Forced to Date a Big Shot - Chapter 538 - Extraordinary Bullets!

Chapter 538: Extraordinary Bullets!

Xu Xinyao paused and looked over. It was Qin Shuang and Xue Xi.

Qin Shuang herself was beautiful and stunning. She was the most beautiful girl in the training camp. At this moment, she was wearing the custom-made clothes from the training camp. Her legs were slender and long under her short skirt. However, the girl standing beside her was not any different.

She was just a student, yet she did not look like a country bumpkin at all. She was wearing a simple pair of shorts and a T-shirt, but it made her look fashionable.

This girl also had stunning looks, but her eyes were too big, making her look a little lifeless. Moreover, she was too cold. Her face was expressionless, as if she was indifferent to everything.

The two of them were simply too eye-catching when they stood together! Even when they stood in the corridor, it made the corridor light up. It was as if light had gathered toward them.

Even Zhan Busi’s eyes lit up slightly.

Xu Xinyao clenched her jaw. Needless to say, the comments were all about wanting to lick the pretty girls on the screen. Even she had to admit that they were very good-looking.

However, she frowned. How could these two people be so fast!

From the looks of it, they had just walked out of the first room and were planning to go to the second room. They had probably just completed a mission.

Could it be…

Xu Xinyao frowned and smiled. “Qin Shuang, you’re so fast. Did you go to the first floor?”

Qin Shuang: “?”

She almost rolled her eyes.

Are we close? Why is this person always hitting on me?

Qin Shuang sighed silently and revealed a polite smile. “Not yet.”

Sister Xi said that there were too many people on the first floor. If they needed to queue, it would take too much time, so they came to the less-crowded place first.

So the two of them went to the third floor first.

There were thirty questions on each floor. Qin Shuang could not understand the thirty questions on the third floor anyway, but they seemed quite easy for Sister Xi.

She finished them very quickly and went to the second floor.

Compared to the questions on the third floor, the questions on the second floor seemed to be more talent-oriented and time-consuming. For example, they were actually made to dance in the first room.

In terms of talent, celebrities were the ones who possessed them, so Qin Shuang went up.

After getting one point for the dance, the two of them bumped into Xu Xinyao.

Hearing Qin Shuang’s words, Xu Xinyao had a thought: So that’s what happened!

Did they come straight to the second floor?

She and Zhan Busi had finished thirty questions on the first floor before the two of them walked out of the first room. They were too slow.

Although the final results would be based on the scores, if everyone’s scores were the same, it would definitely be a competition of time.

Xu Xinyao smiled and said with a sense of superiority, “The first floor is full of questions. It’s a little difficult. The others have only done a few questions so far. Zhan Busi is very good at this, so we moved a little faster. However, Zhan Busi said that those questions are very simple and won’t make a difference. Don’t be anxious.”

Qin Shuang: “?”

Xue Xi raised her brows and glanced at Zhan Busi. “Oh.”

Both of them were cold to each other. Xu Xinyao took a step forward and suddenly smiled. “But earning the performance scores on the second floor will definitely take longer. Good luck~”

Qin Shuang: “…Yeah, all the best too.”

With that, they opened the door to the second room.

Xu Xinyao and Zhan Busi looked at each other. The two of them walked to the door of the second room and looked inside. They wanted to see what the theme of the second room was. However, they realized that there were two computers in the room!

On these two computers, a game was currently running. It was the world-famous POG!

The moment Xue Xi pushed open the door, the staff in the room smiled and introduced the requirements for passing this round. “If you can play solo with a professional player and not lose a turret or a head within 20 minutes, you win!”

Xu Xinyao frowned when she saw the game. She looked at Zhan Busi and asked softly, “Have you played this game before?”

Zhan Busi smiled. “As long as you’re a man, you would have played it before.”

Xu Xinyao heaved a sigh of relief.

She was a girl and had never played games before. The moment this thought surfaced in her mind, she raised her brows and looked at Xue Xi with a smile.

Ever since the 36 teams had started to split up, the live broadcast of the program team had been split up. Everyone had their own live broadcast room.

Xu Xinyao’s fans started commenting on her live-stream.

“I feel like Qin Shuang and Sister Xi are a little rude. Xu Xinyao had warned them so kindly, yet she doesn’t know how to be grateful. Her attitude is too cold.”

“—That’s right, the questions on the second floor are based more on artistic talents, so the time to complete the tasks is longer. These two had just finished answering one question, right? I felt that they were very arrogant. Although they are quite good-looking, I don’t like them.”

“—Cough, to be honest, I’m a little jealous of their looks!”

“Looks are justice. Little miss is so pretty, so her temper is a little bad. But what if she loses later? I suddenly want to see the two of them hugging each other and crying!”

“Qin Shuang, get lost. She’s so bewitching. One look and you can tell she’s not a good person, a vixen! And this Sister Xi, she’s making Huaxia University look like a circle of fans. Those people with high academic qualifications look like they haven’t seen the world. She’s just flooding the screen. I wonder how much money she spent to invite so many people!”

“The commenter above has good intentions, but I can’t stand how arrogant Qin Shuang and Xue Xi are. Only useless people are like this. The truly powerful people are very harmonious!”

“Personally, I feel that these two people are too pretentious!”

[Woah, they’re making things difficult for this female genius. After all, she’s a genius. She doesn’t play games all night. It must be very difficult for a girl to survive 20 minutes against a professional player, right?]

[Hahaha, this round is simply too unfriendly to girls! I suddenly feel like laughing and gloating. What should I do?]

“Me too. At this moment, Qin Shuang and Sister Xi are both crying, right?”

Xu Xinyao’s live-stream would not give Qin Shuang and Xue Xi specific shots. Even if Xu Xinyao had seen the two of them, she had given them a distant view. Hence, at this moment, no one could see Qin Shuang and Xue Xi’s expressions.

Hence, some people speculated maliciously:

“Suddenly, I really want to go to Qin Shuang’s live-stream to take a look. The comments over there must be especially interesting. Would they say that this was unfair to girls?”

“Now that you mention it, I want to go too. I’ll retreat first before coming back to support Xu Xinyao!”

“—Brothers, I just came back from next door.”

“—Big brother upstairs, hurry up and say it. Did the comments next door explode?”

[No, the comments next door are a little hard to explain… Go and take a look! Damn it, I can’t even swear!]

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