Forced to Date a Big Shot - Chapter 663 - Spy!

Chapter 663: Spy!

At this moment, Xue Xi and Cen Bai parted ways at the hotel entrance.

As the restaurant was closer to Huaxia University, Xue Xi decided to walk back to school. Along the way, she realized that everyone was looking at her in shock.

Xue Xi had red hair and was always outstanding and eye-catching at school, so she did not mind.

However, just as she arrived at the school, she saw Zheng Zhi and Jing Fei leading a few people and whispering something at the entrance. When she saw them, Xue Xi frowned and instinctively looked around at Huaxia University.

Is this another esper crime?

Espers were usually more outstanding than ordinary people, and it was easier for them to get into Huaxia University. Hence, it was normal for Huaxia University to have more espers around.

As someone from the special department, she quickened her pace and walked over.

When she arrived, Jing Fei had just finished assigning tasks to people. The rest scattered and entered the school. Xue Xi shouted, “Little Pigeon.”

Jing Fei turned around, and his eyes lit up when he saw her. “Sister Xi!”

Zheng Zhi raised his nose and said arrogantly, “Hmph.”

Xue Xi only greeted Jing Fei and ignored him. She was just an ordinary person. What was there to be arrogant about?!

Xue Xi ignored Zheng Zhi again and asked Jing Fei, “What’s wrong? Is there a case?”

Jing Fei waved at her and lowered his voice. “Yes. We received news that a spy from Country M will come tonight to steal the core documents of the light source machine. Hence, we have to hide here and capture them!”

Xue Xi: “?”

The core documents of the light source machine?

Didn’t this involve their laboratory?

She paused. “Is there anything I can help with?”

The person who dared to steal her things had guts!

However, Zheng Zhi sneered. “You’re just an ordinary person. What can you help with? It’s better for you to quickly hide far away and not create trouble for us. When the time comes, we won’t have to divert our attention to protect you while we capture them!”

Xue Xi: “…”

She fell silent and looked at Zheng Zhi. Suddenly, she took a step forward and grabbed Zheng Zhi’s shoulders. She then turned around and threw him to the ground!

Zheng Zhi: “?”

He hurriedly got up from the ground and dusted himself off before shouting angrily, “Xue Xi, what are you doing?”

Xue Xi: “…Letting you know that even ordinary people can hit you.”

Zheng Zhi: “…”

He was furious. “You’re too much! I was not on guard just now. If I had known earlier, you definitely wouldn’t have caught me as I’d have used my special power!”

Xue Xi looked at him. “Would you believe that if I wanted to kill you, you would have died countless times already?”

Zheng Zhi: “…”

Xue Xi approached him and said, “Don’t belittle ordinary people.”

Zheng Zhi was exasperated. “Xue Xi, don’t speak as though you’re very formidable. Let me tell you, ordinary people are nothing in the eyes of an esper. For example, Jing Fei can fly and to such heights. Do you want to hit him? How are you going to fight him? Do you really think it’s that easy to fight an esper? You don’t even know how much destructive power an esper can create!”

After saying this, he became flustered and exasperated. “Forget it. Why should I tell an ordinary person like you this? You don’t have any respect for supernatural powers!”

Xue Xi ignored him and turned to look at Jing Fei.

Jing Fei pouted. “Son, how can you speak to Sister Xi like that?”

Zheng Zhi: “Isn’t it all for her own good? When we start fighting later, how do you explain to Boss how an ordinary person got injured?”

When Jing Fei heard this, he turned to look at Xue Xi and said hesitantly, “Sister Xi…”

Xue Xi calmly said, “If I’m not in the laboratory today, the other party would definitely sense something amiss and might not come out. If you guys want to capture them, we have to act as usual.”

Jing Fei was speechless and finally nodded.

Zheng Zhi was also convinced by her. The two of them looked at each other and did not say anything else.

Just like that, Xue Xi arrived at the laboratory.

The laboratory had been very busy recently. Li Xuekai and Li Man led the rest to prepare various orders while Yu Da led a few mechanical hands to continue doing their work.

Everything seemed normal.

Xue Xi’s gaze landed on the safe in the room.

For Jing Fei and Zheng Zhi to be sent instead of ordinary policemen, this meant that the person who’d come to steal was also an esper. An esper stealing…

Xue Xi lowered her eyes.

9 PM.

The people in the laboratory stood up and prepared to leave.

Although Xue Xi was looking at the documents, she had been paying attention to the outside and did not notice anyone approaching the safe.

However, the alarm suddenly rang!

The entire laboratory was in chaos.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

While everyone was asking questions, Xue Xi suddenly stood up and saw Jing Fei and Zheng Zhi rushing in.

Jing Fei went straight to the safe. When he opened it, he realized that it was empty!

Jing Fei’s expression was solemn as he said, “As expected, they have sent out an esper with the ability to summon items. Looks like the light source is more important to them than we expected.”

It was rare to find an esper who could conjure things from thin air. There was not a single one in China.

While the lock on the safe was fine, the things inside were missing. That person could only have used their special power to retrieve things from afar.

Zheng Zhi sneered. “Since you’re here, don’t leave!”

Soon, the people hiding outside walked in. They were holding a man in their hands. It was actually Liu Xiu!

Xue Xi’s pupils constricted when she saw him.

Liu Xiu had relied on his true abilities to get into Huaxia University. She had been wondering why this person’s character was so bad. Moreover, when Li Xuelei’s experiment was established, he had led some people to jump ship.

After that, he realized that her progress was smooth and requested to come back.

So he was actually a spy from Country M!

While she was thinking, someone said, “We searched his entire body, but we didn’t find any documents!”

The moment he said this, Liu Xiu sneered. He dropped his usual wretched persona and said righteously, “Of course you guys won’t find the documents. Ha, for Country M, I’ll do anything!”

Won’t find the documents…

Jing Fei immediately said, “Oh no, he has an accomplice!”

Zheng Zhi was also anxious. “Hurry up and check the CCTV footage!”

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