Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful - Chapter 779 - Girlfriend (1)  

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Chapter 779: Girlfriend (1)

Only then did Duan Yarong and Han Yichen recall the day Zhao Youlin returned. The former master and Zhao Shunrong had indeed gone upstairs to have a chat. At that time, they had not paid too much attention to it, but now that they thought about it… Zhao Youlin had probably told them about this matter at that time.

“Sigh…” Duan Yarong could not help but sigh, “I used to think that Youming was different from his mother and sister and that he would be a good person. I didn’t expect that he would turn out to be the most deceptive of them all instead…”

“Mom, people like Zhao Youming are excellent at hiding their nature. If you can’t see it, it only means that he is a master of his own appearance and keeps himself well-hidden. There’s nothing strange about that.” Zhao Youlin’s eyes narrowed slightly as she pursed her lips. She added, “In fact, Zhao Youming did more than what grandfather just said.”

When Zhao Youlin said this, Duan Yarong and the others were stunned. “More than that? Could he have done something else?”

Mu Tingfeng reached out to hold Zhao Youlin’s hand, which gave Zhao Youlin more confidence.

The anniversary celebration was coming up in another two days. By then, the existence of Sirius would not be a secret. She should spare them the unnecessary surprise.

“Didn’t I just say that I met someone who had some history with Zhao Youming? I only found out the truth about Zhao Youming’s graduation from him. In fact, that person and Zhao Youming have some bad blood.”

“Bad blood?”

Zhao Youlin nodded and briefly explained their history.

Zhao Youlin didn’t know if the former master had told Zhao Shunrong and Duan Yarong about this matter, but this was most certainly Duan Yarong’s first time hearing about this.

“He did that?!” Duan Yarong’s eyes widened in disbelief. Living with such a poisonous snake hiding among them… even when bitten, they would still be unaware of the culprit. It was a terrifying thought.

“Yes, grandfather knows about this.”

“Then why did he…” Duan Yarong’s shock was quickly replaced by confusion. The former master had known this long ago, so why did he never mention it to them? Moreover, he even let such a dangerous person into the company.

“Grandfather probably thought that it wouldn’t be a problem to arrange an idle position for him. He didn’t expect Zhao Youming himself to be far more than just cunning. Even if it was an idle job, he could still stir up trouble in the company with acts of actual harm.”

As Zhao Youlin spoke, she unconsciously recalled Zhao Youming’s actions of starting to form all sorts of factions after entering the company and sneaking about with his personal schemes. Her eyes turned cold.

Duan Yarong’s face was filled with fear, and she couldn’t help but tighten her grip on Zhao Youlin’s hand.

Zhao Youlin patted her hand comfortingly and turned around to look at Han Yichen. Han Yichen nodded in understanding.

A few days ago, Zhao Youlin had communicated with Han Yichen about the matter that she had mentioned to Mu Tingfeng.

Han Yichen didn’t work for the Zhao Corporation. He didn’t really want to get involved in such matters, but since it involved An Yue, he had no reason to ignore it.

“Mom, since grandfather has already said that we’ll talk about this after the anniversary celebration, you can relax for now. What’s more important now is our anniversary celebration. But speaking of the anniversary celebration, I also have something I want to inform you about in advance.”

Duan Yarong and Zhao Shunrong looked at each other and asked softly, “What?”

“For this anniversary celebration, I’ll invite the person I just told you about who had some conflicts with Zhao Youming, Mr. Sirius, over.”

“Invite him? But there’s a rule in the anniversary celebration that the person invited must be a partner of our company. Mr. Sirius…”

“Mom, you don’t have to worry about that. He came here as a partner of our Zhao Group. We already have some collaborations involved. There’s no conflict with the anniversary celebration’s rules.”

Duan Yarong did not seem convinced. “But… what if Youming actually starts a physical altercation with that man…” Wouldn’t their anniversary celebration be ruined? Moreover, Youlin would be present. What if it got dangerous for her?

Duan Yarong hadn’t finished her sentence when Zhao Shunrong interrupted her. “If Mr. Sirius is willing to come, it will only serve to strengthen Youlin’s position in the company. Moreover, we will also be present. We’ll make sure nothing happens to Youlin.”

Duan Yarong was startled. Only then did she remember that the Zhao family’s anniversary wasn’t just an anniversary, so she reluctantly agreed.

What Zhao Youlin and the others were truly concerned was if Zhao Youlin’s plan would backfire, and Sirius would get into a conflict with Zhao Youming at the banquet and ruin the Zhao family’s anniversary celebration. On the other hand, it would also put Zhao Youming in a bad light and ruin his reputation.

In a remote alley, it was pitch-black. Even in the daytime, it was difficult to see the sun. Because it had just rained, the water droplets that had accumulated on the edge of the tiles dripped onto the ground, causing the originally bumpy path to become even more muddy.

In the deepest part of the alley, a girl who looked to be about 17 or 18 years old was wearing washed-up white overalls. She was squatting at the entrance, washing her clothes.

Suddenly, a pair of white sneakers, which were slightly stained by the mud, appeared in front of her.

The girl was stunned and stopped washing her clothes. She raised her head and looked at the person who was standing in front of her with his back against the light. She asked in puzzlement, “May I ask who you are?”

“Yao Qingtao?”

The girl was shocked when she heard this person call her name. The gleam in her eyes only sharpened. She leaned back and asked in a low voice, “Yes, I am. What’s the matter?”

That person didn’t directly answer the girl’s question. Instead, he asked, “Is Yao Qingyan your sister?”

The girl’s body trembled. She pursed her lips and said, “No… that’s right. She is my sister. If you are here to find her, you can move along. My sister passed away in an accident a year ago.”

After Yao Qingtao said that, she packed up her washbasin and clothes and turned to walk into the house. However, the uninvited guest outside the door didn’t seem to intend to leave just like that. Instead, he said something coldly.

“Accident? Do you really think it was just an accident?”

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