Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful - Chapter 789 - Assassination At The Banquet (1)  

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Chapter 789: Assassination At The Banquet (1)

The people at the banquet were either employees of the company or bosses of the partner companies. They did not have any room to interfere with the decisions of the higher-ups. They just watched as the few of them argued with each other. When the dust was almost settled, someone came over to congratulate Zhao Youlin and Zhao Shunrong.

Zhao Youlin listened to everyone’s compliments in embarrassment. She replied perfunctorily while looking at the smiling former master who was not far away. Damn it, grandfather. You should have told me this earlier… It was simply too shameless to shoot first and inform after.

The former master was happy that his evil plan had succeeded. When he received Zhao Youlin’s indignant look, he only became all the more gleeful. He signaled with his eyes, “If I had told you earlier, would you have agreed?”

As he said that, he even pointed at Zhao Shunrong and the others on the other side, telling Zhao Youlin that they all knew and had agreed in advance.

Zhao Youlin almost vomited blood. It seemed that she was the only one who had been kept in the dark. She silently gave these people the middle finger in her heart, “You guys are ruthless!”!

The former master’s smile only grew as if he had experienced Zhao Youlin’s manic rant at that moment.

Just as Zhao Youlin was thinking about how to deal with this group of lawless elders, a familiar smell suddenly drifted over from her side.

Zhao Youlin was stunned. She turned around and saw a girl wearing a white baseball cap, carrying a tray walking in a certain direction. The smell was the same as when they had collided at the bathroom door. It was the smell of fruit juice that had accidentally splashed on the girl’s body.

Zhao Youlin only sensed that the smell was stronger than before. Did the girl not change her clothes after she left?

Zhao Youlin frowned in confusion. She looked at the back of the girl’s head and suddenly seemed to understand something.

At that time, when she was at the bathroom door, she felt that something was wrong. It was the hat, the hat!

Generally speaking, was it necessary to wear a hat to be a server, especially for this kind of banquet? Even if there was a requirement to wear a hat, they would not be asked to wear a baseball cap.

Unless, unless this girl was not a hotel waiter at all, and the reason why she appeared here and wore a hat… was entirely because she did not want people to see her face clearly so that she could do something unspeakable!

With that thought in mind, Zhao Youlin raised her head and saw the girl behind another person. She pulled the tray aside and then took out a sharp… knife from under the tray!!!

Zhao Youming’s mind was on Zhao Youlin. He was staring at the partners, whether they had never worked with him or had worked with him, and all of them ran to Zhao Youlin’s side to congratulate her. He felt as if his heart was being cooked in a pot of oil. It was extremely torturous.

Just as he was feeling uncomfortable, he suddenly saw Zhao Youlin looking in his direction. Her eyes widened as if she had seen something strange, and she shouted, “Be careful!”

Zhao Youming was shocked. His body reflexively dodged to the side, and in the next second, a knife stabbed at him from behind.

Even though Zhao Youming had reacted quickly, he was still cut by the assailant’s knife. Blood dripped from his arm and quickly dyed his white shirt red. The guests at the side were all shocked when they saw this. When they came to their senses, someone suddenly screamed, “Murder! Murder!”

The people in the hall suddenly panicked. Not only was it a mess, but they also ran around uncontrollably.

Zhao Youlin, Duan Yarong, and the others were all shocked. Fortunately, Han Yichen and the others quickly came back to their senses. Han Yichen and Zhao Shunrong protected Duan Yarong, while Zhao Shunchang and a few bodyguards protected the former master, Ye Yan and Sirius stood in front of Zhao Youlin to prevent the running crowd from accidentally bumping into Zhao Youlin.

Zhao Youming covered the wound on his arm and was about to raise his head to see his attacker. However, he saw that the person did not take advantage of the chaos to run away. Instead, she rushed over without caring about anything. She raised the knife in her hand and was about to stab him again.

Zhao Youming hurriedly dove to the side in a panic. He was not like Zhao Youlin and the others who had some self-defense training. Zhao Youming, who had been pampered since his youth and had never fought before, faced the shiny blade. His first reaction was not to restrain the other party, but to escape.

His hand was still injured, and the person seemed to be determined to kill him. She did not show any mercy at all. Zhao Youming dodged in a very awkward manner, and soon, a few more wounds appeared on his body. However, they were only superficial wounds and were not too serious.

At that moment, the security guards outside the house heard the commotion in the house and finally rushed in. They joined hands to stop the attacker who had caused the chaos.

Seeing that the woman was caught and the knife in her hand was taken away, the people who were running in all directions to escape also stopped, one by one. They sighed in relief and stood there rejoicing.

The person who had been caught by the security guard did not give up. Instead, she struggled with all her might, wanting to pounce on Zhao Youming.

As she struggled, the hat on the person’s head fell to the ground. Her long hair fell from the hat and fell on her shoulders.

Everyone, including Zhao Youming, were stunned. They never expected that the person who dared to attack him in public to actually be a very young girl.

Zhao Youming was still in a daze when a familiar face came into his sight. It made Zhao Youming’s body tremble and his expression changed drastically.

This face… This face… could it be… Zhao Youming reflexively took a step back and was about to say something… The girl’s eyes were already red as she shrieked loudly, “Let me go! Let me go! Beast! Beast! You murderer! Murderer! I’m going to kill you! I’m going to avenge my sister! My sister!”

The moment the girl said this, everyone at the banquet was dumbfounded once again. Murderer? Who was this girl talking about? Was she talking about the young master of the Zhao Family? Did this girl have any grudges against the young master of the Zhao Family?

Those who did not know the inside story were confused. Zhao Youlin, Duan Yarong, and the others were also dumbfounded when they heard the girl’s screams. They suddenly remembered the information that the former master had shared with them that day.

Zhao Youming had left school because a girl had committed suicide over him. This girl had repeatedly called him a murderer, saying that he had killed his sister and wanted to avenge her. Was this her sister…

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