran?”

She pouted and nodded. “Hungry…”

“Then… should we go eat, and come back to finish things up?”

“No, daddy told me that we should always finish what we started. I’ll finish it… brother, you should eat first.”

“Then… how about I bring the food here?”

“No, dad told me that we should always eat in the dining room. Go on, brother. Xiao Ran will come later.”

Nonetheless, the Sheng family were not about to start eating with Hu Ran not at the table.

That was why Third Brother continued accompanying Hu Ran, but with her progress, it would be another hour until she finished sewing the skirt.

Soon, Gu Ziling came out to urge them. “Third Brother, it’s time for lunch.”

“You should start eating. Just save some for us.” Third Brother promptly replied.

“Be understanding here, the whole family is waiting for you two. And you shouldn’t be so accommodating towards Miss Hu—children are easy to coax, and I’ll do it if you can’t.”

Third Brother rose from the grass at her words, and gestured invitingly for Gu Ziling to attempt what she said.

Shaking her head, Gu Ziling went in front of Hu Ran and crouched in front of her. “Miss Hu, there’s a lot of tasty food at the dining room prepared of you. Let’s go eat, okay?”

“I don’t wanna!” Hu Ran refused determinedly.

“I’ll help you with the skirt after you’ve eaten.”

“I said I don’t want!” Hu Ran’s voice became louder. “You are so bothersome! Go away, I don’t want to see you.”

That was when she suddenly turned around, needle in hand—startling Gu Ziling, who sprung up to her feet, shoving Hu Ran to the ground.

“She really is touched in the head.”

Third Brother promptly helped Hu Ran up at Gu Ziling’s words, and even warned Gu Ziling, “Please watch your words, Second Sister.”

“There’s no one else around, Third Brother, so you don’t have to put up an act. This girl is wrong in the head, so be honest—are you thinking about turning down this marriage?”

“I was about to say that Xiao Ran meant no harm and did not want to stick that needle on you. You didn’t have to be so tough on her.”

“Third Brother… are you really so willing?”

Third Brother did not respond, but Hu Ran suddenly broke into tears, and her cries immediately startled the Sheng family—especially Old Sheng.

When Gu Ziling saw that, she quickly told Third Brother, “Don’t spout nonsense to Grandfather.”

“What is this?” Old Sheng immediately asked Third Brother when he arrived. “Did you bully Miss Hu?”

“No, not brother. That woman pushed me!” Hu Ran exclaimed loudly to the old man, while pointing at Gu Ziling.

“That’s not it, Grandfather. I was here to asked them inside to have lunch, but Miss Hu tried to stab me with the needle. It was just a natural reflex and I meant no harm. I did not mean it.”

“I hope that you could watch your words from now on, and not do anything that could hurt your reputation.” With those words, Third Brother helped Hu Ran up and said mildly, “Come with me. Let’s go wash your face, alright? You would look like a clown if you keep crying.”

“Okay.” Hu Ran nodded.

After they left, the old man told Gu Ziling, “You shouldn’t have acted so obviously even though Miss Hu is lacking in the brain department. Won’t our family bear shame from your actions if she ran home and told her parents?”

“It was an accident, Grandfather. I’ll be more careful from now on. And why would I bother with a reta… why would I compete against her anyway?” Gu Ziling had to forcefully pull back the word ‘retard’.

The old man turned to give her a glare and reminded her, “When Miss Hu marries into our family, you should act the part of her Second Sister and be a good example.”

“I understand, Grandfather.”

Though that was what she said, Gu Ziling meant ‘me, taking care of a retard?’

In her next life, maybe.


Back in the house, Third Brother was helping Hu Ran clean her face when she asked her curiously, “Brother, that sis is so fierce. Does she always bully you too?”

“So, you were actually trying to get even for me, Xiao Ran?” Third Brother asked.

“Yep!” Hu Ran nodded fervently.

“It’s fine, just stay away from her when you see her from now on, so that you won’t get hurt. Okay?” Third Brother instructed her seriously.

“But what if she bullies you?”

“She wouldn’t dare!”

Hu Ran broke out in silly laughter at that, although she was laughing coldly inside.

Gu Ziling was clearly not to be underestimated, but fortunately, Hu Ran’s future husband did not cave to his second sister’s whims.

Did she really take her for a halfwit, just because she looked like one?

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